Friday, January 16, 2015

Trying To Get Through The Day

Bad dreams last night morphed into a migraine headache today. Something about a Christmas party, a pinata, a "blonde" raccoon, and a recycling truck. How does this stuff get into my head? I've had migraines in the past, and have the pills on hand to take care of it, but hate, hate, hate the medication. Makes me feel like I am standing outside my body, watching life go by. So, I take out the Excedrine Migraine and wash it down with diet Mountain Dew. It usually takes the edge off, but today, I just couldn't get rid of the dull ache along with the queasy stomach. I got through work, made it home, and sat. That's it, sat in a chair with my eyes closed for an hour. I'm feeling a little better. Going to have a little dinner and see if I can get on with my life.

Nothing on the stitching front. Not a single thing. Took my son to the airport on Wednesday morning to head back to Iowa and haven't been able to get on task since. We had a wonderful visit. We didn't really go anywhere special, except for the trip up the coast, but it was so nice to hang out and do "stuff". We have always been close. Partly because he was an only child, partly because we home schooled, but mostly just because. LOL I used to listen to other moms talk about how they couldn't wait until their kids went back to school after holidays and breaks. I didn't get it. I liked hanging out with my son. We played board games, took walks, talked, did stuff together. We spent one summer participating in paintball! Nothing like a chubby, middle-aged woman crawling around in the bushes, sneaking up on other kids. The best part was that the other boys didn't think I was a threat, since I was a "mom". Ha ha ha. I loved when I had the last laugh! My son was a mama's boy, but not in a bad way. He knew how to use his mind, had his own opinions and wasn't afraid to voice them. We had our rough spots and there were a few times that I pulled the "mom card". Our relationship was based on love AND respect. I truly believed that he is my greatest accomplishment...

Well, took a little break and dinner did not set well...I am heading back to my chair. Be kind to one another.

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