Sunday, August 30, 2015

Proof of Stitching...Really...

Good morning, peeps and peepettes.  Happy Sunday!

DH was nice enough to do early morning Dad chores, so I slept in a bit.  Why?  Well, because I did not go to bed until 11 pm last night!  That will not be as hard to believe as what I have to tell you next...

What was I doing until 11 pm last night?  I WAS STITCHING!! LOL  And, because I led you all to believe that I never stitch, I have a picture.

It is a horrible picture and the colors are really washed out, but it is proof!!  I now have flower urns on both sides and started on the flowers on the right.  I am so bad and constantly find excuses as to why I can't stitch.  But when I finally start again, my first thought, now I remember why I enjoy this so much! It was a nice evening.  The hot temperatures finally broke and it was a perfect 75 degrees last night. Cool breeze and I had all the windows open.  Wonderful stitching weather.

And how about a moon picture?  This was from Friday night:

Here is a surprise for Vickie from A Stitcher's Story .  I have found your toad's cousin.  In my living room. LOL  Here is a quick picture before I released him into the wild.

I am constantly at my DH to keep the front door closed.  We have a screen door, but when our house was built, somehow they managed to mess up the thresh hold.  There is about a two inch gap between the bottom of the screen door and the thresh hold.  I have found the following in my house:  frogs, alligator lizards, regular lizards, toads, mice, and the worst...a baby opossum.  The scary thing about that opossum, it was in my house for at least 24 hours before I found it.  When I found tiny little paw prints on my printer paper and a surprise gift on the window sill next to an open window, I realized that we were not alone.  It took another evening before I caught sight of him/her...running to hide under the couch.  Since DH left the door open, he was in charge of removal.  

I am off to start my Sunday.  Wishing you all a wonderful kind to one another.


  1. hahahahaha! I NEVER expected this! Let me tell ya, I couldn't deal with all the critters you have had. I would FREAK. This guy looks like a nice frog, huh? Our toad are lumpy and bumpy. See them every day and night though. And I am glad to say it is OUTSIDE! ;)

    1. Oh, he was soooo attractive!! LOL I can't pick toads up, they always pee on me. LOL But, found a nice box and helped him outside. I've only seen a few this summer, just too hot. I suppose he wanted out of the heat, too. LOL

  2. I was afraid you had melted, Angela. Happy to know you are alive and stitching! That piece is really coming along. As for critters, we find all kinds in the garage, especially snakes, and generations of mice call behind my kitchen cupboards home. It's a country thing.

    1. LOL Definitely a country thang! LOL And I didn't even mention the black widows (not in the house though), mud wasps, and the king snake that hangs out at the hay stack. I am okay with just about anything, as long as I can see them coming. Except for tomato worms. They are creepy and gross. I can't even touch them. I pick them off with a stick, cover them with dirt, and then stomp them. They make me shudder.