Monday, May 30, 2016

I'm Back!!

Good morning and happy Monday!!

Oh. My. Goodness.  I've been back since Friday, but between unpacking and catching up on real life, this is the first chance I've had to check in with ya'll.  LOL

Let me pick up where I left off in my last post.

I had drug my son to three fabric shops, so I let him skip the last one.  LOL  If you are ever in Williamsburg, Iowa, stop, stop, STOP, at the The Woolen Needle. They have every color of wool you could ever dream of.  And if that's not enough, there is a stove with a huge pot in the back.  THEY DYE THEIR OWN COLORS!!  And fabric?  Yes, they have fabric.  Loved this shop.  And the ladies running the program?  They treated me like I visited every week.  I stayed an extra 30 minutes just to chat.  The building still had the original wooden floors and tin ceiling.  It was so beautiful!!

This is just one fourth of the shop!!

I don't remember where I got which fabric, but this is the wool I picked up at the Woolen Needle. Isn't it so pretty?  I will use it to back my cross stitch and punch needle.  Oh, and they have a website if you need to order on-line, hint, hint.  LOL

This is the fabric I collected over my two weeks.  What was I thinking?  As if I "needed" more fabric. LOL

Back to nature.

I spent hours trying to get a perfect picture of a cardinal.  This is the best I could do.

Then, just when I had given you go:

Granted, I found them in a gift shop, but they didn't move while I focused my camera.  LOL  LOL LOL

I had mentioned the wildlife in my son's neighborhood.  This little bunny was checking us out...

The bunnies here look a little like the bunnies out in California, but they are darker and have smaller ears. This little guy had no problem coming within five feet of us.  It was all about the grass!!

Soooo.....I finished hubby's scarf and started on the next project.  It is a beautiful green/blue yarn...wool, silk, and alpaca.  So soft.  I didn't really care for the slubs, but Baby Boy said he knew someone that would LOVE the scarf.  Wink.  Wink.  LOL

I finished these three washcloths for my son...cotton.

Then, it was time to say goodbye.  We went to our favorite coffee shop.  Here is my last mocha. Sigh.

And this was our final vacation picture.

I had a wonderful time.  My son is one of my favorite people.  He is kind, thoughtful, and loves his mom.  I can't ask for more than that.

I hope that everyone has an amazing day.  Be kind to one another.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Happy Sunday and More of My Travels

Good morning and happy Sunday!

My son and I took a little road trip to Muscatine,  Iowa,  Pearl Button Capital of the world.  I know that is an odd place to search out, but it also sits right on the Mississippi River.  LOL You know how much I wanted to see that river. 

First, pictures of me and Baby Boy at the river. It was a perfect day, warm but not hot, a slight breeze.  Then to the museum.  Very interesting.  Lots of history in this town.

Then, off to The Little Red Hen.  I had checked out the website before we went, but had NO idea how much fabric and wool was really there.  After about an hour and half,  my son sort of lost interest,  but said he would stay as long as I wanted. I love that kid. LOL

Took Highway 22 up the river until La Clair.  I had to we Iowa, eating Mexican food,  overlooking the Mississippi River.  Just plain weird. LOL. Can you tell that he'd had enough of picture time? LOL

So we are off and running for the day. I  took a little trip to another quilt shop, but I will save those pictures until my next post.  LOL  I've also finished quite a bit of knitting,  so I'll add those pictures ,  too.

Be kind to one another. 


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

What A Weekend!

Well, peeps and peepettes,  pull up chair, top off that coffee,  I've got stuff to share...

First,  we had graduation on Saturday.  The Writer's Workshop is a very specialized program,  so no caps and gowns.  The ceremony was small and personal.  The pictures show him receiving his certificate from the head of the department and his class together.

On Sunday,  we headed out for breakfast and then to a fossil bed.  So beautiful and green.  And, we found fossils!  It wasn't too hard, the really nice ones were marked on the map. LOL

On Monday,  over to Kalona to visit the quilt museum and homes that were moved there for preservation.  There were two rooms of quilts, one English and one Amish.  The Amish are the darker colors,  English are the Sunbonnet Sue.  The exhibits change with the seasons.  The Amish quilts were my favorite.  Though, it was interesting to see the different versions of the Sunbonnet Sue quilts. 

I have pictures of the buildings,  but I  will put them on next time.  Have a wonderful Wednesday  and be kind to one another.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Happy Friday

Good evening peeps!

First, I am so sorry that I am not an IT person.  I've learned how to post from my phone,  but I have no clue as to how to put the pictures in order.  We will just have to go with the flow.  LOL As it is, this is the second post I've done today.  The first has been "publishing" for 5 hours. I don't think I did it right.  LOL

We went for several walks yesterday...this one was in a beautiful park. I still can't get over how green it is!  I even found some wild strawberries.  Of course, I took a picture for you.  I love my son so much and truly appreciate his patience with me when it comes to pictures.

I finished my husband's scarf.  I think it is so pretty.  If you look closely,  you can see the halo that is formed by the fur.  I decided to stitch a couple of washcloths for my son while I was here.  You can never have too many.  LOL

Today,  we went to one of the thrift stores.  I found these lovely hats and asked my son which I should wear to his graduation. of yet,  no decision.  LOL

I'm enjoying my trip and tomorrow is graduation day. Where has the time gone?
Wasn't it just yesterday that he was my baby boy. 

Be kind to one another.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Lots To See

Checking in with the peeps! 

I'm having a great time.  Took a few walks, one to the yarn shop (LOL) and took some pictures of the neighborhood.  There is more wildlife than I  would have expected.  You see bunnies on every corner, as well as squirrels and chipmunks.  I  realized as I was walking down the sidewalk,  all those little purple flowers were violets! 

I spent the afternoon with my son in the print shop. He has been making a book to finish his class. There is something about handling beautiful paper, adding your own words by setting type.  I can't describe the sense of completeness.  I hope that this is an art that he continues. 

I am off and going.  Have a wonderful Wednesday.  Be kind to one another.