Friday, December 19, 2014

Still Plugging Along

I added beads, I added beads, and I added more beads. I don't know if I like the way it lays. I think I may have added too many beads in too little space. If I really don't like it, a couple of snips and I can start over. Since it's going to lay on a table, it might be okay.

Dad is getting quieter and quieter. He hasn't said my name for over 6 months and only said a few words this past week. My son is coming home for break on January 5th. All I can hope is that Dad makes it that long. He really seems to be losing weight, but I may just be looking too hard. Ryan has not been home in five months, so I think this will be hard for him, too. He wasn't coming, but he sounded so lonely, and I know I am missing him, so we went ahead and bought the plane ticket. One good thing is that he is flying into an airport only 35 miles from home, so at least I won't be driving the entire day.

DH and I are taking a break from Dad chores tomorrow to try and pick up a few Christmas gifts. We really don't have much to get. Most of my gifts to friends are stitched or homemade fudge. I sent my stepson his package last week, and with the coffee pot that Santa sent last week to Ryan, the little things I sent over the last few weeks, and finally the plane ticket, I don't see much shopping for Ryan in my future. LOL I know he has no problem with that. One thing about that kid, he is not into buying new things. I think that the one trip we will make while he is here is to the thrift shops. I want to try my hand at recycling wool clothing into useful pieces of material for my projects. He loves thrift stores, so I know he will be on board.

Dinner time is now, so off to take care of Dad and get some leftovers on the table. LOL Be kind to one another.

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