Monday, March 16, 2015

Still In the Stitching Hall of Shame...Kind Of...

I was so excited!!  I was going to stitch!!  Sat down in my favorite chair, picked up my project, and then...where are my scissors?  I know I was using them just last night.  Let's check my craft table.  I got up, headed across the room, looked down and SQUIRREL...I pick up my punch needle project. Wow, I should work on this.  Look how cute this chicken is!  Forgot about the scissors, forgot about my cross stitching. This is what I started with:

And here is an after photo:

Still figuring out what to do with the background.  This is a large piece, about 12 inches across.  I need to decide if I will dye some thread first, or finish the entire piece and then dye it.  Or...who knows?  I just hope I can remember that I'm working on it!

My dollar store gladiolus bulbs are starting to poke through the warm dirt.  I am so glad!  I was getting tired of digging them up every few days to check for roots!  LOL

Time for chores.  Be kind to one another.


  1. That chicken is super cute!!! You must finish it!!! What to do with the background will come to you!