Friday, July 31, 2015

Pretties From the Fair and The Almost Blue Moon

Good evening, peeps and peepettes.....

I've got a few pictures of the quilts and stitching from the home arts entries from our county fair.  In the first, I like the use of batiks.  I think that the blue and gold are so pretty together.  The second quilt is stunning.  The bright colors pop against the black.  I liked the browns and creams together in the third.  I found some cute batiks in different browns and think this might be a nice pattern to use.  I made the picture a little larger so you could see the flower quilting in each block.  Pretty!

Aren't these sunflowers lovely?  I did a lot of embroidery in high school, but haven't done any in years and years.  Since I finally cleaned up my guest room, LOL, I was thinking about doing some pillow cases to go with the quilt I use on the bed.

Last night was almost the blue moon. I took this at 9 pm from my front yard.  I thought it was funny that the clouds came in yesterday and this picture does look blue! LOL  Tonight should be the true blue moon, so I'll be out in the front yard in my jammies again, trying to get a perfect picture!  Thank goodness my neighbors are used to me by now....LOL

Off to the other end of the house...need to get going on some sewing and quilting.  Have a wonderful weekend, be kind to one another.


  1. Pretty quilts. I am working a bit on a quilt right now, as you very well know! :D
    We will go to our State Fair next week.

  2. A state fair is always so much fun! I love to see handwork. It's like a seeing a little piece of a person's life.

    I HAVE to finish a quilt I'm working on for a special gift. First I didn't cut enough fabric for the pinwheels. Ooopps! Then, I cut the center blocks the wrong size, bad math. So...I told myself to get back on track!! I cleaned up my work area last night and then started looking at all my pretty fabric and then matching patterns and then... LOL I really need to work on it today!

  3. Beautiful quilts! Several folks have mentioned their State Fairs. Ours isn't until October!!
    We had a blue moon here! It was so pretty and very bright! I'm so glad I got to see it! I usually read about wonderful stars or whatever and don't get up and see them!!!!

  4. I love to see quilts, such inspiration.

    I will admit, as home schoolers, we were the family that set the alarm to see eclipses, meteor showers, even the passing of the space station! LOL We live on a dirt road with no street lights. Sometimes I stand outside with all the house lights off and just stare into the sky. You can truly see the hand of God there...

  5. Hi Angela, lovely quilts at the State Fair. Here we have Fall Fairs which I think are similar events. I love your photo of the the blue moon/sky. Moody and interesting.