Friday, February 13, 2015

The Way Things Are...

Quick catch up. Things are what they are. Dad is the same, no real change. We tried his painkiller for the first time. Didn't seem to really make a change. All I can say is, we will continue to do what we can do.

On the crafting side, I finally got in some stitches on my ornament. Sat back, enjoying my sense of accomplishment. Well, look at that, I put the leaf in the wrong place! LOL I counted correctly, but counted off the wrong candy cane stripe. So, I'll be taking it all out. One stitch forward, ten stitches back.

I have wanted a Singer Featherweight Machine for EVER! Or at least five years. Took a chance and bid on a machine on Ebay. No win. Another bid, another no win. Third time was the charm! I am now the proud owner of a 1954 model. I paid less than $250, with shipping, so feel pretty good about my purchase. I had to laugh when I first looked at it. It is six years older than me and in better shape. LOL I know that I took a chance, but the seller was very honest and I got a good deal. Here is my new baby...

Speaking of babies, my husband volunteered to "baby goat" sit for three days. Sure they're cute, but I don't think he realized the level of participation that would be required. LOL And the second day, oh, he had a doctor's appointment. Would I please feed the goats? Well, sure, it's not like I'm doing anything. Just making dinner, feeding dad, doing laundry, cleaning bathrooms. I refuse to let the little ones go hungry due to his poor planning, so it was out to the "goat holding area" for feeding.

They are very, very cute...And, it was nice to relax for thirty minutes outside, watching them jump and run. I think I needed the down time.

Off to work, peeps. Be kind to one another.

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