Sunday, June 7, 2015

How About Some BBQ?

I made it through the BBQ yesterday.  We had 110 people to feed, a little less than planned.  I always worry about running out of food...I don't know why...I just do...

My stepson was a great help!  He likes to cook, who knew?  My son came a little later and did the clean up.  Family time.  LOL

I thought this might be interesting to those who don't cook in bulk.

Here's a list of what we started with...

70 pounds of top sirloin block (we trim it ourselves, it's cheaper and we use the fat to clean the grill)
20 pounds of sausage
2 whole chickens (a few people don't eat beef)
20 pounds of various salad mixes (I don't care for iceberg...spring mix is the way to go!)
6 large bottles of salad dressing
15 loaves of french bread
9 pounds of butter
5 pounds of fresh garlic
4 #10 cans of chili beans (the cans hold 25 servings each)

Each couple had to bring a dozen cookies and a six pack of soda/water.  Nothing left, it got a little warm at the end and you know that no one can resist a cookie!  LOL

We use oak wood and it takes about an hour to burn down to embers.  You never cook over a large flame...

Here is my DH, burning off the grill using the fat.  This gives you an idea how big the pit is...

You get one end hotter than the other, sear the meat, and then move it to the end to slow cook...

See that bowl?  When you trim the meat, you always get small pieces of meat.  You cook those first. Those are snacks for the cooks!  LOL

Everyone had a great time, lots of compliments on the food.

This BBQ is for our motorcycle group.  My husband and I ride a Honda Gold Wing.  We have taken several trips on the bike, the longest was nine days to Albuquerque, New Mexico.  We don't ride together very often now, it is harder to find time with taking care of my dad, but we still try to stay active in the group.  The best part is where the BBQ is held.  Right next to the ocean in a very nice park.  It is usually a little foggy in the morning, warms up during the day, but a breeze keeps you nice and cool while you're next to a hot pit.

Here is the view from the BBQ pit...

How pretty is that!  Makes all the hot work worth it!

Off to do some chores, still haven't finished all the laundry from yesterday.  Have a great week.  Be kind to one another.


  1. Awesome work! What a park. Good for you!

  2. Wow, when you have a BBQ you don't mess around!! Sounds like fun

  3. That is a serious BBQ!!!! Your list of food is amazing!
    I love the beautiful view you had!!

  4. Thank you ladies! When I was 15, I worked for my aunt. She ran a burger stand at the local flea market. I moved up to fast food, then a local restaurant, ended up working at a prison (as a staff in the kitchen, LOL). Most of my duties now are budgeting and purchasing. It's nice to get back to basics once in a while. LOL