Friday, January 8, 2016

I Want to Live That Way...

Good morning and Happy Friday!!

Lots happening here at the rancho.  I picked up Baby Boy from the Bay Area on Tuesday.  It is so wonderful to have him home.  I love him so much.  He is kind, thoughtful, and willing to give me a hug for no reason.  LOL

On our drive home, we had plenty of time to chat.  One of the odd things he always says to me is "thank you for being so kind to me".  I thought that with him being an English major, he should be able to come up with a better word than "kind".  I asked if he was being flippant.  He said no, that he feels that kindness is the most unselfish act of love.  It comes with no strings attached, no sense that it must be returned.  I had never thought of it that way. When I commented that it followed "treat others as you would want to be treated", he said no, you should treat others better than you expect to be treated.  I want to live that way...

And what have we been doing?  First, stopped at a great yarn shop in Albany, Ca.  Avenue Yarns, yummy yarn and great customer service.  We were greeted as we came in the door and several times reminded that we need to touch everything!  LOL  One of the employees was a young man.  He was so incredibly sweet and helpful.  Answered every question and just chatted.  I love that!!  It was great to see him knitting.  My son is always working on creative projects, whether it be painting or music. I think he should start knitting or crocheting, it would keep his hands busy.  He is willing to think about it, but really wants to do ceramics.  Either way, I'm good.  If I don't get a new scarf, maybe he could make me a yarn bowl.

This is just one wall...

Little jewels just waiting to come home with me.  I showed restraint.  I only picked up enough yarn to make three scarves.  LOL  And a yarn bag.  More LOL  It's too early to take good pictures, so I'll post them next time.

Here is my latest project.  I finished this a few days ago.  I did a giant granny square (because that's all I know how to do, LOL) and finished with a shell edge.  I really like how it turned out.


This is done with Charisma yarn, Eggplant.  I kept up with the sales at Christmas, so I managed to get all of the yarn at least 50% off.  And used some extra coupons for another $10 off.  A win!

And my latest start?  It would be the possum/merino wool scarf for my husband.  This is a knitted, ribbed scarf, so it's going pretty fast.  It is amazing yarn, so soft and wonderful to work with.  I'm using size 6 needles, so it will be a very light, but warm, scarf.

So, I'm off work for four days and I've got stuff planned.   We are heading to a book store and lunch today, maybe a long walk this weekend, and lots and lots of together time.  Baby Boy doesn't leave until January 17th, so we should be able to do at least half of what I have planned.

A little update on my dad...he has started another decline.  He hasn't spoken or made eye contact in over two weeks.  I thought that it was hard when he only said okay, yes, no, or just nodded.  This is so much worse.  I go into his room and find him just staring at ceiling, no recognition or awareness. It is so sad to see him this way.  I talked to my social worker yesterday (really just cried most of the time) and told her how life is not fair.  She agreed, but had no real answer of why it wasn't fair.  She asked if I still wanted him at home.  She wasn't pushing for one way or another, just asking. My answer?  Absolutely, I do not want him to die with strangers.  No matter how hard this is for me and my family, it would be worse to think that he may have a moment of clarity at the end and wouldn't know where he was.  I will not do that to him.  So, we continue on our better, a little worse.

I hope that each of you have a wonderful weekend and spend time doing what you love.  Be kind to one another.


  1. Your son is terrific and so are you my dear. What a pretty, giant granny square. Have a super day!

  2. I find your yarn story and pictures inspiring and want to knit a scarf now; oh oh!
    Seriously I love the idea of something 'on the needles'. Your son sounds like such a great guy; I know you will enjoy your precious time with him. Sorry about your dad news; broad shoulders, my dear, broad shoulders ( what my grandparents used to say meaning you're carrying a lot but are handling it).

    1. Jocelyn, come to the dark side...come to the dark side...LOL I love the ease of crochet, but love the soft beauty of knitting. Decisions, decisions...and then you add a few stitch-a-longs, I am lost. LOL Thank you for the words about my dad. It's been a tough week. I know that what I am doing is right, but it is so hard. Sigh.

  3. Oh my goodness you Son sounds totally awesome. Kindness is not something you always find, so I totally get why he says thank you. ((hugs)) for you on your Dad getting worst. Life truly sucks sometimes, and there is never a true answer why good, decent people have to suffer, but know that your kindness towards your Dad for keeping him at home, is a love gift that does not need to be expressed in words, it is felt in the heart. Perhaps he does not know it now, but one day, he will know of all the love you gave him, even when he could not say thank you back. I am totally jealous of the yarn! Oh your blanket is beautiful. I love the color and the edging is pretty. Hmmm did you say "possum/merino wool"? Well, crap on a cracker, I've gotta get some possum yarn! I would so love to make Hubby a scarf and as he's enjoying the warmth, to advise him that he's got critter yarn wrapped around his neck. The look in his eyes would be well worth the billions year it would take me to knit the scarf (I hate knitting scarves). Ok, now I have to head to a yarn shop...thanks a really thanks. :) Wishing you a lovely day and weekend, too. :)

    1. Oh, did you ever just make me laugh. What on a cracker? LOL LOL LOL I have never heard that expression, but plan on using it soon. LOL

      Yes, my son is awesome if I say so myself. LOL He is my greatest accomplishment. SMILE.

      Thank you for your thoughts on my dad. I don't want to sound trite, but it is what it is. All I can do is hold my breath and get through the day.

      I love to tell people that I'm "gonna knit me some possum". So not politically correct, but absolutely funny. LOL This yarn is from New Zealand, made by company named Zealana. Their website is
      They have a lot of information about why they use brush tail possum. I found it in a yarn store in Cambria, CA. Their website is
      The name of the store is Ball & Skein & More. Hope this helps!

      Have a great day!

  4. My heart goes out to you and your Dad. I remember the pain I felt when Mom got to the stage where communication was rare. Hugs to you

  5. I love that beautiful yarn picture--what a lovely store! Your big granny square is wonderful and the edge on it is perfect!
    Your son sounds like a sweet young man and I'm sure you've taught him and are teaching him many things about kindness!
    I'm so sorry about your father's decline. Life certainly seems so unfair at times, and there are no answers why. I remember talking to my mother about something that upset me and she calmly said dealing with that type of thing will make you a strong person. I remember thinking it was not something I wanted to learn. However she was right. I hope you will be strong, as I'm sure you will! I hold on to the idea that one day we will finally get all the answers and it will all make sense.

  6. Good morning, Frances. Well, I'm about as strong as I've ever wanted to be. LOL I will do what needs to be done...

    The yarn store was amazing...that was just one wall! There were at least 5 more areas that had as much or more of a selection. They even had a baby camel/baby alpaca blend! LOL I declined, I'm still working with my possum. LOL Have a great day.

  7. A yarn store, a book store - and there should be a visit at a fabric store as well. Then you will be settled, lol. It's great to see your huge granny square blanket finished. Great job.
    Enjoy the visit of your son.

  8. LOL As a matter of fact, we DID visit a fabric store. LOL They have the most extensive inventory of batiks that I have ever seen. There was a table of end cuts, 30% off. I just had to take a couple home. LOL