Sunday, January 25, 2015

Where Is The Sunrise?

Up early, early, early this morning to take care of Dad. Now, just waiting for the sunrise. Yesterday was spent doing yard work. I had started last Monday by raking up leaves and cleaning out my iris beds, but didn't get the piles into the bin. So...yesterday was spent chasing the piles around the yard and getting ready for the next rain. I've lost at least six rose bushes to the drought, so pruning will be short and sweet this year. I can remember when it would take five or six bins to get all the trimmings recycled. Now, I think it will only take one. It looks like I might be losing another two bushes, but am hoping to get some new growth this year. Bare root roses went on sale at Lowe's earlier in the month, but I just can't decide to replace or ignore. I would hate to spend money for bushes and then not get rain. Again...

Yesterday was my son's and my dad's birthday. It was sad that my son is 2000 miles away, but I made an early morning call to sing happy birthday. It sounds like he's got his day filled with friends. He had several invites for meals and found another friend that was celebrating a birthday next week, so they were going to share a cake. I'm happy.

As for my dad...I told him happy birthday, but not sure if it got through or not. My brother stopped by to talk to him. Still no response, but I could tell that Dad was trying to talk. It was sad to watch my brother, this is so hard for him. I see it every day and am sort of hardened, but he only sees Dad every two or three weeks. My sister called to say she was coming, but when I told her that Dad hadn't spoken in two weeks, she changed her mind. Not sure why, he's still Dad. My son called to talk to Grandpa. Put him on speaker. Again, Dad tried, just couldn't get anything out. At least we made an effort, but this is difficult. Since my son was born on Dad's birthday, we always did something special for the both of them. Even last year, my son came home and Dad was still able to sit at the table. Now, nothing.

No big plans this Sunday, but do need to get moving on my projects. I have another baby blanket to work on and time is is a'passing. I still haven't decided on a rag quilt or regular quilt. I am thinking of blacks, blues, and tans, so if I can find a dark flannel for the inside, I will go with the rag quilt. I don't know...the older I get, the harder it is to make a decision.

Enjoy your day and be kind to one another.

Oh, and still no sunrise. LOL LOL LOL

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