Tuesday, February 20, 2018

My Day at the Farm Show

I know that each of you have been holding your breath, just waiting to hear about my day at the Farm Show.

First, I must explain that there isn't really a lot there for the general public.   But with a little bit of imagination and pioneering spirit, you can find a lot of really great stuff.

Let's start at the corner of Holstein Lane.  For the novices, Holsteins are the black and white cows that are milked at the majority of California dairies.

This is the milk truck that can deliver all the ice cream that I need while I do crafts.

And here is my new candy dispenser.  LOL  It will just about hold the amount of Peanut Butter M&Ms necessary to eat while completing a cross stitch project.

Side note...when you attend a show that is attended by mostly men, no waiting at the ladies' outhouses.  LOL

Down the street, I found a really cool trailer to use for bringing home my stash.  I think it is for silage or manure.  Either way, it is really too pretty for either of those things.  LOL

And of course, you need a truck to pull the trailer.

Wandering down the aisles, I found the perfect place to store my organic wool and alpaca yarns.  I don't think that even my dogs could break their way in to chew up my yarn.  LOL

Multi-purpose product.  It is being sold as baling twine.  Really?  My dad always bought white...And, it can double as knitting yarn when supplies run out of the good stuff. 

I found my new going-to-town car.  It has more luxury accessories than my current car.  Of course, it may be a little tough to find a parking spot.  LOL

All in all, a good day.  I finished up the day with 20,000 steps.  Yes, peeps, 20,000!  My little feet were very tired.  LOL

I finished up my vacation visiting a friend in Sacramento and then a full day hanging out with hubby.  We went out for a burger and spent some time out on the restaurant's patio.  A bit chilly, but still a nice day.

Back to work this morning.  It is still dark at 4 am.  I did not miss getting up at that time while I was on vacation.  LOL  

Wishing each of you a wonderful week.  Be kind to one another.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Don't Blink

Don't blink, peeps.  Here is a quick update from the rancho.  LOL

I had every intention to blog on Sunday, but the internet had a different idea.  Even on a good day, my internet is very fussy.  I had major problems a few weeks ago, but thought I had fixed the problem.  Hmmmm, not really.  I think my laptop is a co-conspirator with the internet to keep me silent.  LOL  I was not happy with my laptop and decided to unplug it and take out the battery, hoping that I would reset SOMETHING.  Everything seemed okay, at first, but my sneaky computer decided to change my settings.  Important safety tip, all settings and the password MUST be correct in order for the internet to load.  One phone call and thirty minutes later, the nice lady at AT&T finally figured out my problem.  Sigh.  Serves me right for taking out the battery.

So, while I was suffering from internet withdrawals, I went ahead and made a special dinner.  Pozole, one of my favorite Mexican meals.  Big chunks of pork or chicken, a chili base, and hominy.  I even soak the dried chili and make my own sauce.  So yummy.  It is supposed to be served with cabbage, onions, and cilantro.  I don't care for onions and I hate cilantro.  Cabbage it is...with a few limes on the side.

Bubbling on the stove:

Dinner is served:

Of course, I'm still working on my son's quilt.  I must be the slowest quilter this side of the Mississippi.  LOL  These are the strips waiting for their turn.

And here are the strips that have been put together.  I started in the corners since the pinwheels are on point.  It is really hard for me to get the 1/2 cream blocks set correctly.  Somehow, my brain just doesn't work on the diagonal.  LOL 

That's about it.  Not a lot going on here at the rancho.  I'm on vacation this week, so I've been doing some outside work .  I trimmed the few rose bushes I have left and planted four more.  I lost so many, but decided to replace the ones next to the house.  I will have to make a decision about the others before the bare root season is over.

Hubby and I are off to the Tulare Farm Show tomorrow.  I will try to get pictures.  I know how my peeps love tractors and cows.  LOL

Have a good night.  Be kind to one another.

Monday, February 5, 2018

I Have No Excuses

Good evening from the rancho.  I am sitting here, resting my head in my hands, trying to come up with an excuse as to why I have been missing in action the past month.

I could tell you that I had been on an around the world cruise.  But that would not be true...

I could tell you that I had won the lottery and been hiding out until the dust settled.  But that would not be true...

I could tell you that I had been so incredibly busy that I just didn't have time to write.  But that really wouldn't be true, either.

One Sunday, I woke up and headed to my computer.  A little grouchy, but nothing I couldn't handle.  As I sat and tried to come up with a subject, nothing.  It was if my brain had just shut down.  My memory was shot.  My attitude was zero.  I figured that one week wouldn't make a difference.  But then it went to two, then to three, then to four.  With every Sunday that I missed, it was a bit easier the next week.  Until today, when my son, wanted to know why I hadn't written anything on my blog for a month.  And I had no answer.  Have I been stitching?  Yes.  Have I been knitting?  Yes.  Have I written on my blog?  No.

So, here I am.  My memory is still shot, but my attitude is up to about a four.  I hope that a few of my peeps are still out there, waiting for look into my world.

My sweet dog Moses ended up with some sort of bite on his leg.  Ten days of antibiotics and the "cone of shame".  The antibiotics last longer than the collar.

Sad face...

After five days, this is all that I could find.  I duct taped it two or three times, but the collar still didn't make it.

I finished my shawl.

Made a hat for a friend.  I actually made two, but they looked exactly alike, so I figured that you only needed one picture.  LOL

And started a new project for the new year...

This is what it should look like when I finish.

I also made several pin cushions and worked on my son's quilt.  I will save those pictures for my next post.

Other than my projects, life is about the same.  Dad has lost a bit more weight and seems restless, but no big changes.  Work is work.  Retirement is looking better and better.  Only three inches of rain in our area for the season.  Not looking good.  The solar panels are on the house, we hope to go PG&E- free in the next month.  

Thank you for slogging through my drivel.  I will try and catch up on everyone's blogs this week.  

Be kind to one another.