Friday, August 14, 2015

A Story of Kindness

When I chose to venture into blog land, I knew that it was possible to have visits from trolls and other undesirables.  After several years, I have been blessed to have found an amazing world of people that are thoughtful and encouraging.  Taking a trip?  They will help with travel plans and be excited with you. Working on a project?  They will tell you it is beautiful, even if you think it is a hot mess. Post the worst selfies in the world?  They will tell you that you look great.  LOL  I have found nothing but the best people on the internet.

Now, my story of kindness...

A very sweet woman named Vickie, from A Stitcher's Story, was looking for some pink fabric.  I think I have mentioned before that I do not have an attraction to pink.  I have done one pink quilt and only finished it because I did it as a special gift for a cancer survivor.  So when Vickie mentioned that she had miscounted and needed a few more pieces of fabric, I was happy to send my leftovers over to her.  It cleaned out my scraps and gave me room for more of my beloved civil war reproduction fabric.  Win, win!!

Fast forward to the beginning of this week. I got a special key in my post office box.  That means...a big box over in the parcel area!!  I was surprised since I had a couple of things coming from Ebay,but they should be coming in small envelopes, not boxes.

When I saw Vickie's address, I was confused.  I couldn't remember expecting anything from her.  I made it all the way out to the car before I ripped it open.  The first thing I noticed was a little dirt on the inside.  My thought...I just got off work, where in the world had I got dirt on my hands? LOL  As I moved aside the Piggly Wiggly bag (more on that later!)  I realized the reason for the dirt. Vickie had sent me three iris plants from her own garden.  I had mentioned several months ago that her purple iris were gorgeous and if she saw someone in her garden with a shovel, it was just me. I am so happy that there are kind and wonderful people left in the world and somehow I managed to stumble onto them out here in blog land. So, Vickie, thank you, thank you, thank you.  You made my week.

This story would not be complete without pictures...

Our county is plastic bag free, so it's always nice to get an extra plastic bag to use in the small trash cans. But.....this was a Piggly Wiggly Bag!!!  I LOVE Piggly Wiggly.  I could say it over and over and over.  It just sounds so southern.  LOL  Say it slowly....Piggly....Wiggly....We have boring names like Von's, Abertson's, Smart and Final.  But Piggly Wiggly, swoon....

The next layer...


  A paper bag, not as exciting as a Piggly Wiggly bag, but okay...and underneath, the prize...

Vickie had packed them so carefully, they were still moist.  At last, their new home...

I will give them time to take root and grow before I move them to one of my bigger pots.  These babies will be getting special treatment!!

As for the Piggly Wiggly bag...I don't think I will be using it to line the trash can anytime soon.  LOL

Have a wonderful weekend and be kind to one another.


  1. haha! Now THIS makes me smile Angela. :D That silly Piggly Wiggly bag is from the store three blocks away. Our two sons work there. I understand the whole plastic bag free thing, however I do use the plastic bags to pick up dog poo. o_0 That is, when I am not sending irises to sweet, appreciative friends.

    1. What!?! Use a Piggly Wiggly bag to pick up poo? Never!! That's what I use the tortilla and bread bags for! LOL LOL LOL

  2. This story speaks to so much about you Angela. That you would so willingly/happily share your stash and get so much enjoyment of the returned kindness. I love irises too; they really are one of my favourites so keep us posted on how they do. As for the Piggly Wiggly bag, I was happy to see that. They are real and exist. I remember that name from the movie Driving Miss Daisy and thought it so unique it must be made up. Smile

    1. I am keeping my new baby irises on the patio, behind a six foot fence! I figure I will only have to check on them...oh...ten times a day or so. LOL

      My other favorite southern store is the "Git 'n' Go". They are like a small grocery store with gas. Maybe it's because I'm from California, but that one makes me laugh, too.

  3. What a special gift from Vickie for you.

    1. Thank you. Vickie has a great blog and she is a very sweet person.