Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday, Sunday...

Up and moving this morning, much better than last Friday. I managed to kick my headache, but not until about 11:30 pm. Since I don't usually stay up that late, LOL, I wasn't worth much yesterday. Did some chores, managed a little stitching, and spent quite a bit of time snoozing in the chair. My current ornament start...

I've got the white thread on the needle, but won't be working on it until I get the house cleaned and the groceries bought. I took a peek in the refrigerator while getting my list started...probably a good time to put an end to the science projects I've got going in there. I cannot cook for only two. My son has not lived at home for over 5 years and my dad only eats soup. You would think I would get better at judging amounts. I have to admit, since I plan menus for 4400 at work, two is just not a reasonable number for me.

I am still working on my scarf. I think I added about another 10 inches. Since that looks just like the first 10 inches, no picture. LOL The funniest part? Temperatures are in the 70's today. I really don't plan on using this scarf this winter.

We're still waiting for more rain. Rumor is that January will be a little dry with better hopes for February. I sure hope so...we've bought one truck of hay for our tiny herd and really wanted it to last through the winter. We sold one of our big bulls last week. Not for the money, but he was a wanderer. If there were cows ready for love, anywhere within a two mile radius, he was through the fence and on the move. When my brother had to chase and catch him for the third time in ten days, he said that the bull needed to go. Either to the sales yard...or to the freezer. Since the bull was just doing his job, and is only about five years old, he went to the sales yard. We got an excellent price for him, so I know he was purchased for breeding. He will be much happier with a big herd. One of the many problems I don't like, but these things always come up when you are raising cattle. I am not willing to keep a bull that wanders in front of a car. A $2000 bull is not worth a $250,000 lawsuit.

Okay, wish me luck, I'm going in...I am pretty sure that I cleaned the fridge about two weeks ago, so I think I'll make it out alive. LOL Be kind to one another.

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