Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Things have quieted down a bit this past week. Dad is doing better, so my heart is not as sad. Woke up early on Saturday morning, not for any particular reason, just because. But it was so worth it! The sunrise was amazing.
Been working on a few projects, but this has been finished for a while. I have been looking for the perfect frame. Found one, and at half off, I was happy to bring it home.
It is called "Red Reindeer" by BOAF. I really like the tiny little deer. I have a cross stitch retreat planned for the end of April. My not-so-local needlework shop is in Modesto, but I love, love, love Lois and Annie at Elegant Stitch. I make the 4 hour trip a few times a year. And if you can't make it in person, they will be happy to ship it to you!! No questions asked! LOL They have planned a "finishing" retreat and I am pretty excited. I have no one to stitch with in my town, so it is pretty special to watch others enjoy the same art as myself. As for finishing, Lois has some unconventional ideas that I cannot wait to try. You can only make so many pillows, wall hangings, and framed items. It will be FUN! Take care this week and be kind to one another.

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