Friday, April 30, 2021

Gardening, Stitching and Cuteness

Well...this week is gone.  I know that Wednesday was trash day, but not sure what I did the rest of the week.  LOL

Our weather went from the low 60's to the low 90's.  I am just too darn old for that type of drama.  It seems that I am outside most mornings just keeping up with watering.  On the garden front...I am cucumber challenged.  I planted zucchini and cucumber seeds on the same day, in the same soil.  Hmmm.  Here are my plants today.  Guess which is which.  LOL  I had the same problem last year with my lemon cucumbers.  I thought it was just the seeds.  Nope.  It's all me.  LOL

I got berries!!  Granted, not a lot, but I see them on the way.  This the first year for both plants so I'm not expecting much.

Out checking my irises and found this beauty.  I honestly don't remember purchasing or planting this plant.   But it's here...and it's in my it must be mine!! 

Lots of roses this week.  The pink is so much pinker in real life, almost neon.  I planted it several years ago and am horrible with names.  But it sure is pretty.  Smile.

I love geraniums.  Pretty forgiving and easy to start your own.  These plants are all on my back patio.  I have a soft spot for the white.  Just so pretty.

These are my starts for this year.  I figure that if I shove some trimmings into the dirt and they grow...WIN!  LOL  It looks like all took this year.

On to stitching.  Have you ever seen a pattern that you love, love, love?  You purchase that pattern.  You begin stitching that pattern.  You completely forget about that pattern.  Oh?  Just me?  LOL  So I am watching Floss Tube.  I see this beautiful pattern and...there's a SAL!  I should do that!  Let's buy that pattern.  Wait.  Why does that pattern look so familiar?  That would be because I purchased and began stitching that pattern about five years ago.  It's in a project bag in my side table.  Oh. My. Goodness.  I am such a dweeb.  LOL  I can't remember why I stopped stitching this.  The border matches...nothing needs to be frogged.  Guess what I'm working on this week. 

I completed a few finishes.  I found the first as a freebie and just wanted something quick and cute. Stitched, walnut stained and stuffed with walnut shells (lizard litter!  I love saying that.  LOL) The second was a Christmas freebie last year from Brenda Gervais, With Thy Needle and Thread.  It should have a bottom row of flowers.  I decided that I would never finish stitching it.  I had to make it into something or throw it away.  It is now a Christmas plaque. 

This is a cute little stocking that my friend stitched.  There are two more to finish. I will stay with the homespun bow and rusted bell for embellishments. 

Jack Jack is looking so sweet. Thank goodness.  He has eaten three pairs of my cheater glasses this week and if he wasn't so cute....LOL  He is very long and lean.  Just the right size to put his little paws on the kitchen table to grab anything close to the edge.  Usually that is my glasses.  I am being trained to put them on a small shelf next to the front door.  And he is working on ignoring me when I tell him not to put his paws on the table.

I'm off to finish laundry.  And today will be some stitching on the forgotten sampler.  LOL  Have a wonderful weekend.  Be kind to one another.

Friday, April 23, 2021

Early Morning at the Rancho

Good morning!'s morning, not sure about good.  LOL  Was awaken at 4:15 am by a rogue alarm.  For some bizarre reason, not-so-DH stored an old, broken phone in the bedroom.  I cannot understand how my cell phone will barely hold a charge for one day, but this phone, which has not been used for a year, still has plenty of battery to sound an alarm.  Just poo...

I received my second dose of Covid vaccine yesterday.  Yay and more yay!  No bad reaction, just a sore arm.  I have a headache but I'm pretty sure that's related to the first paragraph.  LOL  I still have two weeks to go before being fully protected, but I'm feeling better about life.  I will continue to wear a mask and keep sanitizer in the car, but this is a definite step forward.  I can see a trip in my future.  Smile.

I've been stitching right along this week as well as a few finishes for my friend.  

Let's start with the finishes.  This was a small piece that she did several years ago that was designed to be a pin cushion.  It was too small for my taste, it's a hangy thing.  LOL

A memorial drum with heart.  It has her and her husband's initials.  

This piece was designed as a needle roll.  Found these odd-sized spools at a craft store.  Perfect for this project.  It rolls around the spool and ties with the ribbon.

Lizzie Kate Spring Bag.

A Shepard's Bush kit.  They always design such sweet patterns.  Ruched ribbon with beads is fiddly, but so pretty.

Just in case you thought that I didn't stitch...LOL

Stacy Nash Spring Flowers Pinkeep.  Used the little spool with some torn fabric for a "pretty".  And saw some carrots made like this over at  Thanks to Lauren for the idea.  Smile.  Orange didn't match my here are some white carrots.  LOL 

Scattered Seeds Sampler.  This was designed as a pinkeep.  Nope.  LOL  Finished as a drum.  I love the shape of this heart and used it on my friend's memorial drum.  

My garden is in full bloom.  The weather was warm last week and there is a rumor of rain for this weekend.  Hmmm. We'll see.  LOL 

Roses and more roses.  That last pink rose really is that bright neon color.  Love!!

I call these my "raisins in waiting".  LOL  

This is a new-to-me iris.  Lovely colors.

Star Jasmine.  I found two plants a few years ago at the grocery store.  LOL  They have done much better than the "special nursery" plants that I used to have in these planters.

Meyer's Lemon.  I am so excited about my new citrus orchard...all four trees.  LOL  I'm keeping them in large pots since we freeze every winter and they need to be mobile.

I've finished my second coffee and it's almost time for my morning walk.  I wasn't sure how I would feel today so I did most of my chores yesterday.  That gives me a quiet day. Smile.  I wish each of you a wonderful day and special weekend.  Be safe.  Be kind to one another.

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Stuff to Share

Good evening from the rancho.  Feeling a little restless, sad and just a bit lonely.  I've had my first dose of Covid vaccine.  If all goes well and after the second dose, I will be able to visit my son in late May.  He will receive his second dose tomorrow, so we will be able to share a hug.  I really need that hug.

The weather here has been beautiful and my garden is gorgeous.  My roses are covered with buds and I  have a tiny harvest on my strawberry plants. 

I've stayed focused on my stitching and have two finishes and two well-started.

Threadwork Primitives mounted on wood.

Spring's Messenger, club kit by Scattered Seeds Sampler.

This was a freebie I found on FB.  Finished as a pillow.

Blackbird Designs.  I'm further along, but didn't take a new picture.  LOL

Here is another table that I finished.  I found this table for free down the road while taking a walk.  I was so worried that someone else would get it, I carried it home.  After the first quarter mile, I realized that it was oak and darn heavy.  LOL  I sanded and waxed the top and refreshed the paint.  

I decided to give one of those "farmhouse" decorations a try.  Cute...but not really sure what to do with it!!  LOL

Made new pillow covers for my patio pillows.  I usually make new cases every few years.  The patio gets the afternoon sun and they always fade after a couple of seasons.   The fabric was $10 a yard, but I can cover four pillows with it.  Cheaper than new pillows.  LOL

I send my boys Easter "boxes" every year.  This year I stuck in some bunny ears and politely requested pictures.  My stepson was all for it...

The 34 year old...not so much.  LOL  But I did get a picture.  

A picture of Jack Jack.  My son says that he looks like an old man.  I suppose he does.

I need to finish a few chores and then off to bed.  It seems that 9 PM comes earlier every night.  Be safe, be kind to one another.