Monday, October 28, 2013

Coffee With Creamer...Or Creamer With Coffee?

I am one of those odd people that did not drink my first cup of coffee until I was about 40 years old. Not that I had any problem with caffine, I can knock it back with the best of them. I leave tea bags in my sun tea until the container is empty and have been known to drink two or three diet Mountain Dews a day. So no, it was not a caffine thing, it was a coffee taste thing. I know, I know, how could you even think of drinking coffee if you don't like the taste? I have one word. Starbucks. Yep, the over-priced coffee house of the world. It started innocently enough, a Frappacino Grande, yes to the whipped cream. Add the carmel topping and I was in heaven! Then it was the Cafe Mocha, then it was the Pumpkin Latte. I was hooked. But I knew that I could do it cheaper. First purchase, a coffee grinder. If I was going to do this coffee thing, let's start from scratch. Then, a stop at Smart and Final (kind of a warehouse store in California) to pick up a bottle of flavoring. Hit the liquid creamer section and I was set. Oh, the flavors I could find...and don't even get me started on holiday flavors. Peppermint Mocha? Yes, please. Pumpkin Spice? Sign me up for that. And that Bailey's Creamer? I like that better than the original Bailey's! If it is foo-foo coffee, I will try it. So, do I drink my coffee with creamer? Or, do I drink my creamer with coffee? I think you have enough information to make that decision. LOL Be kind to one another.

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