Thursday, January 8, 2015

Maybe...Did I Do It Right This Time?

Here I go again...I started over and seem to be doing better this time. Edges aren't curling (as much), so I think I will keep going.

I've got an extra day off tomorrow and Monday to spend with my son and DH. I have plans! We are going to the beach, maybe check out a quilt shop (LOL), stop at a surplus store, and have a nice dinner. Tomorrow, there's care for Dad until 6:30 pm, so that gives us a little extra time to spend together. The one place my son asked to visit is up the coast to the sea lion beaches. Yes, I will get pictures. The last time I was up there was with my sister last August, so this will be nice. The birthing time is usually in February, but maybe we'll catch a few early babies.

Nothing much else going on, spending most of my extra time with my son. I've managed to get in a few times on the bike, but I need to stay focused. Need to get that exercise in every day. I need to work on recycling my thrift store wool, but probably won't get it done until after my son goes home.

Off to chores. Really need to get that last load of laundry done before tomorrow morning. Be kind to one another.


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    1. Thank you! I am trying so hard...LOL I have a book that promises to teach me how to knit in one easy session. Ha ha ha, they don't know me very well.

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