Sunday, September 7, 2014

Moving Very Slowly....

Well, important safety tip...when you are over 50, pace yourself or you will hurt really, really bad the next morning. LOL I have been remiss in my exercise program. I don't say that with pride, just a fact. A few days ago, I got off my big old behind and started on my stationery bike. It is easier to exercise in the house. I can get in 30 minutes and still listen for my dad. Did okay with that, BFF calls yesterday morning and invites me to a walk. Keep in mind, we never do less than 2 miles, that's the route in the neighborhood. Also note that I haven't walked in about 2 months. So, off on the walk, felt pretty darn good, so started watering outside, then did some raking, then cleaned house, then did laundry, then cleaned the 100 gallon fish tank, and took care of Dad. Oh yeah, I was on a roll, baby! By 8 pm, I was in a coma on the couch. Should have taken a pain killer BEFORE bed. To bed at 9 pm, woke up by the phone at 3 am (call from work, nothing unusual, LOL) and out of bed at 6:30 am. I hobble down the hallway, start the coffee and take some Excedrine Migraine. I know, just for headaches, but works pretty darn well on everything else, too. I have almost finished my first extra, extra large coffee, so should be doing ok in a half hour or so.

Today's plan includes working on a baby quilt and a football party. First, here's a picture of the fabric I'm using for the quilt.
I really like the patterned prints and with the plain fabric, I think doing a pinwheel set on the side will work. I plan on using the dot fabric on the back. It's a little lighter than I wanted, but just couldn't find anything any closer. I think I can make it work.

Now, about the football party...Well, I do not DO football, but was invited by a dear friend who LOVES football. She does a huge opening day party, homemade chips and salsa, lots of food. I very gently reminded her that I have no clue about football and don't want to, but she is ok with that, as long as I stop by to meet her other friends. Since I really like her and her wife, I am off to my first football party! I promised to be good, cheer when appropriate, no cussing, and if that doesn't work, I'll go sit with Eva and stay out of trouble! I do plan on taking some stitching, just in case. LOL

Ok, gang, off to start my morning. I have a few daily chores to finish, find something to wear for a "football" party, and then I am off like a herd of turtles. Have a great day, be kind to one another.

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