Saturday, March 7, 2015

Just Another Manic....Saturday

So, I have this song in my head. But it's not Monday, it's Saturday. Oh well, if it's stuck, it's stuck. LOL

Out for a bit this morning. I took a couple of pictures to prove that Spring is "thinking" about heading our way. Our area is still getting down in the 30's at night, but hitting 75 during the day!

First are my irises. I have to keep them in pots since my neighbor's gophers like to vacation on my side of the fence. My pots are recycled cow supplement buckets. I drill holes in the bottom and BOOM! A new pot! Not pretty, though I suppose I could paint the plastic. I do have a few of these buckets inside half wine barrels that look nice. But, I live in the country on a dirt road, so not really worried about aesthetics! LOL And once the irises start to bloom, you don't even notice the pots.

The little clay colored pots are gladiolas. I usually plant them next to the house, but when it warms up, my dog LOVES to lay on top of them. Not good for the blooms.

This poor little guy is doing everything it can to bloom. Not pretty, but gets points for being persistent. LOL

Now, this is one of the rose bushes at the side of the house. These roses are better protected from the wind, so usually look a bit better.

I love my roses, and they seem to be doing better with the extra rain this winter. The real test will be this summer. I still haven't replaced the ones that died and probably won't. Just not enough rain...

Doing some fix-it chores this weekend. DH and a friend fixed my stove top yesterday, but blew another switch this morning. Back to the parts store and another $60! DH has been trying to help more around the house. Been doing one load of laundry a day and keeping up the floors. Best part, he washed windows! Not all of them, just the three in the kitchen that really, really bugged him. He is proud of the windows. I was polite and didn't bring up that this is the first time since we moved in (1985) that he has touched the windows. Sometimes, it's just better to smile and say thank you! LOL

I will leave you with the moon rising over my neighbor's willow tree a few days ago.

Have a great weekend and be kind to one another.


  1. Looks like your plants are getting ready for Spring!
    That is a lovely moon and willow photo! So pretty!

  2. Thank you! I take pictures of the sunrise and moon rise over my neighbor's house a few days a week. She probably thinks I some kind of stalker. LOL