Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Yesterday, When I was Young...

I've been a little sentimental this past week.

"Yesterday, when I was young, the taste of life was sweet as rain upon my tongue..."

This is one of my favorite Roy Clark songs.  My father loved country music.  I remember waiting for the show Hee Haw, to begin.  This was the 1960's, when you still had to get up to change the channel. It really wasn't a problem since we lived in the country and only got two channels.  LOL

This past weekend was tough.  It was Dad's birthday and saying happy birthday to someone who can't respond seemed so incredibly sad.  It wasn't a good day.  And the garbage just came was horrible on Monday.  It seemed that everyone saved their complaints and hit me with all of them in the first 15 minutes.  Big sigh...

Yesterday, the very worst...a good friend lost her son.  He was only in his 30's.  She and her family are so very sad.  I cannot imagine the loss of a child.  I know that my father is going to die, but it is the natural progression of aging.  It is not natural for a child to die.

I began to think back on my life.  Did I do it right?  Would I be the same person I am today if I had went to college instead of going to work and then marrying at 20?  At this point, I suppose that it is what it is...

This brought to mind the feelings that I had as a teenager.  I was unsure of myself, so concerned that I wasn't as cute as the other girls, I wasn't as popular. I didn't have the long blond hair that was so important in California...I've learned that blond hair can be purchased and popularity can change in a moment based on who is gossiping about who.  Friends are the ones that love you for who you are...

I went through my yearbook and found a couple of pictures to share.  Here is my senior picture.  This was taken in 1978 when natural backgrounds were all the rage...

I look so innocent.  I can't remember being this young.  

And to show that I was a crafty girl, even WAY back then, here is me in my painter's overalls. Notice the large "A"?  Embroidered it myself. 

I'm rambled on enough.  I suppose that melancholy is a good word for how I feel.  I think that I was so excited and up when my son was visiting, it was a quick drop to reality.  I will put on my big girl panties and get back on track.  Hug the ones you love, be kind to one another.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Rain on Friday, Rain on Saturday

Good morning, peeps and peepettes.  Happy Saturday!

A beautiful morning here at the rancho.  We got inch of rain last night and rumor of a little more later today. The sun is shining right now, so the grass is growing.  Yay! This rain puts us at about 8 inches, half of our normal rainfall for a year.  The weather prediction is that the heaviest rain will hit late January and February, so we may make normal this year.  One of the small towns on the coast has already hit their normal, so after 5 years, they can stop water restrictions.  It was so bad, they had to put in a desalination plant just to have water to drink. The restaurants had to serve bottled water and put chemical toilets outside for tourists.  The people that live there cut their water usage by 45%! Our local news station did a piece on the town last night and most residents agreed, the steps they've taken to save water are a habit now, they won't go back to being wasteful.  It will be the same here at my house...we lived on minimum water for 5 years, we can keep making-do.

It was a long week at work, so the only stitching I did was on my blanket.  I'm still loving the black and red. I've started on the next row, it will be the same variegated as before.  If you look carefully at the background, you'll see some of my yarn storage.  There is too much pretty yarn in the world.  I need to learn to say no.  LOL

I really need to get all my pruning done.  My rosebushes have started to push and with the extra rain and milder temperatures, I need to get my behind in gear to get outside stuff done.  LOL  I stopped yesterday and checked the prices on bare-root roses.  I can get some non-patented bushes for about $7.  I really need to decide soon if I will be replacing my dead bushes.  Hmmm...water?  No water?

I'm almost finished with my oatmeal, off to get my day started.  I have a visit planned to an old friend today, but I should get a few chores done before I leave.  I hope that each of you have an amazing weekend.  For those with snow, be safe...stay warm.  Be kind to one another.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Bye Bye, Baby Boy...See You in May!!

Today was the day.  We drove Baby Boy to the airport bright and early...6:30 am.  I managed to keep my tears to myself.

I've got lots of pictures, so pour a cup of coffee(or tea!) and put your feet up.  It's time to chat...

Yesterday was our last hurrah.  A walk on the beach, lunch at a great seafood restaurant next to the beach, a drive through the country, and a visit to an old friend.    Let's start with our morning walk...


There is a wonderful boardwalk next to the ocean.  It was a little overcast, but no wind and almost warm.  LOL  Mr. Blue Heron was standing very, very quiet.  I'm not sure what he was looking for, but he was very intent on finding it.

Further down, here is some vegetation next to the boardwalk..


The ocean view...

The view at the end of the walk...


Off to lunch...and a picture with the wooden pirate outside the restaurant.

And, finally the ride home.  We went through the hills, not really mountains, but still about 1500 feet.

This view shows the green hills (thanks to the rain!) with Morro Rock in the distance.  There was still a light mist...

The last of the drive, through the oak trees, with ferns growing under them...again, thanks to the rain...

One of my favorite people. I have a new phone and accidentally sent it as a black and white picture.  I like it!  LOL

The next time I see Baby Boy will be in May, at his graduation in Iowa.  I'm already planning my trip.  LOL

Sorry, no project pictures.  I've been a bit busy.  I'm sure you all understand.  SMILE   Have a wonderful evening and be kind to one another.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Why, Yes, I Am A Happy Mom

Good evening, peeps and peepettes!!  Busy, busy, busy here at the rancho.  I had a four day weekend, but was on the go most of the time.  LOL  I've been spending as much time as possible with Baby Boy. Friday was a book store, a leather store (for supplies), a yarn store (LOL), and then TACOS!! Saturday was home chores and a movie. Sunday, errands and  Christmas Dinner with all the trimmings.  Monday, an antique store, a yarn store (LOL) and lunch.  This is a great BBQ place with inside and outside seating. We were the only group on the patio since it was chilly, but it was comfortable enough with a sweatshirt. Here is a picture of Baby Boy.  Isn't he sweet?  LOL

Hubby and Baby boy...

My hamburger...Yummy...

What I wanted...Diet Pepsi...

What I got....WATER!!  LOL

This is a great bottle.  It is stainless steel, double walled, no sweating, and keeps cold stuff cold for over 12 hours.  I keep it with ice water all the time to encourage me to drink more water.

Baby Boy will be here until Sunday, so we're making plans!  We will do at least one more trip to the coast and try to stop at a few more thrift stores.  He always finds great stuff!

And for all the yarn fans out there, here is my latest crochet project.  This is for my stepson who loves red. I couldn't find a really bold variegated, but thought this one looked nice with the black and red.

So off to finish my evening.  I am working three days this week, then another four day weekend.  I kind of like this schedule.  LOL  Take care and be kind to one another.

Friday, January 8, 2016

I Want to Live That Way...

Good morning and Happy Friday!!

Lots happening here at the rancho.  I picked up Baby Boy from the Bay Area on Tuesday.  It is so wonderful to have him home.  I love him so much.  He is kind, thoughtful, and willing to give me a hug for no reason.  LOL

On our drive home, we had plenty of time to chat.  One of the odd things he always says to me is "thank you for being so kind to me".  I thought that with him being an English major, he should be able to come up with a better word than "kind".  I asked if he was being flippant.  He said no, that he feels that kindness is the most unselfish act of love.  It comes with no strings attached, no sense that it must be returned.  I had never thought of it that way. When I commented that it followed "treat others as you would want to be treated", he said no, you should treat others better than you expect to be treated.  I want to live that way...

And what have we been doing?  First, stopped at a great yarn shop in Albany, Ca.  Avenue Yarns, yummy yarn and great customer service.  We were greeted as we came in the door and several times reminded that we need to touch everything!  LOL  One of the employees was a young man.  He was so incredibly sweet and helpful.  Answered every question and just chatted.  I love that!!  It was great to see him knitting.  My son is always working on creative projects, whether it be painting or music. I think he should start knitting or crocheting, it would keep his hands busy.  He is willing to think about it, but really wants to do ceramics.  Either way, I'm good.  If I don't get a new scarf, maybe he could make me a yarn bowl.

This is just one wall...

Little jewels just waiting to come home with me.  I showed restraint.  I only picked up enough yarn to make three scarves.  LOL  And a yarn bag.  More LOL  It's too early to take good pictures, so I'll post them next time.

Here is my latest project.  I finished this a few days ago.  I did a giant granny square (because that's all I know how to do, LOL) and finished with a shell edge.  I really like how it turned out.


This is done with Charisma yarn, Eggplant.  I kept up with the sales at Christmas, so I managed to get all of the yarn at least 50% off.  And used some extra coupons for another $10 off.  A win!

And my latest start?  It would be the possum/merino wool scarf for my husband.  This is a knitted, ribbed scarf, so it's going pretty fast.  It is amazing yarn, so soft and wonderful to work with.  I'm using size 6 needles, so it will be a very light, but warm, scarf.

So, I'm off work for four days and I've got stuff planned.   We are heading to a book store and lunch today, maybe a long walk this weekend, and lots and lots of together time.  Baby Boy doesn't leave until January 17th, so we should be able to do at least half of what I have planned.

A little update on my dad...he has started another decline.  He hasn't spoken or made eye contact in over two weeks.  I thought that it was hard when he only said okay, yes, no, or just nodded.  This is so much worse.  I go into his room and find him just staring at ceiling, no recognition or awareness. It is so sad to see him this way.  I talked to my social worker yesterday (really just cried most of the time) and told her how life is not fair.  She agreed, but had no real answer of why it wasn't fair.  She asked if I still wanted him at home.  She wasn't pushing for one way or another, just asking. My answer?  Absolutely, I do not want him to die with strangers.  No matter how hard this is for me and my family, it would be worse to think that he may have a moment of clarity at the end and wouldn't know where he was.  I will not do that to him.  So, we continue on our better, a little worse.

I hope that each of you have a wonderful weekend and spend time doing what you love.  Be kind to one another.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Baby Boy is Safe and Sound in California

Good morning from the rancho!!

Lots of happy here today.  Baby boy made it into Oakland!!  His flight was delayed in Chicago, so made it to California later than expected.  Honestly, if the delay was due to weather and safety, I'm good.  Then he told me that he was taking BART to get into the city.  Hmmm, after he told me that the New York subway was safer than BART, I started to worry all over again.  LOL

Today is the first day without frost in about a week.  It's still under 40 degrees, but at least I don't have to bundle up to take out the trash.  LOL  I will need to start pruning my rose bushes soon.  I usually have them all done by mid-January, so I'm still on schedule.

I spent yesterday running errands and then did a bit of de-cluttering.  Honestly, living with a hoarder is difficult.  Most times I try to put on blinders, but once in a while I just can't stand it.  I have to be careful though.  If I don't cover the stuff up in the garbage bin, he will dig it back out.  Really.  His dad was a hoarder and when he passed away, half of his stuff came to our house.  Add the fact that my husband is starting to have some memory issues...the next few years can only get worse.  I try to be subtle.  I don't say much about the outside, but when his stuff starts to creep up to the front of the property, I put my foot down.

Time to get out of my jammies and start my day.  My order from Amazon came in on Thursday, so I'll make a quick run into the post office.  I'm pretty's the t-pins and foam squares that I ordered to block my scarf.  Yay!!  I've decided that I have three projects on my bucket list:  knit a pair of socks, crochet a fancy shawl, and crochet a pair of slippers.  If I can get these done, I'll need a blocking system.  I thought about using cardboard and a towel, but I found some foam block on Amazon that were very reasonable. They're really for a play floor for kids, but have a lot of reviews from people that use them for blocking. Much cheaper than the "real" ones.  LOL

Off and moving.  Have a great day and be kind to one another.