Sunday, March 22, 2015

Move Along...Nothing To See Here...

I saw this on someone's blog last week and decided to "borrow" it for myself.  I haven't done any stitching, no quilting, and am barely functioning.  I am back on antibiotics.  Whatever is going on is still going on.  I went to the doctor on Tuesday.  She is not warm and fuzzy, but was willing to talk about Hospice and my constant battle to make it through the day.  When I asked her if she had any experience with Hospice, she hesitated, then said yes, her son was on Hospice for two years.  I cannot even begin to imagine how devastating it would be to loose a child.  Once again, my life is not that bad.

I was somewhat surprised, her records show that I've only gained four pounds in the last year and a half.  I am pretty sure that I lost 15 pounds after last year's appointment, but I didn't bring that up.  My little secret.  My blood pressure was back to normal and I only cried when we talked about my dad.  All in all, not a bad appointment.  I have definitely had worse.  I must attract doctors without any bedside manner.  When I was about four months pregnant with my son, I had managed to gain 20 pounds...the doctor told me that I had to walk thirty minutes a day, every day, and wrote "FAT" across my chart.  Hmm, not warm and fuzzy....

I managed five days of exercise last week.  Four walking days, one day on the stationery bike.  I'm up to two miles on my walks, so doing okay.  I feel better after I walk, just need to stay focused.   I've signed up a walking buddy, so that helps, too.

My husband has started PT for his shoulder.  He's still not able to change Dad, but is trying to feed him so I can use those thirty minutes to get our dinner ready.  It does help.  He is also doing quite a bit of the housework.  He is worried about me and it shows.  I took a two hour nap yesterday and today.  Still feel bad, but at least I don't feel bad and tired.  LOL

So, with coping with the nausea from the antibiotics, and the general exhaustion, I am cutting this short.  Be kind to one another.

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