Monday, January 5, 2015

What Am I? Not A Knitter!!

I have never proclaimed to be an amazing knitter. And to be honest, I am a crappy crocheter. Bad, bad, bad. I have crocheted one blanket. Just one and it was not square. I don't know if it was single crochet or double crochet. All I know is that I used a crochet hook. I have knitted one sweater. It took me five years. I never wore it because it had gone out of style. So come last Saturday, it was cold and I only had one blue scarf. Ever the optimist, I decided I would make a really cute scarf for me to wear this winter. I get started using this really, really fluffy yarn. Good start, until I dropped a stitch. Because the yarn was so fluffy, I couldn't find the dropped stitch. Ended up pulling all of it out and sticking it in a plastic bag. I decided I would find some other yarn since this was not working for me. Off to Michael's, found a nice wool/poly blend. I get started. Four hours in, I notice that my sides are curling.

Off to the wide world web...well, the only way to fix it is to do it correctly the first time. Yay. Next step...

Try to pick up my stitches. Gee, surprise, surprise, I am horrible at this!! Next step...

I am so utterly disgusted. I am trying to remind myself why I am doing this. And to make matters worse, the cold spell is over and it's 70 degrees outside. I know I can do this, but at this rate, it will not be done until NEXT winter. Sad face.

On the happy side, my boy will be home in California at midnight. :-) I was a little (okay, a lot) worried that he would miss connections in either Cedar Rapids or Chicago since it's about -25 degrees there today. Got a message a few minutes ago that he made it to Chicago in time to make the connection. Should be good flying through to LAX and a hop, skip, and a jump to home. It is only a 40 minute drive to the airport so I don't even care that I have to pick him up so late. I am one happy mom. I will have him home for ten days and I will be off for five of those. I am so happy, I could giggle!

Okay, ready to pick up those darn needles again. Sigh. It really can't be that difficult, right? Be kind to one another.

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