Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Put On Your Angry Eyes

I will admit, I love cartoons. I am especially fond of Pixar, but will hit the couch with a remote at a moment's notice. I watch Toy Story every chance I get. There are not any children left in my home, but plenty of feature length cartoons. The first time I watched Woody and the gang, I laughed and thought it was a great cartoon. After the fourth time, I really started to notice the amount of adult humor. I love when Mr. Potato Head takes off his lips and kisses his butt while the little dinosaur is sucking up to Woody. And when Mrs. Potato Head puts on her angry eyes...classic. I think that everyone should have a set of angry eyes. When you've had enough, just pop them on...all the attitude without saying a word. So I ask myself, do cartoons tell it best? Are cartoons real and we are pretend? Who knows? Either way, I'm keeping the shelf stocked, you can never watch too many cartoons.

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