Sunday, August 17, 2014

Plodding Along

So, last June, I had decided to work a current UFO to a WIP to a completion. Did really well for a couple of days, then life got in the way. But, as of this morning, I am showing some progress! Had plans for yesterday. A trip into town, maybe some dollar store shopping. I got all my chores done, took my shower, put on some make-up, and came to a complete stop. It was just too much trouble to get in the car. Not sure why, maybe just my crappy mood. So, off to plop my behind on the couch and work a bit on my project. Really close now, only about six more motifs and a few letters.
It will be nice to have this done. Unfinished projects have a way of creating guilt. I think of the time and money already invested... Since the spare bedroom was tidied up when my sister stayed with us, I've got some empty walls to fill! I rummaged around in my finished bin, and found a few samplers that need framing. I'll be watching the Michael's sales papers, they have some nice frames, but better to get them at half price! LOL Time for my day to start. Be kind to one another.

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