Thursday, June 4, 2015

What? Thursday? Really?

Good evening, peeps.

Happy, happy dance for me!!  My son and stepson arrived on Tuesday night.  My son is here for a week, my stepson for two months.  I am off next week, so looking forward to some quiet time and fun with the boys.

Somehow, I feel as if I've lost four days this week.  LOL  I kinda remember Sunday.  I think I did chores and I finished my chalk paint and waxed box.  I am very happy how it turned out...I used a darker yellow chalk paint then covered it with a mixture of the dark and light wax.  It gave it a great patina. Funny, the part I love best is the feel of the box.  That sounds weird, but the wax gives it such a smooth, even texture.  Love it!!

Oh, and you can see my chicken peeking out from behind.  LOL  I've almost finished all the background then I just need to give that chick some feathers.  And what will I do with this box?  I have absolutely no idea!  LOL  But it's pretty!

Monday?  Well, I got up early, went to work, came home and do not have any memory of what I did. How odd is that?

Tuesday?  Got up early, went to work, stayed late to finish a project, got home and then waited for my boys to get here, after that...nope, not sure.

Wednesday?  Got up early, went to work, stayed late to finish a project, went to the grocery store, picked up dog food, got home and then...nope, not sure.  I do remember that I didn't get to take my shower until 9 pm.  

Thursday?  Got up early, went to work, got off at the regular time, stopped at the dollar store to pick up birthday balloons for my stepson, helped DH with the birthday BBQ, then...well, it's 8:45 pm and I'm ready for bed!!

So tomorrow is Friday, yay!  Then vacation...more yay!  I promised to help with two BBQs, but one is only 130 people, the other 70.  Piece of cake!

I will take pictures and be sure to overshare as usual.  LOL  Have a wonderful end of the week and be kind to one another.


  1. Sounds like busy, fun times Angela. Enjoy your LARGE BBQs! And your family time.
    The box looks really great. I have gone back to look at that picture several times. :)

  2. Thanks! The wax distressed look is one of the things I learned at the stitching retreat that I went to in April...just had to pick up some chalk paint and wax. I found it at Walmart of all places. LOL As for the BBQ, the largest that hubby and I have done is about 250.

  3. I love your painted box...I could think of a hundred lovely uses. Wow, that's a lot of people to bbq for...Busy Lady.

  4. The box is so pretty! Great job!
    That's a big BBQ!!

  5. The box is so pretty! Great job!
    That's a big BBQ!!