Thursday, June 5, 2014

I'm on the Five Year Plan!

Today was the day for my colonoscopy and I am very excited! LOL All is clear and I am on the five year plan! Please, please, please, if you are at risk or over 50, take a little trip to the doctor and ask about this test. I personally didn't like that I was on a liquid diet for 36 hours, and the prep is a pain in the butt (pun intended) but finding out that you have Stage 4 cancer (and it was too late) is horrible. So, sign up, people... On the vacation front, I've been finishing a chore a day. House windows are washed, truck is washed and waxed, fish tank is cleaned. I am on a roll. I am going to include today's doctor visit in my list of chores, thank you very much. Next week I've got a few more doctor's appointments to take care of and then I'm good for a year. Some people think I'm wasting my vacation, but when you have a family member on hospice, you try to use your time to the best advantage. I have caregivers for my dad five hours a day, so I'm taking the time to take care of myself... I've done a little stitching this week. I've been working on this sampler for at least a year. I'm not sure why it's taken me so long, but I'm on the home stretch, so it should be done by the end of vacation. Here is Prairie Moon, The Red and The Black. I'm using black silk and really like the look, haven't decided yet if I will do the red...hmmm, will think about it some more.
I'm also working on a quilt, but no pictures this time. I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend. Be kind to one another.

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