Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Don't Blink

Don't blink, peeps.  Here is a quick update from the rancho.  LOL

I had every intention to blog on Sunday, but the internet had a different idea.  Even on a good day, my internet is very fussy.  I had major problems a few weeks ago, but thought I had fixed the problem.  Hmmmm, not really.  I think my laptop is a co-conspirator with the internet to keep me silent.  LOL  I was not happy with my laptop and decided to unplug it and take out the battery, hoping that I would reset SOMETHING.  Everything seemed okay, at first, but my sneaky computer decided to change my settings.  Important safety tip, all settings and the password MUST be correct in order for the internet to load.  One phone call and thirty minutes later, the nice lady at AT&T finally figured out my problem.  Sigh.  Serves me right for taking out the battery.

So, while I was suffering from internet withdrawals, I went ahead and made a special dinner.  Pozole, one of my favorite Mexican meals.  Big chunks of pork or chicken, a chili base, and hominy.  I even soak the dried chili and make my own sauce.  So yummy.  It is supposed to be served with cabbage, onions, and cilantro.  I don't care for onions and I hate cilantro.  Cabbage it is...with a few limes on the side.

Bubbling on the stove:

Dinner is served:

Of course, I'm still working on my son's quilt.  I must be the slowest quilter this side of the Mississippi.  LOL  These are the strips waiting for their turn.

And here are the strips that have been put together.  I started in the corners since the pinwheels are on point.  It is really hard for me to get the 1/2 cream blocks set correctly.  Somehow, my brain just doesn't work on the diagonal.  LOL 

That's about it.  Not a lot going on here at the rancho.  I'm on vacation this week, so I've been doing some outside work .  I trimmed the few rose bushes I have left and planted four more.  I lost so many, but decided to replace the ones next to the house.  I will have to make a decision about the others before the bare root season is over.

Hubby and I are off to the Tulare Farm Show tomorrow.  I will try to get pictures.  I know how my peeps love tractors and cows.  LOL

Have a good night.  Be kind to one another.


  1. Yay, your back! The quilt looks awesome. I can't wait to see it. Co-conspirator? That made me giggle. Have fun at the show. Happy Valentine's Day sweet friend. :)

  2. Happy Valentine's Day my dear. I am so glad you have vacation. The quilt is super!

  3. A couple of things new to me in this post, Angela. Our computers have batteries?? I did not know that so obviously, I would never get in trouble trying to change it. And pozole...I must look it up because it has some of my favourites...chili, cabbage and yes...cilantro! Enjoy your freedom (from work I mean).

  4. Enjoy your vacation!
    LOVE your quilt and I'm sure your son will, too ;)

  5. Hope you've enjoyed your vacation! I love your quilt!!!

  6. This quilt already looks awesome, Angela. A great project.

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