Monday, February 2, 2015

February? What Happened to January?

So, I fell asleep one night in January, woke up, and here it is February. Who was in charge of the calendar? I know that I get caught up in my "circle of crap" but I am seriously missing about two weeks. LOL

Weekend update: Saturday morning was spent being a cowgirl. Only three calves to brand, so only a few hours commitment. I think it took us longer to set up than it did to do the actual branding. Got home, did my dad chores, then got in some punch needle. Yay for me!!

I gave you a little peek at each side. The wing looks pretty good, just hoping that it pops on the beige... I did the pattern with a sharpie. It bled through a bit, but I don't think it will matter. All of the lines will be covered. I hope. LOL

So then not-so-dear DH decided to invite a friend to stay over Saturday night. He does not understand how much work this adds to my day. He and his friend hung out in the barn, worked on cars, did man-things. Meanwhile I took care of Dad, cleaned house, and fixed meals. I try to be thoughtful and caring, but it was just a lot of extra work I didn't need. Up Sunday morning, more Dad chores, more fixing meals, more cleaning house. The guys headed back out to the barn. Yep, exciting weekend! Oh, and I got to go to the grocery store! Made the mistake of hitting the store about an hour before Superbowl. Lots of people buying lots of alcohol. I picked up a bag of chips and two avocados for guacamole. That was my contribution to our Superbowl NON-PARTY. Livin' it up in the big world. Still have to strip down the bed and change sheets...should be doing that right now. LOL

Okay, peeps, off to finish off my night. If I hurry, and don't sit down on the couch, I might get to stitch! LOL Be kind to one another.

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