Friday, May 21, 2021

So...How Was Your Morning?

Good morning from the rancho to all my peeps.  It's Friday!!  

Let's make it clear, I've got my grumpy pants on this morning.  Fill up that coffee cup and get comfy.  You're gonna hear some whining.  LOL  

I am an eight-hours-of-sleep every night kind of girl.  I haven't reached my goal in several weeks.  Between DH and dogs and cat, I'm getting about six and a half.  Last night is a perfect example.  I went to bed at 9 PM.  DH tells me no worries, he will deal with the animals.  He just wanted to finish a TV program.  I know better...I'm sure that as soon as I left the room, he fell asleep.  Fast forward to 11 PM.  The bedroom door slams open.  I hear LOUD whispering...Jack Jack, come here, stop that...over and over again.  DH has a flashlight in his hand that he is wielding like some like of light saber.  After the third or fourth full-face illumination, I was done.  Meanwhile, he gave up on Jack Jack and left the room.  I get up (pee since I'm awake and have a vintage bladder)and throw Jack Jack on the bed.  Back in bed.  Not quite asleep, but the door again opens and I got another light show.  I'm telling you...grumpy pants.

Up again at 4:30 AM as DH left the cat out in the living room and the cat wants in.  Jack Jack goes out to inside and we're back to bed.  But do we sleep?  Nope.  Awake for the day.  Thank goodness my alarm went off at 6 AM.  Gave me an excuse to get out of bed.  

Do things get better?  Nope. Dog eats cat food.  Dog throws up.  I get to clean that up.  At least it was on the tile floor and not the rug.  I blow my nose.  Bloody nose.  I think this is going to be a three cup of coffee day, with a chaser of Diet Mt. Dew.  Sigh.

I've taken my walk, eaten breakfast and am ready for a better day.  I've got lots of pictures this week.

No stitching on Cherry Hill.  Decided to start a Christmas piece.  This is Threadwork Primitives "Christmastide".  I love Nan's patterns.

Part of the reason I haven't been stitching...project bags.  My friend and I both purchased the Winter Rose project bag pieces designed by Brenda Gervais.  I had never made a bag using her particular instructions.  Decided to do a prototype before I committed and messed up the fabric.  Her instructions were clear and a bit easier than the usual I follow.  I am very happy with the final results.

Prototypes...I made two of these.  Canvas front and back, cotton fabric inside, fully lined.

One of these.  I stitched the center years ago and just found the perfect fabric.  All cotton.

And the final product.  The canvas was provided but the inside fabric was from my stash.  The original was done in pick, but I really like the green with small pink flowers.  Finished one each for me and my friend.

I finished one piece for my friend.  This tray is much bigger than I thought it would be, about seven by nine inches.  The different fabric on the side is a pocket for scissors.

My garden is happy this week.  I've picked a few blueberries.  Much better than store bought.  My cucumber plants are finally starting to grow!

I know everyone loves the roses!

Here is Jack Jack.  He's doing what he does best.  Ignore me.  LOL

If you'd made it this far...thank you.  LOL  Now, for a question.  I found this stitching on Pinterest.  It was being used as a click-bait picture for Microsoft Outlook.  No information and it led to nowhere.  A few others has pinned it, but only said it was "Stitching Inspiration".  Has anyone ever seen this pattern?  I've looked everywhere...checked all the designers that it "looks" like.  It may be that someone pieced together several different patterns. But if you recognize this, please let me know in the comments.  I know that I could hand copy it on graph paper, but I would much rather give the designer the credit.  

I am off like a herd of turtles.  Yesterday was housework and laundry.  I think today will be a rest and stitch day.  Smile.  Wishing you each a good weekend. Be safe.  Be kind to one another.

UPDATE!!  My friend spent another day looking for this pattern.  She found it on the Prim Stitchers' Society private group on FB.  It was a free pattern from Notforgotten Farms, 2015.   I belong to that group...LOL...but didn't sign up until a few years ago.  I am very excited!! 

Friday, May 14, 2021

How Does My Garden Grow...And Stitching Grass

Happy Friday from the rancho!!  The weather in California has been absolutely gorgeous this week.  High 80's during the day, low 40's at night.  Perfect walking weather and perfect sleeping weather.  Smile.  I was planning on driving to Iowa this month, but now waiting for my baby boy to give me a date in June that he's coming to visit me.  If June doesn't work, then maybe he'll visit in July...either way, I'm gonna see that kid sometime before October.  In 2019 I went in late October and hit snow through most of the Rocky Mountains, all of Wyoming and then brought it to Iowa.  I will definitely make the trip before September 15th this year.  LOL 

My garden is doing well.  I've got baby zucchinis and lots of strawberries.  Side note for not eat strawberries after you have put fertilizer in the pots and you forget to add water.  I thought the berries tasted a bit dusty.  LOL  Thank goodness it was organic.

I have harvested several meals of lettuce.  Such a different taste than store bought.

Can you see the teeny, tiny zucchini?  

The first blooms on my roses and irises are always the best.  But...they're still giving their all this year.

I took this picture on Mother's Day.  Love, love, love.

I received these geraniums several years ago from a dear friend.  They are loving my patio.

On to stitching.  Oh. My. Goodness.  I am continuing my work on Cherry Hill Sampler.  I told myself that I would get the grass filled in before I start on the center motifs.   I stitch on this for two hours each evening to not get burnt out.  I lawn grows faster than I'm getting this stitched.  LOL  I am not particularly happy with the lack of difference in the greens, but there is no way I will start this over.  Because I am working with overdyeds, I do random groups of stitching so it doesn't stripe.  I'm hoping that it looks better finished than it does now.

Did a quick little stitch that I found over at pinkernpunkinquilting.  I do love Melisa's designs.  They are so cute and most can be finished in a few hours.  Instant gratification!!  I am looking for the perfect button for the center of the bow.  This saying makes me smile.  I was raised more on a "ranch" with beef cattle and hay, but still have those "farming" memories of chickens, changing sprinkler pipes and animal chores.  Happy times.

Jack Jack is as cute as ever.  He's got this lanky teenager thing going on.  LOL  

There are a few chores that are screaming to be done.  But, I think I will head outside to pick some lettuce for dinner.  Who needs clean clothes?  LOL Stay safe, be kind to one another.

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Irises Galore and We Got Lettuce!

Good morning and happy Saturday from the rancho.  Yesterday was busy, busy.  Dental appointment for me in the morning and DH's diabetic doctor in the afternoon.  I have always said that if I am kidnapped, my body would be easy to identify with my dental records.  I know...morbid.  But I have been going to the same dental office for 33 years and firmly believe that I have put multiple children through college.  I asked my dentist how many of my teeth are natural.  Nine.  Nine of my teeth have not been worked on.  If I started with thirty two...that is 28% of my teeth have had NO WORK.  Yep, I've been a great patient.  LOL Good news was that I need a replacement crown...but no root canal.  I know that most people would be sad, but that means that half of that tooth will still be mine.  LOL

I owe an apology to Melisa from .  I showed a cute finish last week and noted that it was a freebie.  BUT...I completely forgot to tell you that it was her design.  So take a minute to visit and take a peek at her designs.  She has the cutest littles and some awesome saltbox houses.  Again, my apologies, Melisa.  

Finished another project.  It is a Fall piece but I'm putting it out now.  LOL I'm not sure where I found no information...I've had it for a while in my "to stitch" pile.  I'm still working on Cherry Hill Sampler, but no pictures.  I will be better prepared next week.  LOL

Lots of flowers this week.  The temperature finally dropped below 90.  There's still a breeze in the afternoon so there is some damage to my rose blooms.  My irises are in an area that is protected from the sun and wind so they are looking fabulous.

Blooms on this geranium are small but check out those leaves!!


My tomatoes are starting to bloom...but the star of my garden?  Lettuce!  This is the second harvest.  It just tastes so good!  I planted a "bistro" pack so it has a little bit of everything.  

Okay.  Show of hands.  Who else?  LOL   It's only one more weed.  Too much trouble to go in and get dressed.  And the neighbors will understand.  Right?  LOL

Jack Jack is growing by the day.  If there is one piece of plastic left out, he is on it!  I believe that this particular pot thingy was from the lettuce.  I saved it so I could use it next year to start my seeds.  There is not much left of it now.  He doesn't eat it, but sure does crunch it up.  LOL  

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms, the dads that were moms (and dads), and all those that did "mom duties" for those they loved.  I hope that your weekend is special.  Be safe.  Be kind to one another.