Thursday, May 12, 2016

Lots To See

Checking in with the peeps! 

I'm having a great time.  Took a few walks, one to the yarn shop (LOL) and took some pictures of the neighborhood.  There is more wildlife than I  would have expected.  You see bunnies on every corner, as well as squirrels and chipmunks.  I  realized as I was walking down the sidewalk,  all those little purple flowers were violets! 

I spent the afternoon with my son in the print shop. He has been making a book to finish his class. There is something about handling beautiful paper, adding your own words by setting type.  I can't describe the sense of completeness.  I hope that this is an art that he continues. 

I am off and going.  Have a wonderful Wednesday.  Be kind to one another. 


  1. Oh, and I finished my husband's scarf! I will take a picture and post tomorrow.

  2. Really neat! Looks like you are having a great time!

  3. You lost me after the bunny picture. OMGoodness...that bunny is so, so, so sweet. I love bunnies, just in case you could not tell. :) That is awesome that he has written and printed his own book. Does he have a blog, too? He should start one if he does not!
    Wishing you a lovely day sweet friend. :)

  4. Bunny!!! Lol Your pictures are great and so pretty.

    I love handmade books. It is a lovely art form.

  5. Great pictures of the surroundings. I am sure that you were enjoying your walks in that neighborhood a lot.
    Handmade books are a real treasure nowadays, the old ones just like the new ones.