Thursday, March 12, 2015

Can't Complain

When I was growing up, people would ask my dad how he was doing.  His answer?  Oh, can’t complain, nobody wants to hear about it anyway.

I kind of like to hear people complain once in a while.  It puts my life in perspective.  Not in a “Oh my gosh, I am so much better off than you” way.  But in a “Oh my gosh, if your life is that bad, I can hang on one more day” way.  Sometimes I feel so alone on this mountain.

While I was lurking around Pinterest a few days ago, I ran into a quote that talked about how you shouldn't complain about things you have not made any real effort to change.  Example:  I know that I've gained about twenty pounds in the past two years.  My complaint, I don’t have time to exercise because I take care of my dad.  Well, let’s be honest, if I spent just 30 minutes a day exercising, even just a walk, I probably wouldn't have gained all that weight.  Maybe five or ten pounds, but the whole twenty?  Do I have 30 minutes of time each day that I could set aside for this?  Absolutely.  I am tired.  That is not going to change.  But I will be just as tired if I walk 30 minutes or I don’t.  Don’t have time to stitch?  Do I have another 30 minutes to dedicate to myself and my mental well-being?  I may not have 30, but I know I have 15.  Get off Pinterest, get off my butt, get off my excuses.  I need to complain less and change more.  I have always been a happy person at heart and hate that life has beat me down.  And you know what?  Sometimes I held the stick myself.  

Let me leave you with a picture I took on one of my walks this week.  I call it Oats at Sunset…

Be kind to one another.

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