Sunday, October 20, 2013

Is BlogWorld Real?

I asked myself yesterday, is BlogWorld real? Do I care about the people and places that I only read about? I find myself attracted to blogs that cover cross stitch, quilting, and such. It seems that these particular groups are intertwined. Most crafters find themselves involved in multiple mediums. It is so much fun to aquire stash and if you have several crafts, you can fill lots of rooms and closets with your hoarding. I pour a cup of coffee each morning before work and check out what my "friends" have been up to the day before. I have friends that only check in once a week, others that are a bit more prolific. Sometimes I feel a bit like a stalker, peeking into other's lives, hoping that they are home that day. Do they know that I am lurking around the corner? Not me, but by the sheer act of sharing, they open themselves up to the world. I was born in the 1960's, way before computers and the internet. I know people that do not even own a computer. I understand that some prefer to stay under the radar, or perhaps are uncomfortable learning a new skill, but I was forced to learn the computer for work and have never looked back! So, I ask myself again, is BlogWorld real? A few weeks ago, the owner of a particular blog passed away. For those who stitch, you would recognise Cathey from Pumpkin Patch and Company. I had followed her blog for about three years. I had never spoken to her, had any true interaction with her, and had a picture of her in my mind that matched the avatar on the corner of her blog. But, I had followed her progress on projects, joined her while she celebrated her pregnancy and birth of Junior, and prayed while she fought cancer. I was so very sad when she passed. I went from blog to blog, reading what others had to say, sharing the sadness in BlogWorld. My family didn't really get it. I tried to explain, but know that I fell short, not able to really tell them of her sense of humor, her grace, her devotion to family. I will miss my "friend" and pray for her family. I know that the world is not fair. I am sad. So, is BlogWorld real? Yes. Be kind to one another.

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