Friday, June 19, 2020

A Friday Afternoon Ramble

Good afternoon from the rancho.  Didn't get to the computer this morning as I was driving Mr. Daisy to the eye doctor.  I took my morning walk through the neighborhoods around the doctor's office.  Nice to see some new vistas.  I love to peek in people's yards, checking out the flowers and outside decorating ideas.  I know, sounds creepy but I don't go INTO the yards.  LOL

Lots going on in my garden.  Strawberries are throwing out runners, tomatoes are almost ready and the amount of zucchini I'm harvesting is almost obscene. 

The other morning we had zucchini and eggs for breakfast.  I'm getting desperate.  LOL  Added some cheese, spinach and salsa verde.  Yummy.

While cleaning out my kitchen drawers, I found four potatoes that were growing vines.  I felt bad and didn't want to throw them away.  So...I am now the proud owner of a potato pot.  At least I'm giving them a chance.  LOL  Doesn't look like much, but I'm hopeful.

My roses have started blooming again.  I love my roses and the reminder of my dad.


Not much on the stitching front.  I got in about an hour at the doctor's while waiting, but I seem to be stitching at a snail's pace.  Honestly, a snail is probably stitching faster than me right now.  LOL

California is back to wearing masks in public.  Surprise...I never stopped.  LOL  It makes me sad that so many people complain that wearing a mask makes them a sheep and it's the government's way of controlling the masses.  The mask isn't for me, it's for others.  What if I'm the carrier?  Sigh.  People make me tired.

I hope that all have a lovely weekend.  Stay safe.  Be kind to one another.

Friday, June 12, 2020

Beautiful Flowers and The Crazy World

Happy Friday from the rancho.  It is a beautiful day in California.  The first of the week was hot but today was clear with a light breeze.  Only 80 degrees!  My roses are loving it.

My geraniums are in full bloom.  This sherbet color is one of my favorites.

I got a little carried away and planted another five tubs of veggies.  More lettuce, spinach, winter squash, cucumbers and some type of French cantaloupe.  Not sure where DH picked up the cantaloupe seeds, but the picture is real fancy.  Organic and all that.  I just hope they grow. 

Early in the week, the temperatures were in the low 100s.  The perfect time to get some stitching in.

The world is a crazy place.  Last Wednesday, our town had an active shooter.  Several officers were injured and two people are dead.  It is said that the shooter had been diagnosed with mental illness many years ago.  So sad.  Now an innocent man and the shooter are dead.  Officers are still in the hospital.  Nothing was gained.  All that is left is sadness.  Please keep all involved in your hearts.

I leave each of you with thoughts of hope.  Hug your loved ones, smile at strangers.  Be kind to one another.

Friday, June 5, 2020

It's Friday...I Think...

Okay.  I think it's Friday.  Pretty sure it's Friday.  Yes... It's Friday.  My days and weeks just seem to flow on and on.

This has been the week of temperatures over 100 degrees at the rancho.  Most of my roses went from beautiful to dehydrated in about an hour.  I have great hope for my tomatoes.  Lots of fruit, but nothing is red.  I'm picking one or two zucchini a day as well as harvesting lettuce.  My grapes are loaded.  I've had them for about ten years.  Last year was the first year that I beat the birds to the fruit.  LOL

A few pictures of my garden.


Teeny, tiny spaghetti squash.

Lovely cactus flower and one of the few roses I have that it was still vibrant. 


I've stitched a bit.  The SAL has a huge motif for March.  I'm hoping to finish it by March of next year.  I'm still following the 8 PM curfew on my phone so I am getting more sleep.  If I could just get my dogs to sleep.  I don't think that they know how to tell time, but they are really good about waking me up at exactly 4:30 am each morning.  Since I don't need to be up until 6 am, I do get an attitude.

A friend found several lots of quilt-shop-quality fabric on our local Marketplace.  I went all in and picked up a couple hundred yards.  Fat quarters, half yards and full yards.  I know, I know, out of control, but the woman had the fabric priced at $2.50 a yard so I just couldn't say no. friend will buy all the full yards of the fabric that I won't use for quilting or finishing.  She's teaching her grandchildren to sew.  I have a machine that someone had given me a year ago.  I didn't need it, but didn't want it to go to a landfill.  I offered it to my friend for the kids.  It's an all metal Morse from the 1950's.  It has an awesome stitch.  She was is same type of machine that she learned on!  Win-Win!! 

I wish each of you a weekend filled with peace and love.  Take time to sit quietly and appreciate the gifts of others.  The world is a scary place right now.  I refuse to be filled with hate.  Be kind to one another.