Saturday, November 16, 2013

How Often Do You Vacuum Your Bathtub?

As I was vacuuming my bathtub this week, it struck me as to how odd this would seem to others. About 15 years ago, my family had the choice to go house hunting or to start a remodel. I thought that a remodel would be wonderful! We weren't planning on moving any time soon and I would be able to chose the exact additions that I wanted. Well, the extra outlets were easy, we had a fish tank, needed more electrical outlets. Ceiling fans? Perfect! Extra large built-in book case? Yep, we homeschooled. Now to the bathroom...Beautiful white and green tile floors, an extra large garden spa tub, a separate shower, and plenty of cupboard space. I was in heaven. However.......we are on a septic tank. Somehow that little fact did not seem important until the first time I filled the tub. Two hundred gallons. And where would this water go? That's right, straight into the septic tank. What was I thinking!!??!! If you are on a septic tank, you are well aware of the importance of water conservation. Anything down the sinks, toilets, or tubs, goes right into the tank. In this case, less is better. And using the tub in the winter, when the water table is high and the leach line is filled with rainwater? No, no, and no. So, I love my house. My fish tank is well electrified by those extra outlets, ceiling fans work great, book case looks great. Garden tub? Well, as I was vacuuming my bathtub...LOL. And don't even get me started on those beautiful WHITE floor tiles. In a bathroom. What was I thinking? Be kind to one another.

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