Saturday, January 10, 2015

Our Drive Up The Coast

Our family took a little drive up the coast yesterday. I've lived on the central coast my entire life and the beauty of our area never ceases to amaze me. First stop was Ragged Point on Highway 1. It is only about 40 miles from our home, but about a an hour and a half drive because of the winding road.

The owner's have done so much work, it is a special stop on Highway 1. The is a beautiful hotel, a large grassy area with a pergola for weddings, a small glassed area for receptions, a few trails, and a couple of restaurants with gift shops. Oh, and bathrooms...LOL In this day and age, it is hard to find a business that has bathrooms available for travelers without restrictions. Of course, there is a small gas station, but we know the area, so filled up before we went. This station had the distinction to be the highest gas in the nation a few years ago. I checked the price and I think they're in the running again! Gas in our area is down to $2.73. At Ragged Point...$5 a gallon. Yep, I think I know how they keep those bathrooms open. LOL LOL LOL

Turned around and started home. This was our view of the ocean....

It was a bit overcast, but not foggy. I love the way the sun makes the sea so shiny...

Little farther down, we stopped at the popular elephant seal beaches. (Sorry, last post I said sea lions. Oops!) They looked like big rocks until they moved around to get a better spot.

These animals are protected by the state, so no close encounters. But, there is an extensive boardwalk overlooking the beach with lots of information posted about the elephant seals. I really liked how they put up a board showing the true length of a seal. Males can be over 13 feet. Gives you a better perspective of how big they really can be! During calving, there are even docents who share all the little details. This is one of our favorite stops.

Had a wonderful lunch in Cayucos, participated in a tiny shopping trip, and then back home. Just a little vacation from reality, but so much more special with my son.

Today, he and I are sticking close to home, so I see some stitching in my future! We stopped at a fabric store yesterday, but still none of the fabric I need for my pinwheels. Oh well...improvise, improvise, improvise. I think I will work on my scarf and then do a little stitching on my ornament. I really haven't worked on any of my projects since my son came, so this is the day to catch up.

Okay peeps, I've finished my first cup of coffee so off to start my day. A little oatmeal perhaps? We've had big breakfasts twice this week and need to get back on track. Have a great day and be kind to one another.

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