Saturday, April 15, 2017

What Makes You Happy?

Happy Saturday evening from the rancho!

Super busy all week.  The budget review finally cleared at work, so I finished ordering food for our fourth quarter feeding.  Wow...I was pretty sure I would run out of food before someone made a decision!  LOL Every year costs go up...and every year budgets are SURE that we can make do with less.  Sigh.  I love my job, but really?

Hubby stopped by to visit my favorite heifer.  She is on a "date" in a friend's pasture.  We like to keep some genetic diversity in the herd, so she's been spending time with her new boyfriend.  Isn't she sweet? Love her black nose and feet.

My rose bud opened up this week.  HUGE!  And I wish you could smell it...delicious...just like a real rose should smell.

I got the finishing bug, so worked on painting and waxing a box for my small cross stitch finish.  The golden chenille is hand dyed.  It wasn't quite thick enough, so I gave it a quick twist.  I'm not sure what I will do with the top where it ends.  Maybe just a knot?  I added the three buttons to balance out the bird. It doesn't look quite so crooked in real life.  LOL

One of the Taco Bells in our town just remodeled their dining room.  I ran into a giant taco sauce packet out on the sidewalk. It (not sure if it was female or male, didn't talk, LOL) had a great attitude and was happy to pose for a picture.  Check out those sneakers!

Sooooo...last January when my son visited, I mentioned that I was getting a tattoo.  I gave it a lot of thought.  I wanted something that meant something special to ME.  My son and I decided that the overwhelming guide to our life is kindness.  Originally I wanted a watercolor flower, then realized that the perfect answer was right in front of me...a picture that my son painted for me about three years ago.

I had just the yellow bird put on...and was not as happy as I thought I should be.  I realized that my skin has a distinct yellow tinge to it and my little bird did not "pop" the way I wanted.  So, headed back to the tattoo shop and asked for some more shading.  Since I was there, I added another bird. Love, love, love it!  I know that tattoos are not for everyone, and I'm sorry if I offend anyone, but I look at mine and it makes me smile.  It reminds of my son.  He is my heart...

Here is a picture of my son's tattoo. He really didn't want birds, LOL, but he did want the same sentiment.

Honestly, even the watercolor parts of mine were a bit uncomfortable.  I cannot imagine the full color that he had done.  I appreciate that the tattoo artist gave me the tattoo that I wanted, and not one word about whether she thought it was silly or weird.  When I asked if it might be better to put a line around the birds to make them pop, she said that she didn't want to lose the integrity of the original picture and could do it with shading. I knew then that I had chosen the correct artist.  I'm not planning on joining the circus and becoming the tattooed lady, but this is a decision that I made for me and I am happy.

I wish each of you a special Sunday and enjoy it in the way that makes YOU happy.  Be kind to one another.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Rounding the Corner...and More Flowers

Good morning from the rancho....

Here it is Sunday. Sigh.  Where does the time go?  It was a tough week at work.  I was incredibly busy and it seemed like every day was a Monday. It changed my whole attitude and I feel like I am on a never ending trek. Wake up, go to work, take care of Dad, do chores, go to bed.  Wake up, etc, etc, etc.  I know that there is an end, and am terrified, but I am just so tired right now...and it's not a physical tired.  Sigh.  Enough whining.  I have a break coming on the 20th, so I need to just pull up my big-girl panties and deal with it.

I have lots of blooming going on.  The roses bushes next to the house are loaded.  Here are two blooms just waiting to open.

This flower came out of the same pack as the bright yellow one from last week.  I still don't know what they're called.

My irises are in bloom.

On the stitching and crafting front, I worked on my Cherry Hollow a bit this week.  I'm rounding the second corner...

I finished-finished my box.  I double waxed the outside, added a padded bottom, and filled in the edge with black chenille.  I'm happy with how it turned out.

Wishing each of you a wonderful Sunday and week.  Be kind to one another.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Stitching, and Punching, and Waxing...

Good morning and happy Sunday!  I know, I know, two posts in a week...enjoy it now, it will probably be another year before I do it again!

It is a beautiful weekend with lots of sunshine.  I spent yesterday doing a bit of watering outside the house and bit of finishing of projects inside the house.  Hubby took care of Dad for the day, so I could putter in my craft area.  It means a lot to have a few hours to myself.  Hubby wanted me to leave, but it was so nice to just do some handwork without worry about feeding and changes.

I finished-finished a little punch needle heart that I started, oh, about six months ago.  It took longer to get out my supplies that it did to finish the punching.  I had already painted the heart, but had to give it a quick wax.

In its new home...

I sealed this box, thinking that I would do a chalk paint and then wax.  I may just leave it like this and do simple wax.  Usually, the wooden boxes you get from Michael's look cheap and are much better painted. This one has an interesting wood grain.  What do you think?  Paint or no paint?

I worked a little on my Cherry Hollow stitching.  If I could just stay focused I might actually get it finished. LOL  

I leave you with a beautiful flower from my garden.  I planted these a month ago and for the life of me, cannot remember what they are called.  Old age is not for sissies.  Sigh.

Be kind to one another...

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Middle of the Week Surprise...

Happy Thursday, peeps!!  I seem to have napped through last Saturday, a little fuzzy about what I did on Sunday, and POOF!, here it is Thursday morning.  LOL

I finished a project.  Please, no applause, really...well, maybe just a little. My little bird sampler is done. These buttons are a bit larger that in the original pattern, but I think they look okay.  Yes? No?

I am going to take it with me to my finishing retreat and make it into a drum.  Or not.  Who knows what I'm going to do.

The pattern is starting to show on my throw.  It is going to be nice and heavy.  It is slooooow going.  I thought it would go faster since I'm using a bulky yarn.  Nope.  Once again, I've misjudged the time necessary to complete a project.  Though I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one to make that little mistake.  LOL.  I was going to do stripes, but now I'm leaning toward BIG blocks. The other two colors are cream and teal.  This is a deep black.  I'll see how this first skein goes.

My roses are so happy, they cannot contain themselves.  They keep growing and growing and growing.

My first rose.  Love this color!

I have a baby oak tree that is growing under some bushes in my yard.  It is on a growth spurt this year. These leaves look so tiny and perfect.

Okay, it's after 5 am, I am off to work.  Today is my Friday...tomorrow is a state holiday.  A three day weekend will be nice.  I've always got "stuff" to do.  Have a wonderful day, be kind to one another.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers...and an Unknitted Shawl

Good morning, peeps and peepettes!!  Happy, happy Sunday!

The weather here continues to be beautiful.  It gets down to the 40s at night, but hits the low 80s during the day.  My flowers are going crazy.  I've got orchids out on the patio, freesias and lilacs out front.  And my irises are so tall and sturdy, I'm hoping for lots of blooms this year.  There is more rain on the horizon, this week or next.  That would be great, I don't want to have to water...

My double-whites...the first picture shows how many blooms I've got waiting to open.

My patio cymbidium.  I only have one spike, but I'm hoping for more next year.

And here are my grape irises from Wisconsin.  Waving to Vickie!!  They're looking very healthy.  I love these irises.  They smell so good!

My freesias have lots and lots of blooms.

I picked a few to enjoy inside.  I love this color.

On the stitching front...NOTHING!!

I started working on my wrap/shawl last night.  Got all of the yarn into balls, settled down on the couch. Pulled out a very simple pattern. I just want to do a rectangle and have it be warm.  Here are the directions:  K1 *YO, P2tog* K1.  Hmmm.   Looked easy enough.  Except somehow, I completely read this incorrectly.  What did I do?  K1*YO, P2tog, K1*.  After three rows, it looked more like a moth-eaten blanket than a beautiful wrap.  Read the instructions again...and again...and again.  The holes did not seem to match the picture.  Oh, darn, I think I figured out the problem.  So, pulled it all out and went to bed.  I will be trying again today. Absolutely NO pictures were taken.

My dad continues to lose weight.  His eating has become erratic.  Some days are good, some are not so good.  Last week, the nurse told me that his lungs sounded a "bad".  The diagnosis was possible aspiration pneumonia.  I know that the time with my father is getting shorter.  It is very odd.  I know that it's time, but this life on hospice with my dad is MY normal. My father would have never wanted to live this way, but the end still scares me.  

So I am off like a herd of turtles.  I did most of my inside chores yesterday, but I need to take a trip to town this morning.  Hug your loved ones tight, be kind to one another.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

This and That....

Good morning from the rancho.

I am on my second cup of coffee and am still waiting for the caffeine to kick in.  I didn't sleep well last night.  Between my ancient bladder and the dog and cat wanting to go outside every hour, not much rest went on.  I know that the clock says 9:30 am, but my body is saying "Oh heavens no, that can't be possibly be right".  I see a really long day in my future...

The past week has been so beautiful here.  It's been in the 70's and 80's.  This is my favorite time of year. Everything is so green and shiny.  My irises look like it is going to be a bumper year for blooms. Amazing what some rain will do!  Here is a picture of my patio cymbidium.  I've had it for a few years, but this is the first time it's bloomed for me.  LOL

I've been super busy at work.  By the time I get home, all I want to do is sit in the chair and let my mind rest.  We have my old job out to hire, so hopefully we can get someone in the next two months.

I finally finished my Brach's Candy scarf.  I've got it washed and am blocking it now.  I hope that my hubby's friend likes it....

I am off and running.  Wishing you all an amazing Sunday.  Be kind to one another.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

This and That...That and This

Good morning from the rancho!!

It was a long, long week...even though it was only four working days. LOL  I'm settling into my new job. All that really means is that I've moved my stuff into an office about 20 feet away and changed my title on my email.  I'm still doing the same work...ordering all the food for next quarter.  To give you an idea of how much food we order, we are given $3.80 a DAY to feed our group of 91 days, that's $1.4 million! Sometimes I feel like I'm running my own little city.  LOL I always get a bit nervous right before I hit the "save" button on the computer when I finish the purchase orders.

I'm back on the treadmill, but only 15-20 minutes a day.  My hips are still bothering me, but with the arthritis, I expected that.  At least I'm doing something.  I think that as I get back into my walking program, I will get more comfortable.

Here's the update on my cross stitch.  Not much, but I've got the alphabet almost done.  I have to get this finished soon if I want to take it to the stitching retreat in April.  Must stitch, must stitch, must stitch.  LOL

I'm moving along on the scarf.  All the color is done, so now it's just finishing with the black tweed.

The first phalaenopis has bloomed.  I think I've found the secret...just ignore them.  LOL

We had a nice lunch last Sunday and topped it off with dessert from the Brown Butter Cookie Company. This is a bakery in Cayucos...very tasty.  And, I love their sign!  You can pretty much change the word "cookie" to anything...chocolate, ice cream, pie...definitely my kind of sign. LOL

Okay, peeps, I have to get this show on the road.  We only got a little sprinkle of rain last night, so I need to do some outside work today, as well as the usual chores, chores, chores.  LOL

Have a wonderful Sunday, be kind to one another.