Saturday, April 7, 2018

What? Pictures of Projects? Yes!

Good morning and happy Saturday.  Very quiet this morning at the rancho.  There is rain on the horizon, but so far, no drops.

Moto Kitty had to be up and outside at 5 am this morning.  I disagreed, but after fifteen minutes of having him perched on my back while trying to sleep, I decided that he was was time for him to be outside.  LOL It's funny, the dog is still sleeping.  He has no intention of being off his bed until the sun is well up.

Hubby is doing well.  He seems to be walking a bit straighter and has good use of his right hand.  We are still waiting for the authorization for at-home PT from the insurance company.  Sigh.  It seems that they are moving at their own pace.  He had some problems with muscle spasms last night, but finally got some sleep.  I offered to take him to the emergency room, but he took some medication that he uses for his shoulders and back and seemed to quiet down.  It's tough getting old.  But after spending ten days at a rehab center, I've realized that we are better off than most.

I've been working on some stitching for my retreat mid-April.  I am still not sure if hubby will be well enough for me to go, but I am hopeful.

This is Black Cherry Tart by Plum Street Sampler...

On the sewing front, I've been working on project bags for me and a friend.  This is her stitching, my sewing.  This is one of the smaller bags, vertical placement.  This one will be mine.  I usually stitch in hand, so this is the best size for me.  Each bag has a side zipper and is fully lined.

Here is the fabric choice for the next bag.  Same stitching, but horizontal placement and the bag will be larger.  She likes this combination of colors.

Last bag.  It is 14x14.  She needlepoints and this is big enough to hold her stretcher bars as well as supplies.

The stitching was a free pattern.  Once I get mine stitched, I will most likely do the same fabric.  I love these colors!

Well, I'm off like a herd of turtles.  I am doing chores and sewing today.  I've been running errands with DH all week, so today will be a stay-home day.  Someone needs to scrub the toilets and do laundry.  Pretty sure it will be me!  LOL

Have a wonderful weekend.  Be kind to one another.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Home, Home on the Range...

Happy Easter from the rancho!!  We are back home.  SMILE.

It was a long two weeks.  Hubby spent a total of six days at the hospital and another nine days at the acute rehab center.  We are a long way from normal, but at least he is home.

The use of his hand is much approved.  Foot?'s gonna take a while.  The rehab center wants us to do two to three days a week of rehab.  They said to go ahead and go to a center in our area, but hubby's doctor said that he would prefer at-home rehab.  Hubby's doctor is also my dad's doctor, so he knows that time is at a premium for me, so he would rather have the rehab at home so I'm not spread so thin.   I have taken another week off from work, so at least I can get everything settled before then.  Doctor is one of my favorite people right now.  LOL

I don't have much other news on the craft side.  I'm working on several different quickie projects, but no pictures yet.  I will try to catch up later this week.

I wish each of you a wonderful day.  Be kind to one another.