Monday, January 12, 2015

Our Visit Is Coming To An End...

Only a couple more days and my son will be heading home to Iowa. We have had a wonderful time...a trip up the coast, several stops at thrift stores, to the swap meet yesterday. My surprise find at the swap meet? Two beautiful 100% wool shirts! Since I had been at the fabric store last week, and noticed that Moda wool was over $40 a yard, I snatched both for under $10 each. As a side note, I did find some beautiful wool at another fabric store, but it was $99.98 a yard. LOL As if...So, took a little time yesterday, got them sectioned and into the wash. First time in my life that I was trying to SHRINK clothes, though I've done it several times by accident! LOL There are a few large pieces that I will add interfacing to the inside and use for punch needle, the rest I will use for primitive ornaments and such.

Dad is still the same. I thought that having my son here would help, but no. He is a bit more responsive than a few weeks ago, but when I asked him my name yesterday, he just shook his head. He hasn't said my name in over nine months...though I know that he knows who I am. When someone from outside the household presses him for answers, he gets very agitated and starts to shake. He stays calm when I ask him my name, so I know that he is aware that I belong, he just can't give me an answer. This disease sucks. It takes away all the light and soul of a person.

I was checking out a few new-to-me blogs and ran into several that talk about a craft budget. My head agrees, my heart is afraid to make a commitment. LOL I have a horrible habit of picking up just one more yard of fabric, just one more skein of yarn or over-dyed thread, just one more, just one more, just one more. I need to dive into my stash and get a reality check. I am pretty sure that there is no need for more.

Off to start my chores for the day? Or back to bed? My son and I have a coffee date at 10 am, so I do have a few free hours. I did most of my chores yesterday, so maybe I will sneak in a little morning nap. We have dinner guests tonight, but I'm going for easy: baked chicken, roasted red potatoes, and a nice mixed greens salad with a some avocado that I picked up at our farmer's market. These are friends of my son that are making a four hour drive to see him, so I want something nice. My son says that I am a good cook, so whatever I make will be fine...I sure hope so! I have had my disasters. LOL

Be kind to one another.


  1. ((hugs)) to you sweet friend! I have no doubt that he knows you belong. Just because he can't verbalize what he wants to say, it does not mean he doesn't know it in his heart. Love never dies, even when there are no words to speak it, it lives within our hearts. Just keep doing what you do and love him as you always have, because trust me, he loves you as he always has, too. How wonderful that you get to spend time with your son. :) Blessings always

    1. Thank you very much...Dad has lived with us for about 4 years and now been on Hospice for 19 months. I was very fortunate to be a "daddy's girl", so have lots of great memories. It is very hard to watch someone die a little bit at a time...I will be okay, just need to stay focused and know that what I am doing is right. Hugs and prayers are always appreciated. :-)