Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Year's Resolution or Prudent Planning?

So, I don't usually get sucked into the "New Year's Resolution" vortex of shame. However, that being said, I really need to work on some planning for my exercise program. LOL For the past six months, I have more or less (mostly more) cancelled my exercise program. Between working full time, taking care of the house and my dad, there just isn't a lot of time left over. The extra hour I have a day should be used to exercise, but I have fallen into the habit of sitting on the couch and falling asleep. I don't even work on my crafts during the week anymore, just try to fit them in on the weekend. Looking ahead, I am planning to participate in the Miracle Miles for Kids again this year. It is a 10K walk/run on the beach. A little over six miles, not bad. I have done it twice and did okay. I had under a 20 minute mile, not the best, but I made it. I can tell you that if I had to go out and walk that today, it would be ugly. So....if I plan on walking that route, and I don't want to die, I better climb on the exercise bandwagon. LOL The walk is scheduled for May 9,2015. No excuses, I have plenty of time to get ready!

I was at my favorite quilt/fabric store yesterday (missing one yard of fabric, but that's for later) and overheard two women talking about finishing all their projects. One of the employees said that she takes one hour each day to work on her quilts. It isn't enough time to really, really make a dent, but it keeps her going and focused. I like the idea of a set amount of time, maybe it would work for me. I do pretty well when I have a definite deadline, think baby blanket, but when I don't....just shaking my head. I try to set myself up after sewing so that I can just pick up where I left off. It helps that I have an actual craft table/corner. I can leave out my quilts without worrying that I will need to move stuff so we can eat dinner! Cross stitch and punch needle are easier to move around. I have a end table with a basket in the living room where I stack my stitching. Since we do not have kids or cats, it's pretty safe. LOL

Now about that missing yard of fabric...I am still working on my pinwheel quilt. Yeah, I know, the never ending pinwheels...but somehow, when I cut out the pieces for the pinwheels and the alternating blocks, and then I sewed the pinwheels together, my alternating blocks are a 1/2 inch too small. Not sure how this happened, there has to be some mathematical reason, but it means that I am short one yard of fabric! At least I only did fifty blocks and not the full one hundred. I had bought enough fabric for the front, back, and binding. And since I CANNOT find any of this fabric, I will have to use the remaining fabric for the blocks. I did find a nice black print for the back, and if I piece it with a few extra pinwheels, I can make it work. It bums me out about the binding though. I wanted a nice clean look for the front, not a "framing" look, so not sure what I will do for that.

We have hit the 19 month mark on Hospice...never did I think it would take this long. I don't want to sound mean, but the sadness wears on your soul. We try to do what we can and keep upbeat, but at this point, it just about making my dad comfortable. I know he is better off with us than in a nursing home, but it is hard. At least there is no pain, just quiet. My son will be home next week for ten days. Every day we tell Dad that his grandson is coming. I'm not sure, maybe that's why Dad is more responsive...he's waiting for say goodbye...

Off to start my day. Going into town to take care of some chores and meet up with a friend for coffee. I think I will take a little walk while I'm in town, I love to look at houses and yards. Oh yeah, I can get in my thirty minutes of exercise! LOL Be kind to one another.

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