Wednesday, January 21, 2015

There Was Stitching and Punching....And Chores

First, a beautiful sunrise...I was up early on Monday and this was my gift. Gorgeous!

Then, on the stitching front, I managed to add a little, tiny, itsy bitsy, really tiny bit of white. LOL I think I got in about 50 stitches and then had to move on to chores.

And last, here is the start to a new punch needle project. I have some recycled wool that I wanted to use for a pillow, so I fused the weavers cloth onto the wool and got to drawing. I hand-drew the pattern based on a picture in one of my punch needle books and then added the extra "stuff" in the grass. I have all the colors picked out and am really excited to get this started. I am doing gold and red for the wings, tan/mottled for the body, and multiple colors of blue and green for the sky and grass. It is a little harder punching than I expected because of the fusing, but was afraid to go with just the wool. I really didn't think that the wool was tight enough to hold my stitches. I just hope that I don't break a needle or spring. And then, came to a stop on this because, yep, chores! LOL

Things are really quiet with my dad. He has said one word in the past week. I try so hard to talk to him, but some days, I just can't take the blank stare and then I go quiet, too. It makes my heart sad. The hospice nurse keeps saying that as long as he is eating, we are not at the end. I know we're doing the right thing, but the waiting wears on the soul.

Off to do chores (surprise! LOL). I've got Dad's dinner ready and I'm pretty sure we're having leftovers. Be kind to one another.

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