Thursday, February 18, 2021

Sad News and Some Finishing

Happy Thursday evening from the rancho.  I know today is an odd day for me to post, but tomorrow I am heading up to northern California to help out my stitching buddy.  Her husband was put on Hospice last week and I offered to come up and help with errands and chores.  My heart is breaking for her and her family and this is a gift that I can give during a very difficult time.  

On the finishing front, I was really busy the last two weeks.  All of these belong to my stitching buddy.

Needle case.

Another needle case.  Outside and inside.

Made this into a pillow.  It definitely needs something...ribbon, button...just something.  I will work with my friend on this.

A sewing box.  This was my favorite!

Two tiny stockings.

This was a little odd to finish.  There were no instructions, not even a picture of what it was supposed to be!  So...I made up the two strawberries, finished the other into a pillow and connected them with some gorgeous dyed ribbon and pins.  I think it is okay.  LOL

Sweet little drum.  The top and bottom are wool.  A bit tricky to stitch, but managed to get it done without shredding.  LOL  I made the pins as a surprise for her.

This is a wool-thread stitched stitching roll.  I need to put in some thread rings but don't have any at my house.  She has some and I will put them in when I deliver this group.

I will leave you with a picture of Jack Jack. He is now up to thirteen pounds.  My husband asked how I knew that.  I explained that I weighed myself and then added the dog.  He asked if I was sure.  Well...okay...I know that I'm a bit slow with math...but I got this.  LOL  Jack Jack is spending more time with DH and is so very sweet.  I reminded DH that he is on his own the next week or so...he will want to continue working with the dog on potty training.  Wish I was a fly on the wall to watch that!

For those of you that are fighting the winter weather, stay safe, stay warm.  I cannot imagine being in a home with no heat, no water, no lights.  It must be terrifying for people trying to care for their families.  Be kind to one another.

Sunday, February 7, 2021

Plants, Pups and a Little Stitching!!

Good morning and happy Sunday from the rancho.  Quiet and warm here...hit 68 degrees yesterday.  My son, in Iowa, is a chilly -9 with a wind chill of -24.  I watch his weather more than my own.  I cannot begin to understand how you learn to live in a freezer.  Even ice cream holds at 18 degrees!! I worry about him but he assures me that he doesn't take chances and stays in when he can.  Sigh.

Jack Jack and Moses are still friends.  Most of the time.  Moses is better at sharing his bed but still no hope for sharing snacks.  At almost three months, Jack Jack is still under ten pounds.  He's got a big dog bark, but not much brawn to back it up.  LOL

The difference between ten pounds and one hundred pounds.  

I love inside plants as much as gardening outside.  After retirement I went from ten or twenty inside plants to over a hundred.  I know, I makes it hard to travel and I have to leave them in the care of DH while I'm gone.  But...they're so pretty!!!  One of my favorites is Hoyas.  They've been a staple in homes for years and years.  Easy to grow, bloom (when they feel like it LOL) and so many different varieties!  You may have heard them referred to as "wax plants" because of the thickness of the leaves.

This is my Hoya Obovata.  See the pink splashes on the leaves?

Neon philodendron.  The pink leaves are new but will turn neon green as they get older.

A collection.  There's a bit of everything in there.  The only thing they have in common?  They love that window in the winter.  LOL

A close up of my Hoya Pubicalyx Royal Hawaiian Purple.  Isn't that leaf gorgeous?  

And just so you don't think that I am some amazing horticulturist...I write down the names on tiny plastic plant spikes so I don't forget.  LOL  LOL  LOL

I still have my garden on my mind.  This guy rode home shotgun with me last week.  A Meyer Lemon Tree.  Yay!!  My DH gave me money for Christmas.  I didn't buy any stitching related items, but picked up this tree, potting soil and pots.  LOL  First time for everything. 

Finally completed my 2020 SAL.  I am not happy with myself since I didn't stitch the entire bottom row...but you have to measure correctly to have enough fabric.  LOL

Did another tiny piece for the house.  This started as a DollarTree chalk sign!  Some paint and paper...poof!  

While cleaning up my craft area, I found a needle minder that I love, but doesn't have strong enough magnets to hold anything.  I decided that I would pry off the magnets and add some of my super-duper magnets that hold EVERYTHING.  If you chose to follow my lead, do not use an ice pick to attempt to pry off the magnet.  It doesn't work and when it slips, the sharp pointy end will go through the nail on your thumb and it will hurt.  A lot.  And the bad part?  I still need to find some way to get off the magnet.  But it is a pretty ice pick.  And works well to punch holes in cardboard or fabric if I need to put in a cord.  LOL

Thursday morning I was up bright and early for our doggie pee pee party.  It was a little cold and I decided to make some shortbread cookies and poppy seed bread.  Very tasty if I do say so myself!  This is the first time that I added cranberries and orange zest to my shortbread.  SO GOOD!!  It is just a standard recipe that I found on Pinterest but works well for me.

Oh...I've just rattled on.  LOL  I leave you with two pictures I snapped this past week.  The first is of the 3:30 am (pee pee party) and the sunset from my front door.  There is just so much beauty in nature!

Be safe.  Stay warm.  Be kind to one another.