Sunday, November 26, 2017

The Last Day...Of Vacation That Is...

Good morning!  Happy Sunday and happy last day of vacation to ME!  Moto Kitty let me sleep in until 6 am this morning.  He's a fine kitty. LOL

I have had a wonderful vacation this November.  I stayed home a bit, traveled a bit, shopped a bit, but most of all, seemed to have found my happy again.  I worked on projects every single day without any guilt.  LOL  I can honestly say that when the time for retirement is here, I will have no problem transitioning. 

Thanksgiving was very small, only four of us, but it was nice to not worry about running out of food.  We are still eating leftovers, though I did freeze half of a turkey breast for later.

We are one step closer to having solar at the rancho.  We needed a new roof and with the tax rebate available for solar installation, we were able to put everything into one payment.  And...the payment is cheaper than the electric bill that we receive every month.  Go figure.  LOL  The roofers showed up on Wednesday to rip off the old roof.  I was trying to clean for guests on Thanksgiving, but finally gave up on dusting.  LOL  Then, they told us they were working the NEXT day! Hubby reminded them that it was Thanksgiving, but they told him that they have lots of work and need to stay ahead.  He let them know that we had company coming at 4 pm. They said no problem, that's the same time their family was planning dinner.  LOL  They were back early on Friday to finish.  I am in awe of their work ethic.  They were here every day before 7:30 am and worked HARD every single hour.  My house is about 3500 square feet with the garage and back patio awning.  They had it stripped and re-roofed in less than 24 total work hours.  Some days there were two roofers, one day six.  THEY ARE AMAZING!  Oh...and it looks great.  LOL

Now on to the fun stuff. 

Another skein finished on my shawl.  This is a deeper color than the others, but really adds to the flow.

Put my scissor fob together.  A friend showed me how to make a sliding fob.  Here is the front and back. 

Hubby needed a new tool roll for his wrenches.  I had some canvas in my stash.  I am very pleased how this turned out.  He wants three more.  Had to make a run to Walmart for more canvas.  LOL

Finished a tiny pendant.  One over one on 30 count.  I picked up two of these pendants at Michael's. They are about an inch across.  I've started a pumpkin for the other.  I couldn't find a chain that matched the color of metal, but found a long leather cord.  I think it looks fine...very primitive.

I was over at Jocelyn's blog,  Waving at Jocelyn!  She always finds the best freebies.  This is a cute pin cushion that she posted.  The only change I made was to add lizard litter (AKA crushed walnut shells) at the bottom so it doesn't bounce around.  Super easy and a very nice size.  I've got several more cut out.  LOL

While I was at Big Lots, I found a couple of these adorable owl coffee cups.  The little owls make me smile. 

About two months ago, a new flag showed up on my hanger at the front gate.  Not sure where it came from.  I guess the flag fairy dropped it off.  LOL  Finally, one of my dad's caregivers admited that she put it up.  I thought that was so sweet of her.  Then, this one showed up a few days before Thanksgiving.  Pretty sure she had something to do with this one, too.  LOL  A little bit of kindness to add to the world.  SMILE

Well, peeps, I'm off to start my day.  I did extra yard work yesterday, so today is a free day.  I'm pretty sure I've got enough food, LOL, and won't even need to make a trip to town.  I can hear my projects calling me now...

Enjoy your Sunday.  Be kind to one another.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

My Thanksgiving Wish

Give the best hugs.  Smile the biggest smile.  Give the most sincere compliments.  Be the miracle in someone's life...

Be kind to one another.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Still on Vacation...Giggle, Giggle

Good morning and happy Monday from the rancho!  I can't even say that without giggling.  LOL  To be sitting at home, drinking coffee, not going to work...NICE!  This is my last week of vacation, so I'll be fitting in as much "stuff" as I can. 

Finished my baby quilt.  Yay!  I really like the colors in this.

Spent a few days up in Sacramento with a dear friend.  We did handwork and shopped.  Then more handwork and more shopping.  LOL  She does amazing counted canvas and cross stitch.  And honestly, she has more threads than most shops I've visited.  We finished-finished a few projects for her and then she decided that I just NEEDED to learn counted canvas.  Hmmmm...Sounds good, but when you have the memory retention of a squirrel, there is no guarantee of success.  She has the patience of a saint and managed to teach me a few stitches.  She also gave me the instruction sheet that should keep me on track, but I've got her on speed dial.  LOL

Here is my first project.  It will be a scissor holder when I'm done.

My wrap is coming along quite well.  I've knitted four skeins.  I started with six total, but decided it just wasn't going to be long enough.  Picked up another four skeins. If it's still not long enough, my friend gave me two more skeins that she found in her closet.  I'll see how it goes...

I was sucked in invited to participate in the Facebook Black and White Challenge last week.  You post one black and white photo each day, no people, no explanation.  I tried to use pictures that meant something to me.  It was more fun that I expected.

Day One-Moto the Kitty

Day Two-Ceramic Bunny  He lives on my craft cabinet.

Day Three- Leftover Halloween Candy.  Not much left. LOL

Day Four-Hanging Succulent  Hangs on my front porch.  About 15 years old.


Day Five-Scissors  Love the love.  

Day Six-Thermal Cup More dots.  LOL

Day Seven-Ice Cream  In the bowl made by my son.  SMILE

Finished with my extra large cup of coffee and ready to get the day started.  Wishing each of you a day filled with lots of happy.  

Be kind to one another.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

How MANY Projects??? And a Family Wedding...

Good morning and happy Sunday from the rancho! Lots of pictures, so grab a beverage and settle down in your chair.

I have been enjoying vacation WAY more than I should be.  LOL  I drink a huge cup of coffee in the morning and ease into the day.  Maybe I'm out of my jammies by 9 am, maybe I'm not.  But, since the sewing machine doesn't care how I'm dressed, it's all good.

I feel like a crazy squirrel collecting nuts.  I go from one project to the next, sometimes working on two at the same time.  Stitch this, sew that, glue those, paint that.  I had to be very careful to not get them mixed up. LOL 

Here are a few of my latest creations.

This little box has been painted for a while.  It was time to give it a life.  Had the fabric in my stash, chose the stitching.  The pattern is part of an ornament in the Christmas Edition of JCS 2017.

Thought the back stitch would be a nice touch.  NOPE.  Once I got it stitched, it was too tight on the box top.  So, new plan.  Let's make it into an ornament.  Added some beads on the stitching, ruched some sheer ribbon, added a hanger.  Not bad for a second choice.


Across the room at the knitting and stitching couch, LOL, I'm working on this:

I'm on the second skein.  The salesperson said that this particular yarn would coordinate even though I chose five different colorways.  So far, so good.

I finished all the small pieces for the baby quilt.  Now, putting together the big blocks.  The fabric is perfect together if I may say so myself.  LOL LOL LOL

Hubby took Friday off to hang out with me.  Seriously cut into my project time.  We went to an estate sale (his favorite hobby) but found nothing for me.  That was okay.  I had grabbed my knitting as I walked out the door "just in case".  Got in an hour of knitting while he dug around in piles of tools.  LOL

Saturday was spent attending my nephew's wedding.  He married an absolutely lovely lady!  They live in Seattle but wanted to get married closer to his family.  Her family made the trip from China to attend the wedding.  Her father and mother were so cool!  Neither speak English well, but their daughter had a friend to translate for them, so we were all able to chat with them and make sure that they were included.  Perfect!  By the end of the reception, her father had invited all of us to visit in China.  Why?  Because we are family.  How amazing is that!

Exchanging of rings:

Mr. and Mrs.!!

Outside, so may plants!  Perfect backdrop for taking pictures. Can you tell that I really liked the plants?  LOL

I am off like a herd of turtles.  I can hear my projects calling from the other end of the house.  LOL  Hubby is off on his own today, so I will be plopping my behind at my craft table and go wild!

Have an amazing day.  Be kind to one another.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Happy First Day of Vacation...To ME!

Good morning to all my peeps and peepettes!  And, happy first day of vacation to ME!!  I can already feel the stress starting to go.  Nothing like more than six hours of sleep to help fix my attitude...

I stayed home all weekend.  Spent Saturday doing house chores and taking care of Dad.  My ultimate plan was to have Sunday as a "me" day.  It worked!  I started Sunday with a long sleep in.  That extra hour really helped.  LOL  Between taking care of Dad and napping, I starting digging through my craft area.  I was looking for something, but honestly, I cannot remember what it was.  LOL  I did find a stitched project from 2011.  I decided that it was well-aged and needed to move to the top of the pile for finishing.  Picked out some lovely hand dyed silk and found the perfect fabric in my stash.  Started by ruching the ribbon...Grubby Jack from Lady Dots Creates...

This is one of the most time-intensive finishing techniques I use, but it is so beautiful when it's done...

Picked out some shiny black beads.  A little larger than I usually use, but this pillow turned out a little larger than I planned.  I used only one bead at a time.  This is a butter pat plate that I found at a thrift store in Iowa.  Perfect for holding beads.  LOL

Three hours later (yes, three hours!) finished the last bead and tied off.

I know how we all love close-ups.  LOL

I am very pleased with this finish.  Of course, I woke up this morning with aching hands, but we do what we must for our art.  LOL

Have an amazing day, filled with laughter and miracles.

Be kind to one another.