Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I Stitch To...

(Said in a low, slow voice) I stitch to create beauty.

(Continue in same voice) I stitch to soothe my soul.

(Real life voice) I stitch so my pants don't drag on the floor at work. LOL

Seriously, this is the only stitching I have done in the past week. First there was yard work. Then there were chores. Then there was me being lazy and not doing a darn thing but sit on the couch with my eyes closed. If I am good, and stay focused, I might get to stitch tonight! I've done all my chores except for the last load of laundry. I'll be honest, I don't really care if it gets folded since it is my husband's coveralls. Be realistic, no one that works in the garage will care if his coveralls are wrinkly. LOL

Rain update...only about an eighth of an inch. Nothing to brag about, just a little teaser. The weatherman keeps saying soon, we're hoping in February. The grass is still green and growing, so we need that rain. If it waits too long, the grass starts to dry out and the growing season will be over. We will then be back to buying hay for the cows.

One more week and we will be on month twenty of hospice. Dad's body is hanging in there, but his mind...there is not much response to anything that we say or do. We got a compliment from one of our hospice team. She said that Dad has the nicest skin of all her clients and that it is because our family and our team of caregivers takes such good care of him. It makes me happy to know that whatever little I can do for my dad, I am doing it right. Several people have said that I should send him to a nursing home so that I wouldn't have the stress of caring for him. Is it stressful? Absolutely. Am I exhausted most days? Of course. Would I change that? No. At this point, there is no point. I know that sounds weird, but due to Dad's dementia, there is no need for stimulation or interaction. It is time for quiet and rest. We can do that at home.

It is time for me to close if I want some stitching time. If I stay off the couch, I've got a pretty good chance at it! LOL Be kind to one another.

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