Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Don't Blink

Don't blink, peeps.  Here is a quick update from the rancho.  LOL

I had every intention to blog on Sunday, but the internet had a different idea.  Even on a good day, my internet is very fussy.  I had major problems a few weeks ago, but thought I had fixed the problem.  Hmmmm, not really.  I think my laptop is a co-conspirator with the internet to keep me silent.  LOL  I was not happy with my laptop and decided to unplug it and take out the battery, hoping that I would reset SOMETHING.  Everything seemed okay, at first, but my sneaky computer decided to change my settings.  Important safety tip, all settings and the password MUST be correct in order for the internet to load.  One phone call and thirty minutes later, the nice lady at AT&T finally figured out my problem.  Sigh.  Serves me right for taking out the battery.

So, while I was suffering from internet withdrawals, I went ahead and made a special dinner.  Pozole, one of my favorite Mexican meals.  Big chunks of pork or chicken, a chili base, and hominy.  I even soak the dried chili and make my own sauce.  So yummy.  It is supposed to be served with cabbage, onions, and cilantro.  I don't care for onions and I hate cilantro.  Cabbage it is...with a few limes on the side.

Bubbling on the stove:

Dinner is served:

Of course, I'm still working on my son's quilt.  I must be the slowest quilter this side of the Mississippi.  LOL  These are the strips waiting for their turn.

And here are the strips that have been put together.  I started in the corners since the pinwheels are on point.  It is really hard for me to get the 1/2 cream blocks set correctly.  Somehow, my brain just doesn't work on the diagonal.  LOL 

That's about it.  Not a lot going on here at the rancho.  I'm on vacation this week, so I've been doing some outside work .  I trimmed the few rose bushes I have left and planted four more.  I lost so many, but decided to replace the ones next to the house.  I will have to make a decision about the others before the bare root season is over.

Hubby and I are off to the Tulare Farm Show tomorrow.  I will try to get pictures.  I know how my peeps love tractors and cows.  LOL

Have a good night.  Be kind to one another.

Monday, February 5, 2018

I Have No Excuses

Good evening from the rancho.  I am sitting here, resting my head in my hands, trying to come up with an excuse as to why I have been missing in action the past month.

I could tell you that I had been on an around the world cruise.  But that would not be true...

I could tell you that I had won the lottery and been hiding out until the dust settled.  But that would not be true...

I could tell you that I had been so incredibly busy that I just didn't have time to write.  But that really wouldn't be true, either.

One Sunday, I woke up and headed to my computer.  A little grouchy, but nothing I couldn't handle.  As I sat and tried to come up with a subject, nothing.  It was if my brain had just shut down.  My memory was shot.  My attitude was zero.  I figured that one week wouldn't make a difference.  But then it went to two, then to three, then to four.  With every Sunday that I missed, it was a bit easier the next week.  Until today, when my son, wanted to know why I hadn't written anything on my blog for a month.  And I had no answer.  Have I been stitching?  Yes.  Have I been knitting?  Yes.  Have I written on my blog?  No.

So, here I am.  My memory is still shot, but my attitude is up to about a four.  I hope that a few of my peeps are still out there, waiting for look into my world.

My sweet dog Moses ended up with some sort of bite on his leg.  Ten days of antibiotics and the "cone of shame".  The antibiotics last longer than the collar.

Sad face...

After five days, this is all that I could find.  I duct taped it two or three times, but the collar still didn't make it.

I finished my shawl.

Made a hat for a friend.  I actually made two, but they looked exactly alike, so I figured that you only needed one picture.  LOL

And started a new project for the new year...

This is what it should look like when I finish.

I also made several pin cushions and worked on my son's quilt.  I will save those pictures for my next post.

Other than my projects, life is about the same.  Dad has lost a bit more weight and seems restless, but no big changes.  Work is work.  Retirement is looking better and better.  Only three inches of rain in our area for the season.  Not looking good.  The solar panels are on the house, we hope to go PG&E- free in the next month.  

Thank you for slogging through my drivel.  I will try and catch up on everyone's blogs this week.  

Be kind to one another.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Welcome to the New Year...Already?

Good morning and Happy New Year from the rancho.  Phew...where did 2017 go?  I've looked and searched and not a sign.  It seems like I woke up a year ago, went back to bed and POOF, here we are in 2018.  When I was younger, much younger LOL, I was always wanting time to go faster...I wanted to be a teenager, I wanted to be a grown up.  Now, I just want time to slow down so I can enjoy it a bit more.

My son headed home the day after Christmas.  He traveled to Phoenix to pick up his GF and then to Denver to visit her family.  It was a long, tough drive.  What should have been a twelve hour drive from Denver to Iowa took closer to fifteen.  He said that he didn't hit snow, but the ice was horrible.  I think I worried more than he did.  When they finally made it home, he sounded absolutely exhausted.  This morning, -20 F in Iowa City.  I cannot even imagine that cold.  Well, I can, but that's the temperature to hold ice cream in our freezer at work.  Brrr....

This morning, we are holding at 50 F with a heavy fog.  I walked outside and it sounded like rain.  For a moment, I was pretty excited.  Nope, just the fog dripping off of the trees.  Very odd.

My son is very pleased with the colors on his quilt.  I've tried to get in an hour of sewing every day.  It is really surprising how much you can get done when you really focus on the task.  LOL

Here is where I stopped yesterday...

And an update on my shawl.  I've got one more skein until I'm finished!

Moto Kitty seems to be spending more time napping with Dad.  Dad always loved his cats, so I think this is a good thing.  Moto stays at the foot at the bed, so I don't worry about him bothering Dad.  Once he's settled, it's pretty hard to get him to move.  LOL  I even tried covering him with a blanket.  Nope.  Just got one of those kitty looks...

And I leave you with this...

Happy New Year to all! I wish each of you a life filled with love, kindness, and joy. Smile a little more, stress a little less. Hold hands, give hugs, listen closer. Take a walk, enjoy nature, smell the flowers. Be the friend that you would like to have. Be kind to one another...

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Too Busy...I Don't Think I'll Make Christmas Morning Cutoff...

Good morning, happy Sunday, and Merry Christmas Eve!  Phew...that's a lot to cover in one day.  LOL

My Baby Boy and his GF arrived on Tuesday evening.   I worked on Wednesday, but took Thursday and Friday as family days.  SMILE  We have managed to hit all of our favorite restaurants, a few thrift stores, a yarn store, and made one trip to the fabric store since then. I know, what a surprise!  LOL

Headed over to Morro Bay.  The weather was beautiful on the coast.  Those lumps are a herd of otters in the bay.

Then to Cayucos for lunch at Schooner's.  Yummy.

And who is this?  Why Ryan and his GF, Elyse.  We had a wonderful meal.

Then off to Cambria to check out a couple of thrift stores...cough, cough...and my favorite yarn store.  LOL  I found a beautiful wrap on display.  Of course, the pattern AND the yarn were available.  Elyse showed an interest and I think I can do the pattern...so...it came home with me.  LOL  Thank goodness I've learned how to use circulars. 

Once in the thrift stores, it was hat-trying-on time.  LOL

And my favorite...Don't I look FABULOUS?!  LOL

With all this fun going on, I'm a little behind on my creating.  I'm pretty sure I won't be finished with my son's quilt by tomorrow morning.  But, I did give him a peek, he seems happy.  He's has already placed a color request on the binding.  LOL 

And my scarf?  Another skein in, two more to go...

I always enjoy his visits.  Both he and Elyse mentioned that they use the washcloths that I made for him last year.  Well, surprise, I have more that need to go home with him.  LOL  I gave Elyse her gift as she will not be here Christmas morning.  She seemed pleased.  SMILE   We had a quickie fudge-making class.  Did a pan of eggnog fudge...not bad, but because I used real eggnog and white chocolate, not as firm as I hoped.  But, I know that sometimes it takes a full 24 hours to set.  We'll see...

I leave you with the sunrise.  Have an amazing day, be kind to one another.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

I Think I Lost a Week...And Fudge...

Good morning from the rancho.  I'm pretty sure that somehow, someway, I have lost a week of time.  I remember getting up for work, many times.  But after that, it's a little fuzzy. LOL  I am so far behind on reading blogs, I'm sure I've been kicked off your reading lists.  LOL

I just can't believe how work cuts into my free time.  I know, I know, it should be a no-brainer, but I am having a horrible time getting back to "normal" after my last vacation.  I seem to have lost what little time management I had.  I'm still working on projects, but oh so slowly.  LOL  I knit two or three rows, then find myself slipping off to sleep.  At least I'm using circulars so the needles are short and less likely to poke me in the eye.  LOL

I am done with the dark yarn, moving back into some of the lights.  I think I have two skeins left...

A dear friend of mine started this needlebook from The Primitive Hare.  She realized after doing three quarters of the stitching, the instructions had been just a bit vague.  She stitched the inside and outside patterns too close on a single piece of linen.  She put it into a bag and refused to touch it again.  LOL  I told her that I would "fix" it for her.  Soooo....I finished stitching the inside pattern, moved the wording to the bottom of the boxes and added fabric at the top and bottom to compensate for the lack of linen.  I think it turned out very well.  It will be off to her house next week.

I was a little hesitant to do the blanket stitch around the outside, not my style...but on the other the hand, not my needlebook!  LOL  

It is once again fudge time!!  I started last night, made six batches.  Salted Caramel, Coconut Chocolate, and Chocolate Mint.  Here is a picture of the finished coconut fudge...

You will notice the pan of salted caramel...with a piece missing.  Hmmm.  I am pretty sure it wasn't me.  LOL  DH was helping last night, by licking and then washing the tools for the next batch.  Guess he decided I didn't leave enough on the spatulas.  I still need to make Peanut Butter, Pumpkin, Peppermint, and Plain Chocolate.  Most of it goes out for gifts, but this year I'll be saving a bit for Baby Boy.  

And how long before he's home?  Two days!  He's in Phoenix, but will be back on the road Monday or Tuesday.  I am very excited to have him home for Christmas...it's been a long, long time.  SMILE

I am off to start my day.  I hope that each of you have an amazing day.  Be kind to one another.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Back To Real Life

Good morning from the rancho!

Important life lesson...you will not have enough time for projects when you are expected to go to work every day.  LOL  LOL  LOL  I was on a roll....I WAS THE PROJECT QUEEN!  Now, I just try to stay awake past 8 pm. 

It was a long week.  It is so dark at 4 am.  Sigh.  I don't mind being up that early, if it was to work on knitting or something.  Work was okay, but after three weeks off, I realize that it will not be that hard to retire.  LOL

I did get a little time on my projects this week. 

Knitted another skein on my shawl. 

My son and his girlfriend are planning on being here for Christmas Day.  I want her to feel welcome and thought I would do a little something for her.  She is an avid gourmet cook.  And really, really good, too.  When I was visiting, I felt funny dicing vegetables for her...after 30 years in food service, I was worried that my dicing wasn't nice enough!  LOL

So...I made a couple of kitchen towels and trivets for her.  I found the towel material last June.  It is from Moda and sewn on each side.  You use the length you want, hem it, then add fabric or stitching.  I choose some Moda French General fabric.  The trivets are about 9x9, so a nice size to use to protect your counter or table.  I love this red. 

Otherwise, life is the same.  Dad is no better, no worse.  He seems to have lost a bit of weight, but is still eating the same.  We stopped the home health visits.  They aren't really necessary.  At this point, I am well aware how to care for him.  If we see a serious change, we will just call the doctor.  I don't know if we'll ever go back on Hospice.  I just pray that Dad is comfortable during this time.

I am off to start my day.  I did the heavy housework yesterday, so today will be groceries and stitching.  LOL

Wishing each of you a happy Sunday.  Be kind to one another.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

The Last Day...Of Vacation That Is...

Good morning!  Happy Sunday and happy last day of vacation to ME!  Moto Kitty let me sleep in until 6 am this morning.  He's a fine kitty. LOL

I have had a wonderful vacation this November.  I stayed home a bit, traveled a bit, shopped a bit, but most of all, seemed to have found my happy again.  I worked on projects every single day without any guilt.  LOL  I can honestly say that when the time for retirement is here, I will have no problem transitioning. 

Thanksgiving was very small, only four of us, but it was nice to not worry about running out of food.  We are still eating leftovers, though I did freeze half of a turkey breast for later.

We are one step closer to having solar at the rancho.  We needed a new roof and with the tax rebate available for solar installation, we were able to put everything into one payment.  And...the payment is cheaper than the electric bill that we receive every month.  Go figure.  LOL  The roofers showed up on Wednesday to rip off the old roof.  I was trying to clean for guests on Thanksgiving, but finally gave up on dusting.  LOL  Then, they told us they were working the NEXT day! Hubby reminded them that it was Thanksgiving, but they told him that they have lots of work and need to stay ahead.  He let them know that we had company coming at 4 pm. They said no problem, that's the same time their family was planning dinner.  LOL  They were back early on Friday to finish.  I am in awe of their work ethic.  They were here every day before 7:30 am and worked HARD every single hour.  My house is about 3500 square feet with the garage and back patio awning.  They had it stripped and re-roofed in less than 24 total work hours.  Some days there were two roofers, one day six.  THEY ARE AMAZING!  Oh...and it looks great.  LOL

Now on to the fun stuff. 

Another skein finished on my shawl.  This is a deeper color than the others, but really adds to the flow.

Put my scissor fob together.  A friend showed me how to make a sliding fob.  Here is the front and back. 

Hubby needed a new tool roll for his wrenches.  I had some canvas in my stash.  I am very pleased how this turned out.  He wants three more.  Had to make a run to Walmart for more canvas.  LOL

Finished a tiny pendant.  One over one on 30 count.  I picked up two of these pendants at Michael's. They are about an inch across.  I've started a pumpkin for the other.  I couldn't find a chain that matched the color of metal, but found a long leather cord.  I think it looks fine...very primitive.

I was over at Jocelyn's blog,  canadianneedlenana.blogspot.com  Waving at Jocelyn!  She always finds the best freebies.  This is a cute pin cushion that she posted.  The only change I made was to add lizard litter (AKA crushed walnut shells) at the bottom so it doesn't bounce around.  Super easy and a very nice size.  I've got several more cut out.  LOL

While I was at Big Lots, I found a couple of these adorable owl coffee cups.  The little owls make me smile. 

About two months ago, a new flag showed up on my hanger at the front gate.  Not sure where it came from.  I guess the flag fairy dropped it off.  LOL  Finally, one of my dad's caregivers admited that she put it up.  I thought that was so sweet of her.  Then, this one showed up a few days before Thanksgiving.  Pretty sure she had something to do with this one, too.  LOL  A little bit of kindness to add to the world.  SMILE

Well, peeps, I'm off to start my day.  I did extra yard work yesterday, so today is a free day.  I'm pretty sure I've got enough food, LOL, and won't even need to make a trip to town.  I can hear my projects calling me now...

Enjoy your Sunday.  Be kind to one another.