Saturday, August 12, 2017

Heading Towards the Finish Line...Kinda

Good morning and happy Saturday!!

I have been working on this stitching project for two and half years, yes folks, two and half years!! Granted, I've worked and finished on other projects, but I originally chose this pattern because I fell in love with it.  I should respect it enough to get it stitched.  LOL

Still working on pottie training.  I am ever hopeful that I will win.  LOL  Here's the doggies waiting for snacks. Daisy takes her snacks VERY seriously.

Big smile for the camera.

My stepson's birthday gift was a new phone.  Here is our last picture of the summer:

I didn't realize that the camera came with it's own effects.  But boy, once I did, I had FUN!! This is my favorite picture.  I never knew that I would look so good with a clown nose.  The glasses are my regular reading glasses, but they definitely add to the look.  LOL

Took my stepson to the airport last Sunday to fly home.  Can I just say that LA traffic is enough to make me scream?  And once again, California chooses the worst time of the travel season to shut down and start working on the freeways.  I suppose I should just count my blessings that I only head down south a few times a year...

I am off to start my chores.  I was up early this morning to walk before we hit triple digits, but I haven't done much else.  Got to get moving.  LOL  Have a wonderful weekend!

Be kind to one another.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Ready, Set, Finished!!

Happy Saturday from the humid and miserable rancho.  I just want one day that is below 90 degrees and 80% humidity.  I don't think that's too much.  Sad Face.  My hair frizzed out about two weeks ago and no matter how much "de-frizzer" I use...let's just say I've got some halo effect going on...  Thank goodness for ponytails...LOL

I AM FINISHED!!  Yep, finished the last piece for my September class.  I was a little annoyed with myself when I realized that stitching by memory instead of looking at the pattern was not a good idea. One row, just one row. That's how far I was off on the last two strawberries at the bottom.  And how did I happen to notice? That would be when I was adding the backstitch.  Hmmm, how odd that the last bump on the backstitching isn't as large as the first.  Why that would be because I stitched by looking at the other four strawberries, not at the written pattern!!!  After an hour of un-stitching, and 15 minutes re-stitching, done!  I guess I'm a really good tension was nice and tight. Looks great, but hard to frog. LOL

Moses and Daisy are settling in very well.  It is a little weird to seeing a 20 pound dog run and jump on a 100 pound dog, but Moses is so excited to have a friend, I don't think that Daisy scares him that much.  LOL  They play and play and play until they both flop on the ground to take a break.  Ten minutes later, it's back on again. I was sad at the quiet around the house, guess they've taken care of that!

Tomorrow we will be taking my stepson to the airport.  It's about a four hour drive, but at least his plane is leaving at 4 pm and not 4 am.  LOL   It's been a nice visit, but I think he's ready to see his mom.  He'll have a couple of weeks to hang out before school starts.    

I'm trying to decide what to start next.  Do I work with yarn or floss?  Hmmm, I'm thinking floss. I can't imagine having a blanket on my lap right now.  I think I'm more of a winter knitter. LOL I need to finish my Cherry Hill Sampler...but then I've got a quilt to work on, and some sorting to do, and more, and more, and more.  The list is really long.  LOL  

I wish each of you a wonderful Sunday.  Be kind to one another.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Out of Room at the Rancho....

Happy Sunday!!

So....we went from a dog-free home to a full house in two weeks.  LOL  First, hubby was gifted with Daisy.  Very sweet, small Australian Shepard.  I don't think I'm her favorite, but she will lay with me as I am stitching.

Then, late Friday afternoon, I got a call from a friend of a friend.  He is involved with a rottie rescue group up in the Stockton area.  He had heard from the group that a family was looking to place their two year old male, but it had to be by Sunday.  They had been trying to re-home him for a month, but everyone wanted a puppy.  We were off on a quick road trip...

And here is Moses...

He is very sweet, kinda trained.  He knows how to sit, how to wait, he is housebroken.  When you start to pet him, he flops over for a belly rub.  He gets along well with Daisy, so I think this will work. I have to admit, he seems to be a man's dog.  Went right up to my husband, flopped over, and raised all four legs in the air for a good rub.  Guess I'm not going to be anyone's favorite for a while.  LOL But it will be okay.  They both needed a family and we needed dogs to love.  Moses still hasn't reached full size, so I think we're looking at 120 pounds based on the size of his feet and head.  LOL I will be having him neutered as soon as possible...I don't want to add anymore animals to the world. Oh, and Moses is a closet knitter...well, more like a closet un-knitter.  And guess what? He loves natural fibers just as much as me!!  These two skeins of alpaca/merino will never be the same.  Sigh. I think the blue made it through with minimum damage, but Moses was very careful to chew the white into twelve inch lengths.  I think the only thing I can use it for now is...fringe.  LOL   Oh, and he didn't even touch the skein of acrylic that was right next to them on the table.

Next, it is Fair time here in SLO county.  My sweet husband managed to score some tickets to a Garth Brooks concert!!!  He had seen him once, me...never.  Very excited.  Since he picked up four tickets, we took my sister and stepson.  IT WAS AWESOME!!


The true stars of the show...Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood...I would definitely see them again if I had a chance.  I always say that his song "I Got Friends in Low Places" is my work theme song....LOL

Here is the update on my stitching.  I'm still planning to be finished by tomorrow!!

My sister and I leave this afternoon for LA.  She has an out-patient procedure tomorrow, so I can stitch while I'm waiting to drive her home!!

Wishing each of you a wonderful week.  Be kind to one another.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Surprise...Here It Is Tuesday...And Here I Am

Happy Tuesday from the rancho.  Life has been moving at the speed of light...I, however, am moving at the speed of tar on a winter's day...  I get up, go to work, come home, make meals, do some stitching, go to bed. Sometimes, I fit a nap in between one or more of my chores.  Actually, I'm fitting a lot of naps in between.

The heat has been HORRIBLE the past two weeks.  Most days are 100 degrees...and that's a cool day. I got in the car last week, it was 115 degrees on my car thermometer. Thank goodness it dropped to 111 degrees as I started down the highway.  Sigh.  I am getting too old for this.

My husband has brought a puppy into the house.  He has wanted an Australian Shepard for years, but never found the right one.  He has a friend that breeds cattle dogs and there was small female leftover after the last litter.  She was supposed to go to a woman that wanted to use her for agility trials, but backed out at the last minute.  Since the puppy was already 14 weeks, she wasn't as popular as the newer litters.  My husband's friend had been by several times since George died and knew that I was having a hard time.  She offered the puppy...but only if I was ready...  Not my breed, but hubby was very excited and I didn't say no.  We've named her Daisy.  She is not George and seems to be more of a family dog than MY dog.  I will take care of her, I will love her, but I don't know if she will ever hold my heart.  But it's okay...she's playful and fuzzy and very smart. Not house trained, but we're working on that.  I've already taught her to sit and wait.

Here is Daisy...yes, she has blue eyes...she will be on the small size, only about 30 pounds when she is full grown.

She lives in the house, but has a kennel out on the patio.  When she is in the house, her favorite trick is to CLIMB into her water dish, spread the water as far as possible, and then flop in the middle of the kitchen floor. She is very, very good at it. Due to the heat, she has a baby pool in her kennel with a few inches of water. She lays in it...and then flops in the dirt.  I see a pattern.  She gets a bath almost every day.  LOL

Since I'm not doing much yard work, I am getting a lot of stitching done.  Here is my progress on the last piece of my class project.  I will be done by the end of July.

The ladies at my table are always trading small gifts.  I decided to get some boxes that are the same shape as the class project.  I've painted them the coral shade (with green brush strokes) that is on the pincushion. Since there are keys and leaves in the stitching, I thought I would tie my boxes into the theme.  I found some small keys, made leaves out of felt, and will put a chocolate truffle in each one as my gift.  I think that they turned out very pretty.  

The one at the top left was my trial box.  Didn't like the color, much too peachy.  Pulled out more paint and found a pinker shade.  Much better.  I had the fabric in my stash and will take some extra with me to the class.  I know that we will use fabric to make one of the bags and I might use mine instead so that my stitcher's box matches my candy box. 

Well, I've run out of time.  Need to finish some Dad chores and head off to bed.  I've still got vacation photos...maybe next post.  I don't want to bore you too much at one time.  LOL

Be kind to one another.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

My Week at the Rancho

Good morning and Happy Fourth of July to my American peeps.

It has been very, very quiet at the rancho this past week.  Moto does his best to be the perfect cat, but I'm afraid that my heart still belongs to George.  I know it will get better...but right now there is still something missing.

I've got pictures of my latest stitching.  I've been good and stitched a bit every day.  I know that I need to get all the stitching done before class in September so I am staying very focused.

This will be a pincushion when it is all done.

 Next up was the scissor fob.  Not a great picture, but front and back.

And here is the waxer bag.

I took lots and lots and lots of pictures of my vacation, but I will try to keep from overloading the internet.  SMILE

Of course I stopped at quite a few rest know how important those are to me.  It seems that states have finally figured out that rest stops can be more than a toilet.  Many I visited now include state information and walking trails.

Colorado rest stop.  Love this trail that goes down to the river.

Wyoming had amazing views that seemed to go forever.

Took a walking trail to the top of a hill in Wyoming and found these native flowers.  There was a bench, so sat down for a few minutes to enjoy the view.

Utah has become one of my favorite states.  The views go forever.

I've got lots of pictures and stories of my visit.  I will share more in my next post.

I am off to do chores.  There is always laundry to do.  I'm not sure what our plans are today, but I definitely need to get some outside work done before the heat hits this afternoon.  

Wishing each of you an amazing day.  Be kind to one another.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

My Sweet George is Gone

This is a very sad sweet George dog is gone.  If you are uncomfortable with this subject, please stop reading now.

He had not been well for about five weeks.  I took him to the vet twice before I left to visit my son, but there was nothing that she could pin down.  They did the panel tests for senior dogs, valley fever, diabetes, and on and on and on.  He was put on several medications and an antibiotic.  Nothing seemed to help, though he would rally for a few days.  I was ready to cancel my trip to Iowa, but my husband and stepson assured me that they would take care of him.

One day into my trip, my husband was taking George to the emergency vet...he was blind.  After an overnight stay, George came home.  They did more tests and only thing that they noticed was a growth on his spleen.  Maybe it was cancer.  Nothing really changed, but he was a little slower and would only eat about a half cup of chicken a day.

I cut my trip short by a few days and started home.  Somewhere in Utah, my husband called and said that George was not eating and he was taking him back to the vet.  I did 850 miles that day, trying to make it home in two and half days.

As soon as I got home, I could see that George was much, much worse than before.  At this point, he was covered with small bumps.  The cancer had spread throughout his body.  I spent the day on the floor, being as close as I could.  We went outside and sat in the sun.  We laid on the floor some more. It was time to make the hard decision and give George the dignity that he deserved.  I called the vet and asked if they could come to my home.  In general they do not make house calls, but George was still over 80 pounds and he growled every time he was lifted into the car.  Also, Dr. Sue had been George's doctor since he was eight weeks old.  She came to the house.  I will be forever grateful for that.  We laid on the lawn, feeling the wind on our faces.  He had been by my side for eight years.  I would stay with him until the end.

I have cried for three days.  I know that the pain will ease, but right now, I'm so very, very sad.

Be kind to one another.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

I Could Go On and On and On....

Happy Sunday morning from the rancho!

First, let me say that I am on vacation, so this is just residual whining.  LOL  I only had a four day work week, but oh my goodness, trying to get stuff done was almost impossible.  It seemed like everyone needed a piece of my attention until there was none left.  I would come home and crash, just too tired to do anything.

The week started great.  Both hubby and I were off for Memorial Day, and I had a caretaker scheduled for Dad, so we went out to lunch on the coast.  We made a beeline to our favorite restaurant for fish and chips.  So yummy and the view is gorgeous.

Things started to go downhill after that...

My sweet George dog is not feeling well.  I noticed a few weeks ago that he was loosing weight.  Not a lot, but some.  Since he was over 90 pounds, it didn't show as much as it would on a small dog.  By last Friday, I was concerned.  He was slowing down, wasn't interested in anything, drinking too much water and spending a lot of time outside.  My first thought was diabetes. Took him to the vet, first thing they did was a "senior" blood panel.  George is only eight, but for a rottie, that's senior.  The vet reminded me that large dogs age faster than little dogs.  Yes, I know that, but really didn't need to hear that from her.  When the results came back, it shows that he's lost five pounds since last September, has hypothyroidism, and there are some weird numbers on his liver panel. So.....we are now on three medications and will have a checkup in a month.  After three days of medication, he seems a bit more interested in life, but he is still not 100%.  I don't even want to consider any option except for him getting healthy and being my George.

Every day at work was an adventure.  Lots of needy inmates and staff.  I guess they wanted to make sure they got in their full portion of complaints before I went on vacation.  By Friday afternoon, I was ready to escape.  The only reason I didn't make a run to the gate was because I work in a prison and running is frowned upon.  LOL

Yesterday, I was up and moving.  Decided that I would do laundry.  That's it, just laundry.  I have a week to do housework, so I pulled out my project and started to stitch.  I am loving this color.

I am further along...but this is a good picture and I didn't want to waste it.  LOL

Since I was taking a housework break, I decided that the least I should do is make dinner.  LOL  Beef Enchiladas. All of my Mexican friends make fun of me since I prepare them with flour tortillas, but I like them this way.  I call them Enchiladas Gringas.  Very tasty if I say so myself. LOL

I will be driving to LA on Tuesday with my hubby to pick up my stepson.  He seems pretty excited to be heading this way for the summer and hubby is always happy when he comes to visit. Friday, I am heading to Iowa to visit my son!  I had not made any plans to go, but after the third time he asked if I was coming to see him, I decided that either he has something important to tell me...or he really misses me!  Either way, hubby and I talked it over and he will hold down the fort while I go to visit.  I cannot tell you how much it means to me that my husband is willing to back me up and help with my dad and George.  I am blessed.

And...I am getting a new well!!  After nine months of buying water, we found a driller!   The permit has been issued and he is planning on starting on Monday or Tuesday.  He is saying that it should take about a week.  It will be wonderful to be able to drink water from the tap instead of bottled.  SMILE

So, I will let you rambling could just on and on.  LOL  I will keep everyone updated as I travel cross country.  You know how I love to take pictures!!

Wishing each of you a wonderful week.  Be kind to one another.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day 2017

Memorial Day is a time to honor, reflect, and remember those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Sit Down, Hold Your Breath, I've Got a Finish!

Happy Sunday evening from the rancho!

I was a slacker all week.  As soon as I sat down after dinner, I was out like a light. I would have to wake up to go to bed.   LOL  Spent yesterday doing chores, yard work, and a bunch of stitching.

Yesterday I put in some serious "sit on my behind on the couch" time to catch up.  I was three quarters done by 8 pm, ready to head to bed.  Then, I got a call from my friend, Gracie.  She was not feeling well. As in so bad she needed to go to the hospital.  I, of course, then spent the next four hours worrying about her and getting updates by text.  Since I was awake anyway,  I just kept stitching. The doctor finally made a decision to keep her overnight around midnight.  The same time that I finished my project.  LOL

This is a free pattern called Grand Old Flag from Notforgotten Farm.  I chose my own colors and added the star since I thought it was cute.  It is not as washed out as it looks in this picture.  LOL

My amaryllis is looking fabulous!!

I have cut way back on sugar and sugar substitutes.  No chocolate, no Diet Mt. Dew, and no ice cream for a week.  I don't hurt as bad as I thought.  LOL  I feel like I am resetting my sweet tooth.  One of the things that I am drinking is green tea.  We have a wonderful spice/tea shop in our town, so I made a little stop last week to pick up supplies.  I found a green tea/pomegranate blend and a Moroccan Mint/green tea.  It took a few days, but I'm starting to acquire a taste for both.  LOL Since it is loose leaf, I needed a strainer. The very nice lady at the shop suggested the style that fits on the sides of your cup.  It gives lots of space for the tea to steep.  Even better is this "travel" cup.  Your dry tea goes in one side, your strainer on the other!!  All you need to ask for is a cup of hot water and you are in business.  I thought this would be a nice thing to have when I go to my son's

My next project is a Hands On Design, My Stitcher's Heart, that was designed for Elegant Stitch in Modesto (my LNS!).  I will do all the stitching at home, then up to Modesto in September for a class on putting it all together!!  I don't usually do fussy patterns, but this is so pretty, and very easy.  And I get to hang out with Lois and all my stitcher friends.  LOL


This is the pattern.  If you are interested in more information, check out the Elegant Stitch Facebook site or Hands On Design Youtube video,

It is time for me to head back to my stitching spot.  Be kind to one another.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Flowers and Fish and Stitching

Good morning, peeps and peepettes!

It is a beautiful Sunday morning here in California, but there are rumors of hitting the 90's later in the afternoon.  I will be closing up the house soon to keep the cool in.

Here is an update on my flowers and my Bunny Ear Cactus. The amaryllis is over six years old.  My son gave it to me when he moved to the Bay Area.  I planted a friend for it.  It seemed lonely in that big pot all by itself.  LOL

My geraniums are in a good mood.

I cleaned out the fish tank last week.  All the water went on my flowers.  Could that be the reason for their happiness?  LOL

There is a population explosion in my tank.  Considering that I started with less than ten fish...the babies must be getting better at hiding.

I am working on a SAL with a friend.  One thread, over two, on linen, and a free pattern from Notforgotten Farm.  Lori is so sweet to share her talent...

My dad is continuing to decline.  Sigh.  Some days are good, some not so good.  We changed out his mattress last week, so had to put him in his wheelchair.  He can't sit up straight, he has become so contracted.  I took this chance to get his hair cut.  I promised my dad that he would never look like a bum, so it felt good to take care of this for him.  You do what you can do for those you love.

I am taking steps to a healthier me.  I try to walk on the treadmill four or five days a week, but I am a sugar addict.  The more I read about sugar and sugar-free sweeteners, the more I am sure that I have issues. LOL   I know that I will never be completely sugar FREE, but there are definite changes I can make.  I've had a headache now for three days...must be the detox!!  I know I can do this.  No one needs ice cream EVERY day do they?  LOL

Off to do my Sunday chores.  I hope that each of you have a wonderful week.  Be kind to one another.