Sunday, March 1, 2015

End of The Weekend Report and Information Update

End of the weekend report....

Very quiet, chores and more chores. I took DH to the doctor's on Friday. The PA, not the doctor, said he is ready to go back to work on Monday. Not really sure how that will work as his arm is still in a sling and will be for another five weeks. Now, he is a mechanic, so thinking that this will not work. Took his paperwork to the powers-that-be. They will get back to him. I guess he could answer the phone or do other office stuff. Since I know how NOT organized he is, maybe not such a good idea. He still can't help with Dad, but is trying to do little house cleaning stuff. Just for laughs, I watch him wash dishes. He is not that great at dishes (bad vision) and can only use one arm, but they are mostly clean. He is good at vacuuming, so I "let " him do that....LOL

Waited all weekend for rain. Got about three minutes of hail, so I guess that counts for something. Here is a snap of our sunset tonight...

Had a list for the weekend. Taxes ready to go to the CPA? Check. Pick up the Easter Cards? Check. Pay bills? Check. Mow the lawn and clean up the leaves? Check. Take a walk? Check. Stitch? Ha ha ha ha. As if…. And when I picked up my ornament, what did I notice? Off two rows. And not just two rows on the side, but also two rows on the bottom! What in the world was I doing when I should have been counting? They call it "counted" cross stitch for a reason. There is a reasonable expectation that I would count. LOL So, do I pull it all out or change the pattern? I’m leaning towards the change. Honestly, if I stop now, I will never get this darn thing finished. I cannot understand how such a tiny ornament can be so much trouble. I really need a few more stitched projects to take with me on the finishing weekend that I signed up for in April. Had a blast last year, but need to get some stuff done so I can finish them! LOL

As for my medical "issues". Still not 100%. If things are not great by Wednesday, I will be making an appointment with my regular doctor. I don't have time for this crap, so have been looking into home remedies for UTIs. Cranberry juice? Not really in the top five, but lots of information on parsley infusions with lemon. Hmmmm....I'm willing to try that. I need to drink more water anyway. Doesn't taste that bad and is supposed to give you fresh breath. Can't hurt. LOL

Wishing a great week for everyone out there in blogger land. Be kind to one another.


  1. Hope you'll be feeling better soon!
    Isn't it irritating when you're off a couple of stitches--you're right--it's hard to decide what to do about it!

  2. I am really leaning towards going with "creative license"! LOL