Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!

Wishing you all a Happy New Year, filled with love and wonder. Hold your loved ones close, learn something new, slow down and appreciate nature, take a walk, do something nice without expectation of return. And as always, be kind to one another.

Monday, December 29, 2014

That Pink Quilt? Done!

Finally! Finished the pink quilt. Yay, yay, yay! Dropped it off this morning on the way to work. Got a thank you call a little later in the day.

Ran it through the washer, got it nice and wrinkly, very vintage looking. I have been working on this quilt since August and it feels so nice to have it done. Next quilt, one of my dear friends has a baby boy on the way! Looking at grays, dusty blues, browns, creams, and a little splash of colonial red. I think it will be pretty! LOL I will post a few pictures when I get the fabric all picked out. Be kind to one another.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

A Side Trip To....

So, what did I do on Friday? Cleaned house, cleaned the fishes' house (LOL), had lunch with DH, and took a nap. Since it was a bonus day, I figured I should do something a little fun. Took a side trip to the thrift store. I found a few things. First, a 100% wool men's sweater. It has a nice boxy shape with a zipper and was only $5! How could I say no? It will be nice at work when it gets chilly. Then, I took a peek over in the throw pillow section. I was looking for something that I could pull the cover off and replace with a punch needle cover. SCORE! I found an 18X18 feather, yes feather, pillow for $3! Perfect. And when I pulled off the cover, it was from Pottery Barn. I don't even want to know what it originally cost. I will run it through the washing machine and leave it out in the sun for a few days. It says Dry Clean Only, but I like to live on the wild side. LOL

One of the things I've never mentioned is my love for inside plants. I've talked about my roses and the problems with the drought, but I also have quite a few inside plants. I have all the regulars, pothos, spiders, etc, but I do have a little collection of orchids. Mostly phalaenopsis, but a few different types. I haven't taken very good care of them the past year, just too busy with Dad. And how was I rewarded? With three plants with spikes! How crazy is that?!? I am very excited to have some flowers coming my way.

Finally sewing the binding on that darn pink quilt. I did everything I could to not work on it yesterday. I cleaned a craft drawer, scrubbed two bathrooms, cleaned out the silverware drawer... LOL LOL LOL I promised myself I would finish it in the summer, then October, and now I WILL finish it before the end of 2014. I have about a quarter of the binding done and should be able to finish it this afternoon. Not bad considering it was still in strips yesterday! It sat on my table for so many months, I just couldn't take the guilt anymore. I put on my big-girl panties and got going. It is funny, it was only about 5 hours work to get to the binding, but I just couldn't focus. Sometimes it takes more energy to avoid doing something than it does to actually do it...I will post a picture as soon as I finish. Promise!

Off to do my Sunday chores. Grocery shopping and trip to RiteAid. I know how to live. Be kind to one another.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

My Prize, A Finish, and a Christmas Update

So, I think (LOL) that I mentioned last week that I had won Day 15 at the Victorian Motto Shoppe's 25 Days of Christmas. Wow! Santa Nancy was SO generous. First, two of her patterns. Yummy. Then, three packages of her amazing hand-dyed chenille. More yummy. the last bag, this is what I found:

Are these not the most beautiful colors? So bold and filled with color, I can't wait to use them!

And then here is my latest finish in the punch needle world.

I like this one quite a bit. Not sure what I am going to do with it. After my last fiasco with the beads, I am almost afraid to do the same to this one. LOL

Very quiet Christmas at our house. My sister and brother stopped by with their kids, but other than that, it was just me, Dad, and DH. My son will be here January 5th. I think that will be our happy time. Dad is quiet. I am hoping that he makes it until Ryan gets here. We remind him several times a day that his grandson will be here in a few weeks. I am sure he understands, he just can't respond.

DH was very sweet. Picked up a new Stephan King book for my gift, along with a key chain fob that he made. Oh yeah, and he got me my own little flashlight! He hates when I use his and don't return it to the proper space. I'm not really sure why he thinks that getting me my own flashlight will stop me from using his. LOL LOL LOL I can tell you that it won't even slow me down. LOL LOL LOL

Made a bit more fudge today. Okay, made a LOT more fudge today. Three more batches: peppermint, heath bar, and peanut butter. I've got a bit of coconut already toasted, so I may make one more batch this season.

My boss gave me tomorrow off! All the food has been ordered for next quarter and we can't start anything for fourth quarter for a few weeks. With today and the weekend, that makes for a four day weekend. I will be on call as usual, but that is okay. I am counting tomorrow off as a "bonus day". I didn't cancel daycare for Dad, so I will have five hours to do something special for me. No real plans, just a day to regroup and get some rest. I did take a little nap this afternoon in between Dad chores, but I always seem to be tired, so tomorrow will be nice. Even if I don't do anything, I will not need to get up at 4 am and put on clothes and make-up!

Heading down to the other end of the house. Maybe a bit of stitching, a little bit of tv watching. There hasn't been anything on all day worth watching, so I may need to pick out a movie from my VHS/DVD collection. Yep, I said VHS! I've still got a few left...I really need to get my favorites on DVD. I know that the life of a VHS tape is limited, so I should get the DVD while they're still available. I'm sure as soon as I switch over, there will be some new technology that comes along and I will have to start all over.

I hope that everyone has the holiday that they kind to one another.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Very Merry Christmas to All!

Wishing all a very Merry Christmas and the happiest New Year. Hoping for love and kindness, time with family and friends, health and happiness. Be kind to one another.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Countdown to Christmas

Only three days to Christmas, or so I've heard. I can't even remember what day it is, so I supposed that I shouldn't be making any assumptions about Christmas. LOL Picked up DH's gift. He is really hard to buy for when it comes to Christmas. If he wants it, he buys it. I chose something that he's talked about several times, but he kept saying he would make do with what he had. He didn't want to spend the money. Lucky me, it was $30 off and I had a 20% off coupon. Did pretty well if I do say so myself.

Dad is doing okay. He has had several strokes these past few years and has very limited movement in his left arm. His hand has closed on itself and we keep a washrag in his hand. This is so he doesn't cut the palm of his hand with his fingernails. Unfortunately, the rag must have been a little rough and now we have a really ugly sore on his thumb. We have been so careful to keep his skin clean and dry. I feel bad when I change the gauze, I know it hurts. It isn't as bad as it was yesterday, but I am still checking it a couple of times a day. The nurse will be in tomorrow or Wednesday, so at least I will have a professional taking a peek.

Finished my leaves project. I don't know, I just don't like how these beads lay....I'm a little disappointed, but I guess I will get better. On top of that, I really didn't like how the wool wrapped over the edge. It started to fray and I ended up having to put a few dots of glue to hold it down. I can see where the glue went. Either I did it wrong, used the wrong glue, or used too much glue. Again, very unhappy with my finish.

Something I did do right was FUDGE! I never make just plain fudge. I make white chocolate/peppermint fudge, and peanut butter fudge, and coconut fudge, and fudge with Heath candy bar pieces...I think you get the idea. I was a little unsure of the peppermint fudge. I used those peppermint pieces that you put in cookies, but when I added it to the white turned PINK. Oh. My. Goodness. I thought it was ugly, but when I took it to work, it was finished first! Tasted like a chocolate covered candy cane. LOL I really wanted to try some pumpkin fudge, but ran out of white chocolate chips. I use a recipe that I've had for over 25 years. It hasn't let me down yet...super easy, uses big marshmallows, sugar, heaving whipping cream, butter, vanilla, and chips. That's it, just six items. I've added lots of goodies and never had a problem as long as I don't try to add too many chips.

Anyway, ready to take a shower and head to the craft corner. I started on a pretty punch needle pear piece. I'm almost finished and will post a picture in a few days. Be kind to one another.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Still Plugging Along

I added beads, I added beads, and I added more beads. I don't know if I like the way it lays. I think I may have added too many beads in too little space. If I really don't like it, a couple of snips and I can start over. Since it's going to lay on a table, it might be okay.

Dad is getting quieter and quieter. He hasn't said my name for over 6 months and only said a few words this past week. My son is coming home for break on January 5th. All I can hope is that Dad makes it that long. He really seems to be losing weight, but I may just be looking too hard. Ryan has not been home in five months, so I think this will be hard for him, too. He wasn't coming, but he sounded so lonely, and I know I am missing him, so we went ahead and bought the plane ticket. One good thing is that he is flying into an airport only 35 miles from home, so at least I won't be driving the entire day.

DH and I are taking a break from Dad chores tomorrow to try and pick up a few Christmas gifts. We really don't have much to get. Most of my gifts to friends are stitched or homemade fudge. I sent my stepson his package last week, and with the coffee pot that Santa sent last week to Ryan, the little things I sent over the last few weeks, and finally the plane ticket, I don't see much shopping for Ryan in my future. LOL I know he has no problem with that. One thing about that kid, he is not into buying new things. I think that the one trip we will make while he is here is to the thrift shops. I want to try my hand at recycling wool clothing into useful pieces of material for my projects. He loves thrift stores, so I know he will be on board.

Dinner time is now, so off to take care of Dad and get some leftovers on the table. LOL Be kind to one another.

Monday, December 15, 2014

I Won! I Won! I Won! Did I Say I Won?

I won! Santa Nancy over at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe had her 25 Days of Christmas Giveaway...and I won Day 15! Woot, woot, happy dance! It will be a "surprise" prize, but I don't care! I love, love, love Nancy's threads and use them for both cross stitch and punch needle. I have been stalking her ebay store and have quite a few pretties on my watch list. I will love anything she sends. :-)

On the punch needle front, finished a little something. This pattern is from Prairie Grove Peddler, 2006. The original colors were really too bright for me, so I toned it down with some muted Valdani threads and some DMC black.

So then, I decided to follow some instructions over at Three Sheep Studio on how to add beads. Here is my start:

Well, may I say it would have been easier to climb Mt. Everest....First of all, I had to look up "blanket stitch". I realized that I had been doing it for years, so good. Then I choose beads, easy, good. Then I started to add the beads. Remind me again...who in the world adds beads to punch needle? It would have been easier to eat glass. Seriously, I am at least 5 fingers short for this craft. I would pick up a bead, start my blanket stitch, drop the bead, shred the wool, pick the bead, start my blanket stitch, drop the bead, repeat, repeat, repeat.... I can only hope that I hit a rhythm soon.

Drought report-rain started about noon today, already have a quarter of an inch. I feel like one of those Charles Dickens characters...more please. Any rain is appreciated and needed. No complaining from me!

Ok, kids, I am off to fix dinner. Hmmmm.... I have a half pound of ground beef, what to make, what to make. Better make a decision soon! LOL Be kind to one another.

Friday, December 12, 2014

My Snowman's Got A Booty!

Just a quick snowman's got a booty! I have had a horrible time getting this finished. No reason, just seemed to loose steam about the same time I started stitching the white.

This will be my last ornament finish for this year. Now just to finish, finish, if you know what I mean. LOL

Update on the storm here in California. No wind/tree damage at our house, and inch and a half of rain. Woot, woot! I know that the storms have hit pretty hard in some areas, but we so desperately need the rain. Any snow that we get in the Sierra's will be appreciated. The news is saying that the worst has passed, but I am hoping to get another half inch this morning.

Off to work, forty minute commute in the rain. I will put on my big girl panties and just do it! LOL Be kind to one another.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Weekend Report on Wednesday...

Update on my trip to Rancho was a 36 hour break from reality. The drive down was not too bad, traffic was pretty heavy on the way back. At least there wasn't a lot of roadwork. It seems that California only does major repairs during holidays. Guess I lucked out going between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I still cannot believe that I drove eight hours round trip to visit for 14 hours. What was I thinking? LOL All I can say is...I am a pretty darn good friend!

Absolutely no pictures. Another, what was I thinking? It was a very nice visit. My friend's daughter is beautiful, inside and out. She is blond with big blue eyes, but the wonderful part is her sweet disposition. I'm sure that when she has had enough, her stubborn side will come out. After all, she is her father's daughter. LOL But even at her young age, she seems to genuinely like people. She will smile and engage in conversation, but still knows better than to go to just anyone. Her parents have included her in all aspects of their business life (they own a dance studio), so she is used to seeing lots of different people. I am so very proud of my friend. I have watched him go from an awkward teenager to a great father. ...Oh, and, they want to home school! I was very encouraging, but still gave them the usual lecture. "Understand that this is a family project, it will include everyone, not just your student. It will be difficult, probably make YOU cry, and will be the most amazing time of your and your child's life". I think that if they stay in the LA area, it will be a better choice to home school. Just too much danger in the public schools in their area. One of their close friends is a home school family, so I think they will have a great support system.

A first for me, IMAX theater. Oh. My. Goodness. It was amazing! As my friend and I were chatting, he mentioned a great IMAX theater in the mall. I said that I have never been to that type of movie. He had us in the car and on our way. Granted, walking up five flights of stairs to get to our seats was a bit much, and I did not make any bathroom trips, but it was great! We saw Interstellar. It was the perfect first IMAX movie. I could not believe that even if you leaned over, the bottom of the screen was just as clear as the top. Yep, I would go again in a heartbeat. Even with the stairs!

Weekly visit from the nurse. No change with Dad. He hasn't really spoken in a few weeks. I don't think he's called me by name in three or four months. It makes me so sad. My dad was my entire life. I really, really, really was a "daddy's girl". I try so hard to remember the good times. As each day passes, it's getting harder and harder to get through the every day crap. I know that sounds harsh, but it is so hard to watch someone die just a little bit every day. I ask why, but there are no answers. Once again, I remind myself that at least he is not in pain.

No update on the stitching front. I stitched a little on my ornament while I was down south. I really need to finish this before Christmas. THIS CHRISTMAS, thank you very much. I cannot believe how a little, tiny ornament is kicking my behind. I need to focus! LOL

Enough whining and mumbling. I am off to finish my dad duties. Be kind to one another.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

How Much More White Do I Need To Do?

This is the ornament I've been working on for WEEKS that should have taken DAYS, but I've been sidetracked by punch needle, and quilting, and making rusty jingle bells, and SQUIRREL! LOL All I can say is that I am trying to get it done before Christmas. Only a tiny bit of white for the snowman and I will be finished.

All quiet on the home front. Dad seems a little slower than usual, but we haven't seen the nurse this week, so really no news to share. It hurts my heart to see him get further and further away. Nothing I can do, but it still hurts.

Drought report...we've received a half inch of rain this last storm. I go out every few hours to check my rain gauge, as if staring at it will make it fill any faster. I watch little green patches appear in the fields and say a quick thank you to God. We need the rain desperately. We still run a few cows and we need grass. We've supplemented with hay year round for several years now and had to sell down from about 100 head to less than 30 just to be able to keep them fed. I am so ready to be done with this drought...

I am making a quick weekend trip to visit a friend down south. I haven't been to visit him and his family for over two years. When my son moved to the Bay Area, it was around the same time that my dad came to live with me and my husband. I had to choose my trips very carefully, so....I went to the Bay Area to visit my son. Now that he is in Iowa, I won't be making any weekend trips to visit him. Los Angeles is not my favorite area to visit. The traffic seems worse than the Bay and it goes on forever....but I have known this person for over 12 years, so I really need to suck it up and make the drive. And, if I leave a little earlier than I planned, I can make a side trip to Garden Grove to visit Needlepoint LTD. It isn't my first choice for an LNS, because it focuses on needlepoint, but it does have a nice selection of fibers and threads. Sometimes you can find some pretty fabric from Picture This Plus. I don't need fabric ( I've been picking up extra every time I go to Elegant Stitch), but of course I will look! Since I started needle punching, I may look for a few pretty threads.

Off to finish chores and I should be getting dinner started. Be kind to one another.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Christmas? Did You Say Christmas?

Now that Thanksgiving is over, I can officially start singing Christmas carols. Every year, it seems that the season starts earlier and earlier, mostly pushed by the retail industry. A long time ago, I made a promise to myself that I would NOT sing a single Christmas song until after Thanksgiving. Almost slipped this year, Sirius Radio started their special Christmas stations almost a month ago!

On the stitching front, I finished a cute little snowman. The first picture shows my finish. I really didn't care for the bright colors, so broke out my walnut stain and did a little spray.

The second picture shows it grunged-up a bit. I like the second much better. As we speak, I've got some jingle bells brewing. I threw some bells into a bowl with peroxide, vinegar, and salt to get them to rust. Left it 24 hours, and wow, it worked! I will make some sort of flat fold or door hanger out of Mr. Snowman. Add a few bells, and.....Christmas! LOL

Got up early this morning (surprise, surprise) and have to tried to get a hand on my other craft projects. Finally started again on my pink quilt. I am having a horrible time staying focused on that quilt. I really, really (did I say really?) am not enjoying working with pink. I'm in it for the love, because I certainly wouldn't do this for myself!

Did a run over to a couple of quilt shops yesterday. They were doing a "Black Friday/Small Business Saturday" sale and give-away. One is my very favorite store, lots of civil war reproductions and the VERY nicest women that work there. If you ever get a chance to stop by The Quilter's Cupboard in Atascadero, CA, just do it! I would shop there anyway, but the 20% off made me buy just a "few" extra yards. LOL The other store is okay, carries a lot of batiks, but did find a few general prints that will work on the back. Their prices are better, but the ladies are not as sweet as the other shop. Customer service still counts for me.

No change on the Dad front. We have now hit month 18 on Hospice. Never ending sadness. He had a really bad night last week, choked on his dinner and I was pretty sure that it was time. But, we got his airway clear and the nurse said his lungs are still clear. I know that he is going to die, but I really didn't want it to happen in front of me.

Went to a friend's for turkey on Thursday, so I am cooking our turkey today! I will just be doing mashed potatoes and gravy, a veggie, and maybe a roll, not the whole shebang. We did pick up a cheesecake from Trader Joe's yesterday, so that will be our dessert.

Okay, gang, off to peel my potatoes and get back to that damn pink quilt. Enjoy your weekend and be kind to one another.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Here's Bunny!

Just a quick post. I finished my bunny and really like the colors. I will be doing quite a few designs out of this book.

Still plugging along on my ornament. I seem to have a switch in my butt. Every time I sit down, the switch puts me to sleep. I try and try and try and just can't to seem to stay awake past eight pm. I keep telling myself that I have to finish my ornament before I start any other projects. At this rate, I will NEVER start another! LOL

I have a four day weekend. That doesn't mean they won't call from work, but at least I won't have the forty minute commute! LOL I'll just run the program from my kitchen...

Off for Dad chores. Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Be kind to one another.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Just Another Quiet Sunday

Pretty quiet this morning. Dad had a bad night. Woke up to him coughing and coughing and coughing. Went in and checked, way too warm and had very labored breathing. Got him into dry clothes and settled back in. Had a bad feeling, but, it's not time yet...

Went to my birthday dinner with my sissy last night. Very nice, great food, and a welcome little break. We had not even left the restaurant and she had already had pictures posted. Granted, they were from my phone, her's was giving her fits. Guess that makes me an accessory! LOL

Working on a new punch needle. Pretty little bunny with a heart. Picked up a needle punch book on Amazon called Punchneedle Embroidery 40 Folk Art Designs by Barbara Kemp and Margaret Shaw. It really does have 40 designs, but the best part, it has very clear pictures, lots of instructions, and has the patterns at the back, so you copy them easily. I think I paid about half price on Amazon ($7.00), but it is worth full price. I know there are several patterns in this book that I would be punching.

I'm still working on my cross stitch ornament. Got the tree and bird done, now on to the snowmen. Lots of white...

So off to start my day, filled with chores and grocery shopping. A never ending circle. Be kind to one another.

Monday, November 17, 2014

A Little of This, A Little of That...

Here are pictures as promised. I started doing a little punchneedle. Not because I have that kinda time, but I got that kinda time. LOL First up, my little pumpkin.

My own design, didn't want to embarrass any designers. LOL

Here is my poinsetta. Again, my own design. I mounted it on a paper box. I did the paint job several times. Didn't like ANY of the results until my son said that I should go with dry brush and add some black. Exactly the effect I was looking for! This was the first time that I made a twisted cord. Not as hard as I thought it would be.

Last punchneedle is of an oak leaf and acorn.

I used a combination of DMC threads and Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe overdyeds on all the projects. I don't care for the blob of green on one of the oak leaf edges, so I think I will rip it out and have a "do over". Just because I thought I should, I ordered some Valdani 3 ply threads from Anita's Little Stitches (It's a small ONS that I like to use that does discounts on thread), but haven't had a chance to use them. THEN, I found a book on Amazon that has primitive designs. It is on it's way as we speak. LOL

And as if I needed to do more, my newest project is an ornament from Little House Needleworks. All I have done is half of a tree trunk. I'll skip the picture, use your imagination. LOL

So that was a little of this, a little of that. I am still working on my pink quilt. It was really hot here a few days in October and since I hate working on quilts when it is hot, I just seemed to lose my quilting mojo. Hoping with the cold weather I will pick it back up and get on track.

Back to your regular programming. Be kind to one another.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

They Say It's My Birthday...

Well, that's not exactly the way that song goes...LOL I am a big 54 today. And, it is my 34th wedding anniversary. I didn't mind fifty and really not much bothered about 54. I guess that inside I still see myself as a youngster. LOL My hardest birthday was 25. Not sure why...sat and cried for hours. Looking back, can't find a reason. Guess I just thought that 25 was a quarter of a century and it deserved to be cried over! I was supposed to be off today, but since most of my vacation was cancelled, I will be at the grindstone all day. No big plans for the night. DH has a doctor's appointment and with caring for Dad, well, a little hard to find time to celebrate. We picked up a pumpkin cheesecake at Trader Joe's, so that will be a bright spot. I managed to get DH's "yuk", so not much done in the craft arena this past weekend. Between trying to not throw up and keeping my eyes open, I spent most of my time in a prone position. LOL I finished another punch needle and as soon as I get it mounted, I will get a picture posted. With working on so many projects, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. I've got a punch needle, several cross stitch, and two quilts. I don't know what I was thinking. I know better, but I did it anyway! Off to the job. Have a great day and be kind to one another.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

No Vacation In Sight...

Here it is November and my usual vacation time. But a bit like last year, my vacation is being "rescheduled". Really only partially rescheduled since I get one out of four days. It's not that I don't have the time. LOL I work for the state and have not been taking regular vacations. I could walk away from work, and with a doctor's note, take ten, yes TEN, months off with a full paycheck. Work has been a bear. Both my boss and my co-assistant have family illnesses and are in and out at work. It's just not possible to take a full week since my boss could be out for one day or one week. But on the other hand, my life is pretty chaotic, with my dad and hospice, and I really need some down time. I am trying to keep up on my projects, but cannot seem to stay focused. I had planned a trip down south to visit a friend, but even that seems like too much trouble. I would drive for four hours, have dinner,stay the night, have breakfast, and then drive back home the next day. Without an extra day off, it would be difficult and I would be more tired than before I took the trip. I know that I am depressed, short-term, but am so very tired. My husband is still sick. He started antibiotics yesterday for an infection, but if they don't kick in soon, we may end up with him in the hospital. I tried to tell him that I really don't have time for that, but it just came out sounding bitchy. I didn't mean it that way, but I am so overwhelmed with care taking that I don't think I can add one more thing to my plate. When is the hard part over? How long can your body and mind take the constant stress? I am grateful that I am not dealing with cancer, or another horrible disease that causes pain, but crap, I need a day for me that doesn't include caring for another person. I used to take a few days every three months to visit my son and that helped to get me over the bump, but with him in Iowa, that just isn't an option anymore....

Is there an answer? Do we just keep going until we fall down? Have a stroke? I tell myself everyday that there is an end, that I am doing all the right things for my dad. But as I fall into bed every night, I can't remember why I'm doing anything, just that I am so damned tired that I can't think at all. And then I wake up six hours later and start it all over again.

I think I need to take a walk and cut back on the sugar. Will it help? Probably not much, but it definitely wouldn't hurt. I will take a few pictures of what progress I have on my projects and post next time. Hold your loved ones close and be kind to one another.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Companion For Brothers...

Quick update on yesterday's surprise. A few months ago, my cousin gifted me a very special painting of my dad and uncle.

I had contacted the artist and told her how special this painting was. How it made me remember better times with my dad. How it reminded me of how he was before dementia clouded his mind.

Forward to a few days ago...I received an email from the artist, telling me that she had a gift for my family, a companion piece to "Brothers". She wrote that as my cousin had gifted the painting to me, she was gifting me a painting for my cousin. This painting is of my uncle alone. It is from the back, but for those of us that know him well, there is no question of who it is. It is in the way he sits on the horse, the turn of his body. This painting is done during the same era of round-ups. The best part of the story is that it is not my uncle's horse. He had woken up early that day and loaded his horse in the dark. As the day lightened, he realized that he had loaded the wrong horse. He would be working off of his granddaughter's green-broke horse that day!! The painting is wonderful, but the story makes it even more special.

I am so thankful to the artist for sharing her memories of my family. She said that the painting is mine to do with as I like. If I decide to keep the painting, she understands. I think that I will keep the second painting for a while, add to my memories, and then gift it to my cousin. I will always remember the amazing kindness of the artist...

On the stitching front, I finished my coffee pattern. I will swing by Michael's today and see if I can find a frame. The colors in this pattern are great. This is by Barbara Ana. Cute, cute, cute!

Be kind to one another.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Here Comes the Rain...Here Comes the Rain...

Woot, woot! After 190 days of nothing, rain, beautiful rain...I watched the clouds come in yesterday and held my breath. And the rain came. And came a little bit more. By 9 pm last night, we were at half an inch. Three quarters of an inch by this morning at 7 am. I know, lots of places get lots more rain. But when you've been in a drought for over 5 years, it is wonderful!! There is a chance of rain today, but it's not looking that promising. Hoping for more, but happy for what we got. Hey, is that sound of more rain? Yes, yes, yes! Rains hard for a few minutes, then nothing. Rains hard for a few minutes, then nothing...and on and on and on.

Other than that, kind of quiet. DH has had a virus for the past 4 days, so on my own for Dad duty. Makes for a really long day. I'm usually asleep on the couch by 8 pm, so not much stitching. I did have training last week at work, a little bit of stitching on breaks. Not a lot, but have finished a few more words. I will get it done, yes, I will! Still working on my cancer quilt. I wanted to have it done by the end of October. laid plans and all.

Ok, need to finish my chores and it's lunch time for Dad. I should have a visitor today, very special, ties in with the painting that I posted about a few months ago. I will post more after their visit, very exciting! Have a great day, be kind to one another.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Slow Motion Saturday

Moving pretty darn slow this Saturday. Slept almost 10 hours. How can someone be so tired and still function every day? Last weekend was busy, busy, busy. The week never gave me a break. By last night, moving from the chair to the couch was about all the exercise I could do. I've done a little stitching this week, in between my 8 pm shower and 9 pm bedtime. LOL

This is a cute, little pattern for a dear friend. Pattern is by Barbara Ana. The wording will say...Hand over the coffee and no one gets hurt. This designer is all over the board. Some whimsy, some more intense sampler-types. I really like quite a few of her holiday patterns (have several!), but when I saw this, just knew that I had to have it! I love coffee, but my friend...well, let's just say she should get it through an IV! LOL Barbara Ana is available at stores, but if you need instant gratification, Creative Poppy is a great place to get downloads. All the fun with no shipping costs!

Today is the First Annual Golden Oak Honey Festival. Hubby is pretty insistent that we go. Not sure why, never thought he was a big honey lover. If we take of Dad, get him fed and stuff, we might be able to fit in an hour or so. We will see. That does mean that I need to start moving just a bit faster this morning. I am dressed and the bed is made. I thought I was ahead. Oops! Off to finish chores and go to town. Be kind to one another.

Friday, October 17, 2014

As the Week Winds Down...

This has been a completely out-of-control week. Regular hours at work, but then 4 hours every day to sit for jury duty. Did I get picked? Nope. But it took them three days to get to that point. Long hours, long days, tired me. Didn't really work on any projects at home, but took advantage of those long hours at the court house. I finished this! Little House Needleworks ornament...

Then, I choose the fabric for my next quilt...

This will be a gift for a friend that is a breast cancer survivor. It will be a great surprise! She hinted that she would like a lap quilt, even said she would pay for it. I ignored is more fun to plan a gift. LOL

DH is off on a camping trip. Always quiet when he's gone. It's just me and Dad and he doesn't say much. I will get some work done on my quilt, maybe stay up a little later tonight. He traveled to Angels Camp with the motorcycle group. Did a stop by my favorite LNS, Elegant Stitch. Kind of jealous, but he said he was bringing me home a surprise. I think that he really wanted to stop by and pick up a pie at the bakery next door, but saying he stopped for me releases him from all guilt. LOL

My brother is off hunting, so I'm the cowgirl on Sunday. Just a few places to feed, so maybe only an hour or two. I don't really mind, just too tired to think about it right now.

Off to finish chores, doggies to feed. If I stay focused, I may be able to start piecing my fence rail. Have a great weekend, be kind to one another.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Well, That Was a Crappy Week....

TGIS...thank goodness it is Saturday! It was one of those weeks. I never seemed to catch up, barely made it through each day. Between work and home, there are just not enough hours in the day. DH is pushing hard for a weekend away, but honestly, I just can't get excited. It seems that the more that I do, the more that I need to do. The amount of work that needs to be done to get away, just doesn't seem worth it. I know that I need a break, but it is all I can do to drag myself through each day. This is the start of the new quarter at work, so I need to get my behind in gear. And looking around my house? Where the hell did all this crap come from? I know that I live with a hoarder and after 30 years, I should be used to it. The inside of the house isn't really bad, I keep most of the stuff in his closet and his side of the bed. But about every 3 months, I have to clear the items on the counters and extra couch that he just "dropped" until the next day. Except it isn't the next day. It is NEVER. He set down a car part once, just a small box really, by the front door. We have a basket there to catch tools, etc, that need to head back outside. IT SAT THERE FOR SIX MONTHS. Yep, six months. Every time I asked about it, oh yeah, I'll take that outside. Please note that he has at 1400 square foot shop, with a loft. He has room, just not the concern that maybe I don't want car parts in the house. And we do not want to talk about the empty plastic containers that he just has to have. We have a recycle bin in the kitchen. I put the containers in the bin, he takes them back out and sets on the counter. He is "going to take them out to the shop". Nope, I wait a couple of weeks, throw them out in the big recycle at the street. He has been known to dig through that, so I try to bury them in the regular recycle. Oh well....

Some good sharing. I finished my dolly blanket. It is so cute and my friend's little girl loves it!

I promised that I'd have it done before her new sibling arrived. Yay, made that goal. LOL

I will start working on my next quilt today, even if I just get it cut out. I have friend that is a cancer survivor, so am doing various shades of pink, pieced as a rail fence. I think it will be pretty, even though I'm really not a "pink" girl. It's not that I don't love pink, just not ALL pink.

And, I'm stitching on an ornament, cross stitch, Little House Needleworks. I have several already kitted up, just need to stay focused. I've been working on this one about 45 minutes a day, the little bit of time between my shower and bed. LOL These are easy to stitch and are just the right size to make into an ornament or mount on a box. I finished one as a fancy box at last year's finishing retreat, may take a few more with me to next year's retreat.

Off to start my chores. DH is off to a motorcycle club meeting, so it will be a quiet morning for me. Be kind to one another.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Who Thought of THAT!?!?

I did the grocery shopping this morning. My Smart and Final store has a large area of bins. Now, some people don't care for bins, there being terrorists, messy children and such. But I work in a prison, I'm pretty much used to germs and taking chances. One of my favorite candies, Jelly Belly (jelly beans) are offered at $6.99 a pound for mixed. That is a bit much, but if you buy the flavors separate in a candy store, you pay about $9.00. So of course, I pick up a (few) pounds.

If you look very closely, you will see a slightly mottled yellow bean. It is most likely a buttered popcorn bean. Oh my goodness! That flavor is the nastiest, grossest, yuckiest, and did I say nastiest flavor that could have ever been produced. I will eat every flavor, even the weird, fruit-flavored insecticide flavors that are supposed to be raspberry or blueberry. But buttered popcorn? Who the hell thought of that flavor? Seriously, if I wanted popcorn, wouldn't I just make some? So, as I am on my way home, I accidently-on-purpose open my special bag of goodies. And what is the first flavor I find in my hand? Of course, buttered popcorn! It was all I could do to not open the window and throw it out. But, I don't like to litter and I don't want to kill the birds. So back in the bag it went. I will admit that as soon as I got home, I picked through that bag of jellies and picked out every popcorn flavored bean I could find. Hello Mr. Trashcan. I do not like to throw away good food, but for those, I will make an exception. I know, small problem in large world, but I just had to. I suppose that it is God's way of telling me to lay off the sugar, but I ignoring that and just taking the extra time to find and destroy those babies. And this time, I hope I was victorious. Last time I missed a few and suffered later. LOL Have a great day and be kind to one another.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Short and Sweet

Not a lot of time this morning, out the door in ten minutes! But....ta da....I finished!

And another...

And a final pic...

Can I get a woot woot? I am so glad I finished in time. Baby should be here in 2 weeks! I did promise the dad a little dolly blanket for his toddler, but I can finish that up in a few hours this weekend. It's already cut out and I will probably machine sew the binding instead of by hand. That will make it go a lot faster. Everyone have a great day, be kind to one another.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Happiness Past

My cousin stopped by a few days ago and gave me another family picture.

Based on the number and age of the children, I would guess that this picture was taken in the summer or fall of 1932. It looks like my grandmother "might" be pregnant with my dad. My aunt and uncle are the kids at the top of the picture and I have to say, they didn't change much! I would have recognized both of them in a line-up. LOL My cousin laughed when she handed me the picture. If you look closely, there is a man sitting in the car. She said that she has had that picture for many years and never noticed the man until she made me a copy. We don't know who he is, but look at that nose! At the very least he is Italian. At the most, he is a Carminati! I cannot say how grateful I am to my cousin for sending pictures my way. Because my parents divorced very early in my life, I only have a handful of pictures and anything I can get is very appreciated.

So, this sends me on a hunt. I can only find one of me when I was really little. This would be from my first birthday. My dad looks so young!
I was cute kid! LOL

Then I found this one. It makes me sad. I think of all the things that disease has stolen from my dad, his smile is the most missed.

I try to stay upbeat, but as the days pass, it starts to wear on my soul. I know there is an end, and I will be sad when that comes, but I am so tired. I try to remember the happy times, but it is getting harder and harder.

Hug your loved ones and be kind to one another.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Break From Reality

Yesterday, we took a break from reality, if only for a few hours. Being a caretaker is so wearing. I call it my circle of crap. I get up at 4 am, take care of my dad, get lunch ready for work, go to work, work all day, come home, take care of my dad, fix dinner, feed my dad, maybe take a walk, take care of my dad, and fall into bed at 9:15 pm. If I skip the walk, I may get some sewing or stitching in. Then, tomorrow, I get to do it all again!! The only difference on the weekends, I do both lunch and dinner for my dad since we do not have any extra help. At $30 an hour, you get pretty darn good at choosing your time away.

Anyway, I need to stop the whining.

So,we hired someone for Dad-sitting and took a short motorcycle ride to Solvang, CA. I think it's supposed to be the Danish capital of the US, not sure about that, but they take their heritage VERY seriously. There are strict building codes and you really feel like you stepped into the past. Yesterday was Danish Days, a celebration of all things Danish. There was great food, nice crafts, dancing and music. Not to mention, they also have two pretty nice needlework shops available! Neither of the shops carry the newest or most amazing patterns, but they have some local California designs that you don't see anywhere else. Plus, I found some great linen fabric at about 1/2 price! All the pieces are neutral, but I could stain/dye them if I really wanted to.

Now somehow, this was the only picture I took:

I had great plans, but managed to pass up all the photo opportunities! And no, I did not get any chocolate from this store. LOL Maybe next year...for both the pictures and the chocolates.

Okay, gang. I need to finish my chores and I really, really, really need to finish that baby blanket. My husband says he doesn't care if I vacuum, but since I pin my quilts on the floor, I think I'm going to have to vacuum sometime today! I've already finished the laundry and went to the grocery store, so I am almost done. Have a good day, do something fun. Be kind to one another.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

When You Know Better...But You Do It Anyway

So, you know when you know that you need to fix something, before you get it finished, but you keep thinking it's not that bad, and maybe it will lay straight? But then it doesn't...and you are very annoyed at yourself because now you need to redo what you just spent three hours doing. Case in point. Been working on a baby quilt. Took me a while to pick the colors. The couple does NOT want to know the sex of the baby, so had to stick to neutrals. Finished the piecing, started putting on the border. Hmmmm, seemed a little wavy. Oh well, it will sit flat when I put in on the batting. No, no it won't.

So now, I will need to rip out all the sides of the border and restitch. I know better, really I do, but I did it anyway. Ever the optimist, I suppose. Doesn't change the fact that I wasted about three hours, including laying on the floor, in 100 degree heat, sewing the border and making the quilt sandwich. Damn.

Speaking of heat. 102? Really? In September? What is the point of that? When I get hot, I get grumpy. When I get grumpy, I get more grumpy. When I get more grumpy, I get the most grumpy. See a pattern? It was a tough weekend with my dad, and the heat does not help. Once again, I made all these plans in my head. Go for a walk, clean up some in the house, finish laundry, and then head to town. Fit in lunch for Dad, and it was 11:30 am. Didn't seem worth the trip to town. Same program today, except I had to go to town for "Dad stuff" and groceries. There's nothing like pulling groceries out of the car in 102 degree heat to really just piss you off.

I can tell that my three-month grumpy period is in full swing. This would be the time that I would head up to the Bay area for a weekend. Not going to happen since my baby boy now lives in Iowa. And I really don't want a weekend trip to Iowa. Talk about no point.

Okay, no more whining and crying. Need to put my big-girl panties on and just deal with it. I did work on some cross stitching last night, may I'll put in an another hour or so. Or, start ripping out that quilt border...Damn...

Be good to one another.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Moving Very Slowly....

Well, important safety tip...when you are over 50, pace yourself or you will hurt really, really bad the next morning. LOL I have been remiss in my exercise program. I don't say that with pride, just a fact. A few days ago, I got off my big old behind and started on my stationery bike. It is easier to exercise in the house. I can get in 30 minutes and still listen for my dad. Did okay with that, BFF calls yesterday morning and invites me to a walk. Keep in mind, we never do less than 2 miles, that's the route in the neighborhood. Also note that I haven't walked in about 2 months. So, off on the walk, felt pretty darn good, so started watering outside, then did some raking, then cleaned house, then did laundry, then cleaned the 100 gallon fish tank, and took care of Dad. Oh yeah, I was on a roll, baby! By 8 pm, I was in a coma on the couch. Should have taken a pain killer BEFORE bed. To bed at 9 pm, woke up by the phone at 3 am (call from work, nothing unusual, LOL) and out of bed at 6:30 am. I hobble down the hallway, start the coffee and take some Excedrine Migraine. I know, just for headaches, but works pretty darn well on everything else, too. I have almost finished my first extra, extra large coffee, so should be doing ok in a half hour or so.

Today's plan includes working on a baby quilt and a football party. First, here's a picture of the fabric I'm using for the quilt.
I really like the patterned prints and with the plain fabric, I think doing a pinwheel set on the side will work. I plan on using the dot fabric on the back. It's a little lighter than I wanted, but just couldn't find anything any closer. I think I can make it work.

Now, about the football party...Well, I do not DO football, but was invited by a dear friend who LOVES football. She does a huge opening day party, homemade chips and salsa, lots of food. I very gently reminded her that I have no clue about football and don't want to, but she is ok with that, as long as I stop by to meet her other friends. Since I really like her and her wife, I am off to my first football party! I promised to be good, cheer when appropriate, no cussing, and if that doesn't work, I'll go sit with Eva and stay out of trouble! I do plan on taking some stitching, just in case. LOL

Ok, gang, off to start my morning. I have a few daily chores to finish, find something to wear for a "football" party, and then I am off like a herd of turtles. Have a great day, be kind to one another.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ta Da....It is Done!

Worked most of yesterday and late in to the night, but I got it done! Baby Quilt One out of the way, and early, too! Here is a picture of the front. Had thought to do a fence rail, but after I got started, realized that the large strips showcased the animal pattern much better.
Then found some really nice black/white pattern for the back. I had planned on using some of the green patterns from the front, but made the quilt just a little larger than I should...not enough fabric!
And anyway, I love, love, love pieced backs! Then on to the binding.
If you look closely, you will see my signature two-fabric binding. Green with black dots, kiwi with white dots. My favorite way to do binding!

I will start on the next baby quilt today. A little more difficult, this family doesn't want to know if it is a boy or a girl, so I will need to be creative! Maybe a nice pinwheel in prairie colors? I don't really know about using a child print...hard if you're not sure boy...or girl...

In other news, sent some real glass glasses and kitchen towels to my son. I am pretty sure that he moved with only one or two. He kept saying that he would pick up some household stuff after he got settled. I think I paid more to ship the stuff than I did to buy it! Then, JCPenney had a great sale on towels, plus I had a $10 coupon. You know I had to pick up a couple of sets! LOL And for just $8, they do the shipping. I miss him so much, but he's been really good about calling the past couple of weeks.

My dad is starting to go downhill. Our Hospice nurse heard some congestion in his lungs this week. It may be nothing, or may be the beginning of the end. I was very sad the first couple of days after the news, but I know in my heart that he can't last forever...the whole point of Hospice is about coming to the end of life. I need to put my big girl panties on and just take care of stuff. Just the same as I have the past year.

Off to look at my fabric stash, there has to be SOMETHING in that pile that I can use. Watch over your loved ones, be kind to one another.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Here's a Peek

Here is a little peek at the almost finished quilt top.
I still need to work on the back. I under estimated the amount needed, so will need to pick up another 2 yards of something that matches. I like to piece my backs, so I will use a small piece from the black fabric to tie it in. The strips are not as crooked as the picture shows. LOL I just take really bad pictures. LOL
Done sharing, off to finish the laundry. Be kind to one another.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Finish and a Start!

Just a quick post to show my finish of The Black and the Red I by Prairie Moon. Of course, there is no red, but you get the idea. LOL

I used Carrie's Creations silk, so easy to work with...doesn't snag or knot.

I started on a baby quilt for a co-worker. I have two quilts to finish before November, so need to get my behind in gear! I will show my start on the next post. All I have done is cut the strips for the rail fence, I will be working on the plain squares today. This will be the second child for both co-workers. I am very excited, they are going to be great dads! Off to get some cutting done. Be kind to one another.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Plodding Along

So, last June, I had decided to work a current UFO to a WIP to a completion. Did really well for a couple of days, then life got in the way. But, as of this morning, I am showing some progress! Had plans for yesterday. A trip into town, maybe some dollar store shopping. I got all my chores done, took my shower, put on some make-up, and came to a complete stop. It was just too much trouble to get in the car. Not sure why, maybe just my crappy mood. So, off to plop my behind on the couch and work a bit on my project. Really close now, only about six more motifs and a few letters.
It will be nice to have this done. Unfinished projects have a way of creating guilt. I think of the time and money already invested... Since the spare bedroom was tidied up when my sister stayed with us, I've got some empty walls to fill! I rummaged around in my finished bin, and found a few samplers that need framing. I'll be watching the Michael's sales papers, they have some nice frames, but better to get them at half price! LOL Time for my day to start. Be kind to one another.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Time Marches On

Been a tough week. Not a lot of chatting going on at our house. I mind my own business, don't get sucked into anyone's drama. My sister moved in last week, but just for a couple a weeks, waiting for her townhouse to be ready for move-in. We did one "sister day", had a good time, an amazing lunch. I don't really have any girlie-girl friends, so it was nice to be out for the day. I did have one very bright spot. My cousin came over, said she had something for me. Pulled out this amazing picture.
It seems that she was at an art show a couple of years ago. A friend came up and said that there was a picture of her dad and uncle up for sale. She went over to take a look. Yep, it was the brothers! She scooped it up and took it home. She has gifted it to me. I then surprised her by showing her all the photos we had from the same round-up! It seems that about 10 years ago, my family and her dad had been at a round-up. We were taking pictures, but, so was a friend of a friend that just happened to be an artist. Five years later, she paints a picture of "Brothers". It goes to an art show, and ends up purchased by the perfect family. I am so very grateful to my cousin for this gift. My dad is the one in the glasses. It reminds me of happier days. She will be copying all the pictures I gave her and we plan to meet for some sharing of other photos and family information. Perfect! Off to get my day started. Be kind to one another.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

When is Enough?

When is enough enough? How many times can someone lie before you finally stop believing them? When does personal respect step in and say I can't do this anymore? I have listened to a loved one lie their way through life for the past 33 years. I've cried, screamed, argued, and finally became quiet. I have asked why, but there is no answer. He is unable to tell the truth. It is so much easier for him to lie. I have never been afraid to be alone, though at this point of my life, it would be difficult. I am sad. I had hoped for so much more in my life. I have said before that I have become the caretaker for everyone else in my life. So, am I to blame? Have I allowed myself to become nonexistent? I made the difficult decision almost 13 years ago to move on. But, due to laziness, let myself be talked into staying. Why? It just seemed to take too much effort for life. And, oh the promises... So once again, I find myself in the position of knowing more than I should. I am tired. I am sad. I am done. Be kind to one another.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

How Many Pinwheels?

So I started on a new quilt. Love the colors, all civil war reproduction prints and colors; blacks, tans, mustards, and deep reds. Found the quilt in a magazine, decided it would be perfect. Took a count, needed 100 pinwheels. Ok, got started. Cut all the dark blocks, ran out of room on my desk, so only cut about half the tan blocks. Somehow, in my "I can't remember a damn thing" brain, I was surprised when I finished with the tan blocks that I had cut. Wow, that was fast. I'm already done. And I wonder, why do I have so many dark blocks left over. Pull out the pattern...That's odd. Oh yeah, I need 100 pinwheels, not 50. How in the world did I forget that? Otherwise, why would I have cut out 100 dark blocks? And I still need to cut out 150 more tan blocks. It is sad when your brain takes a break and forgets to tell you.
What do they say? Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most. LOL Be kind to one another.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Living or Existing?

So very quiet this morning, not able to sleep. My mind wanders. My father has been on hospice for a year. I ask myself why God would cause this much pain. Not in a physical sense. My father doesn't have the unstoppable pain of cancer, most days simply lies in bed, his mind grey and quiet. This is the pain of loss. Loss of laughter, loss of love, loss of awareness. I spoke to Dad's nurse last week. She said this is the nature of his disease. A slow and steady death. In a few months, my son will be moving out of state to go to school. I am so very, very proud of him. Even though he has lived 200 miles away for the last three years, I was able to take weekend trips every few months to visit. He will be 2000 miles away, no more trips. More loss. I haven't stitched or quilted in almost a month. I haven't exercised in two weeks. Most days it is all I can do to make it to work, make it back home. I feel as though I am existing, not living. All of this is loss and I need to get back on track...Love the ones you are with, tell them how you feel. Give them a hug. Be kind to one another.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

All Alone...Almost...

Been back to work for a week now. I cannot believe how much paperwork makes it's way to my desk, and then moves in! Every vacation is closer to retirement. I only have about 18 months to go. I can do this. DH and stepson went to the Sierras for a week. is just me and Dad. Been a really long time since I've only had to take of just two people. Dad is on full soft meals, so mostly soups. That means I can have anything I want for dinner. I've had a blue cheese burger, bean burritos, and salad with chicken. So much easier than the full meals I am usually expected to prepare. I have taken care of others my whole life. The oldest of three, it was my job to be the babysitter. Married at 20, got a husband, still taking care of him. Then assorted family members moving in and out for the next six years, then had my son. About the same time he moved out, in moved my dad. In my whole life, I think I have been responsible for JUST me for about one year. It's not that I don't love my family, but I am so tired. I take a few days every three months for myself, but the tired comes back. I know that I will miss my dad when he is gone, but after a year of hospice, I don't really see an end anymore. I think I will have some popcorn with extra butter, watch a silly movie, do some stitching, and go to bed early. Maybe that will fix my attitude. Be kind to one another.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Latest Trip to the Bay Area....

I am on the downhill side of my vacation. Only a few days left, so took the time to visit my son in the Bay Area. When I go up that way, we try to do fun stuff. We've went on walks, took the ferry to the city, went to a bonsai garden, and this visit, it was to the Oakland Museum of California. It was a nice way to spend the afternoon. Three different floors: art, history, and animals/plants. We started with the history floor. The exhibits begin with the native Californians, then go decade by decade. Very interesting. Gives you quite a bit of information about different tribes with examples of baskets, pottery, clothing, etc. Because California was known as the movie capital of the world, there are several areas that cover Hollywood and the history of movie making in California. A few sections are interactive and we had a lot of fun. In the 1960 section, there are exhibits done by individuals that shows how history was personal to "them". Some were sad, some were happy, but it was well worth the time to study each one. Next, off to the Art floor. It was okay, I just never seem to get the "abstract" stuff. But, I really liked the exhibits that showed architecture and furniture! LOL We were at the museum for four hours and could have spent several more. Here's a selfie that I tried to take. You can tell I need practice!
I added the heart, just because. When the museum closed for the evening, off on a side trip to Jack London Square. Stopped by the "First and Last Chance Bar". This bar is on the list of National Literary Landmarks and the weather was perfect for sitting on the patio with a cold drink. Dinner was Thai. I don't care for tofu, so stuck with veggies in garlic sauce. Very yummy! Another successful trip, I sure do love that kid! Back to real life on Monday...After working for 30 years, I think I'm ready to start the countdown to retirement. There is so much to see in life and I don't want to wait until I can't appreciate it! Be kind to one another.