Monday, March 9, 2015

What? Someone Did Some Stitching?

Okay, peeps, sit down.  Take a deep breath, clear your mind...wait for it...I stitched!  LOL   Not a lot, not for long, but definitely got in some stitching time.

I stayed pretty busy on Sunday morning, finally sat down after lunch and decided to take some "me" time.  Once I got started, it was easy to keep going!  Took a break, got dinner done, fit in a walk, and back to stitching.  Only one more edge, fill in the little flowers and this baby is finished!  Well, not finished-finished, but you know what I mean.  LOL  I can't believe how much MIS-counting I did in this little piece.  I've done huge samplers that didn't give me this much trouble.  I fudged in a few spots, definitely used some creative license on the bottom edge, but all in all, I'm happy.  Give me an hour tonight and I can move on to the next project.   I am so excited to finally be back in the kind to one another.

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