Friday, June 26, 2015

A Very Quiet Evening at the Rancho

Very quiet here at the rancho.  Husband and stepson are camping in the Sierras, so it's just me and Dad.  As much as I love my family, it is nice to have some time without them.  I don't have to make dinner (thank goodness for Stouffer's frozen Mac and Cheese), not much laundry to do, and when I clean off the counter, it stays that way.  LOL

Dad seems a bit more calm and responsive when it's just me and him.  Not sure why.  Maybe because I have a quieter voice?  My husband can be loud! He says he talks loud because Dad can't hear him, but sometimes, I think Dad chooses to not hear him.  LOL  In the past three days, I've gotten two nods from him.  Makes me happy...

I've done a bit of stitching, a bit of gardening.

I've got a tiny more done on Cherry Hollow Farm...

I feel like I'm moving at a snail's pace on this project.  LOL  

Then, I worked out in the garden...First, here are some blooms, well almost blooms, from the gladiolas that I planted in the spring.  I go out every day to check.  I know with the heat here in California, they will not last more than a couple of days.  The fuchsia is very bright, the lavender more muted.  I will get some better pictures when they open up a more.

Found these lavender plants half off at one of the home supply places...Forgot to plant them on Saturday (had a squirrel moment!), remembered them on Wednesday, gave them some water just in time, and planted them last night.  

I like the silvery color of the leaves.  I do a lot of plants in pots.  My dog has a close, personal relationship with my flower beds.  Since he's 95 pounds, not much in the flower bed makes it though one of his naps! 

I have a trip planned tomorrow to the Seven Sisters Quilt Show in San Luis Obispo.  I've went the last two years and love looking at the quilts.  There are so many talented people in the world and I am thankful that they share.  I say I quilt, but it's more like I "piece".  These quilts are works of art. Since I've got a caregiver for Dad tomorrow, I will have three hours to ooooohhhh and aaaaahhhh over the quilts and then have lunch with a dear friend.  She lost her husband six months ago and this is the first chance we had to get together.  I've missed her and look forward to some girl time. 

Okay, peeps, off to finish my dad chores and stitch for a while.  

Thank you to all that take the time to visit and keep up with my ramblings.  I started this blog for myself, but it is so nice to "meet" others out in the world.  I love to look at everyone's gardens and stitching.  We are more alike than we are different.

Be kind to one another.


  1. Oh Angela. God bless you for the loving care you give your Dad. I am glad you have a bit of quiet for a while. Does a body good. The fuchsia glad is to die for!!

    1. The color is so much more than I hoped for! And I think this may have come from the gladiola bulbs that I picked up at the dollar store. LOL

  2. The gladiolas are so pretty! You do a good job with your gardening! I am not so good with mine, and the heat is so extreme that only certain things can survive out there!!
    It is nice to have some quiet time, and you will feel "recharged" when everyone comes back!!

    1. My flower pictures are all about the angle, believe me! LOL You have to stand just right when you take the picture or you might get my dying lawn in the picture. The drought here in California is horrible. I'm glad I've still got a few things hanging in there.

  3. What a good daughter you are Angela. And what is the thread count on your Cherry Hollow looks tiny so tiny stitches. Gladiola is the flower for my birth month; I've had a few bunches that were lovely. The fuchsia is striking. I would love to be there and take in that quilt show with you. Sigh

    1. I am not always the good daughter...I get tired and grumpy. I try to stay as upbeat as I can, it's not Dad's fault. I read something one time about that happiness is due to circumstances, joy is in spite of circumstances. I want to have joy. Dad deserves that.

      Cherry Hollow Farm is by Stacy Nash, over two with one thread on 36 count Weeks Dye Works. I think it was a kit just offered at the Nashville Show. My LNS picked up extra and I snatched one up!! The quilt show was great. I took a few pictures and will share next post. I also did a "little" fabric shopping. Really, just a few necessary yards. LOL LOL LOL

  4. Love that quote...interesting to work into a post sometime. Yes, 36 count is tiny, am I right? You need fresh eyes for that counting. But I love the design.

  5. Oh, my eyes are far from fresh. LOL But with my cheater glasses, 3.0, thank you very much, I can do a few hours!

    I had a very blunt pastor for many years.

    My other two favorites are:

    God can move mountains, but you need to pick up the shovel and give a hand.

    The next time you eat a bacon and egg breakfast, think about this....the chicken gave some, but the pig gave all. Be the pig for God.