Thursday, April 3, 2014

Now, Where Have I Been?

I don't remember being busy, but somehow a month has slid by... I spent quite a bit of time taking care of my dad. He had another TIA (small stroke) and this has made him even more unsteady and unable to care for himself. Last weekend, I spent some time helping out at a fundraiser for a young cousin. She has leukemia...crappy disease. I lost two cousins in the 1970's to this horrible disease. Now, I find out, my family is one of 10 in the WORLD that carries a special gene that causes a special type of leukemia that hits the young. Doesn't make me feel very special. I helped out with serving and cleaning at the dinner and made a couple of quilts for a silent auction. My extended family did an amazing job with planning and getting donations. The money will really help with costs for travel, lodging, etc. And more good news, a bone marrow donor has been found for my young cousin. She is on her way to Stanford Hospital in a couple of weeks for a transplant. There is hope in her future. Earlier in the month, I spent a couple of days up in the Bay area with my son. I always look forward to our adventures. This time, off to Point Reyes. He has recently become very interested in lighthouses. Not sure why, think it has something to do with the Fresnel Lenses. As we drove through the country side, I started to think that we were heading to the edge of the world. Pretty darn close. Found out that Point Reyes is considered the most foggy and windblown lighthouse on the west coast. We hit on a good day, only 20 mph winds and the fog cleared within a half hour of arriving. And yes, those are steps DOWN to the lighthouse. Three hundred in all and the rangers were nice enough to mark every 10 steps so you can count and be out of breath at the same time.
Amazing view and the whales were on their annual migration. I didn't get any pictures of the whales, considering that they are are so big, they are fast! This is my favorite picture of our visit. We were waiting for the whales. You can't see either of our faces, but I know that you can see how much we love each other.
I can't wait for our next adventure. Be kind to one another.