Friday, June 19, 2015

Is It Friday Yet? Yes, Yes It Is!!!

Thank goodness it is Friday!  Nothing like returning to work after a vacation to remind you just how ready you are for retirement.  LOL   I was tired by Monday afternoon and really wasn't interested in the rest of the week.  I think I got used to the afternoon naps I had during vacation.  Most of my work right now is closing out this quarter's food purchase orders and verifying that all the food for next quarter has been ordered.  Sounds like a lot, but this is the slow time!  LOL  Oh, and since it's the slow time, I'm suppose to clean out my in-box.  Ha ha ha ha...Sure.  As if that's going to happen! How do you think that I know where everything is?  It's in my in-box!

Please sit down, I have an announcement...I finished, finished a punch needle project.  Yay!!  I finished this cute little bunny several months ago and the box sometime in April when I was practicing my painting technique.  WA LA...I found the perfect recipient.  Put it together, filled it with some truffles, and I had a going-away gift!

If I remember correctly, most of the threads are over dyes from Victorian Motto Shoppe.  Nancy has such pretty colors.  The chenille around the punch needle is hand-dyed by Lois over at Elegant Stitch. It is perfect for this project!  The box was just a plain, light-weight wooden box from Michael's that I painted and distressed.  No wax on this one...

I have a few flower pictures.  To be honest, it has been over 100 degrees the past four days, so my flowers  bloom and crisp on the same day.  I managed to get one gladiola picture.

There was one beautiful white bloom that lasted less than two hours, just too hot.

Several years ago, I found this poor little cactus pot at a yard sale.  It didn't look like much, but I brought it home, gave it a tiny bit of water and every year, this is my reward...

I really like the coral flowers.

Its next door (pot) neighbor is a bunny cactus.  Loved the name, just had to have it!  If you look carefully, you will notice a few new "bunny ears".  LOL

I am now heading outside to do a little hand watering.  My irises are really parched and I'm still holding out hope that a few of the gladiolas I planted in the spring will give me blooms.  Have a wonderful weekend.  Be kind to one another.


  1. Your punch needle finish is fantastic! Way to go!
    I have never been able to get glads to bloom for me. I gave up after a few years.

    1. Thank you! LOL at the glads...I don't have any secrets! This one has been in the ground for about 5 or 6 years. The only difference in blooming is...the dog lays on them or he doesn't. LOL

  2. Love the punch needle box top, I have never tried to do punch needle maybe someday, love your gladiolas, I used to have some at our last home, however my wonderful husband thought they were weeds and poured cement on them, oh boy was I mad, did not even cry to mad.
    And your dog lays on your glads, oh so funny.
    I am like you I rescued cactus's myself, I love them and the rewards from them are so much worth it, my cat loves them too giggles.


    1. Thank you. I started to punch needle about a year ago. It is a craft that takes no real thought. Once you pick the colors, all you do is go around and around. I do it when I'm having a bad day and just can't count. LOL

  3. The punch needle is just darling! I have never been able to get the hang of it.

  4. Thank you. I am not an expert by any means, but I am much better at punch needle than knitting! The term "hot mess" could be used to describe my knitting. LOL